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  1. I thought that Dundee United had maybe outgrown their cheating tendencies, but I realise now that I was being naive. I always tend to look for the good in people. Sometimes it's a wasted effort.
  2. I thought it was a bit strange when Jake said that Manchester United would be wanting to win 'for the victims'. I'm not too sure whether the typical Ariana Grande fan generally gives a f**k about football.
  3. Turgid. I reckon we've got a strong chance of winning the trophy next year.
  4. Roger Moore has just died. I suspect that the Tories must have killed him for unspecified political reasons.
  5. When I read the initial post in this thread, I genuinely thought that it was the set-up to an unfunny joke about Ariana Grande's hit single 'Bang Bang'. Alas, it wasn't. Awful stuff. Can only repeat what others have said, but I'd also add that I feel a bit sorry for Ariana who has automatically (and unjustifiably) assumed a sense of responsibility/guilt for the attacks. This will unfortunately live with her for the rest of her life.
  6. I think you're confusing me with jamamafegan, P&B's resident diehard St. Johnstone and Aberdeen fan.
  7. It's fairly common knowledge that I'm not the biggest advocate for Dundee United Football Club. On this rare occasion, however, I will quite happily join the masses who are throwing their support behind the Arabs.
  8. That was certainly worth a 19-hour round trip. I love St. Johnstone
  9. Agreed. Inverness will beat them fairly comfortably.
  10. A thrilling encounter. Glad they decided to televise this one.
  11. With nothing to lose and nothing to fear, we'll finally approach a game against Rangers in the correct manner. If we show them no respect, it will ultimately pay dividends. Home win. In other news, I'm coming home. Couldn't possibly miss the culmination of such a wonderful league season.
  12. Another day, another win. Next.
  13. It would be amusing if Dundee purposely lost 10-2 in order to push Hamilton closer to the trap door.
  14. Not necessarily a better place in terms of footballing ability, but a better place nonetheless. A happier place.
  15. Chuffed. This league is a better place with Dundee FC in it.