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  1. St Johnstone FC Thread

    Whenever I look at photographs of Erwan Maury, I think about the lyrics of Taylor Swift's Gorgeous (a track from her latest smash-hit album Reputation). 'You're so gorgeous I can't say anything to your face 'Cause look at your face And I'm so furious At you for making me feel this way But, what can I say? You're gorgeous'.
  2. CBB

    Funnily enough, Courtney Act is a far more attractive lady than India IMO.
  3. St Johnstone (who) v Dundee FC

    On the way out of the stadium, I heard a few people saying that the referee had 'ruined the game' with the red card decision. If Collum was incorrect - which I don't think he was - I reckon he should actually be thanked for significantly improving our performance. Tommy was forced to make changes to our shape/personnel and it was a much more enjoyable match during the second period. Still, we were sorely lacking quality in the final third despite impressive showings from O'Halloran and Scougall.
  4. St Johnstone (who) v Dundee FC

    I think we should be down to 9 men tbh. Regardless, Dundee are the better side and would still be winning if we had 11 players on the pitch.
  5. Celtic v The Rangers*

    I've been watching a Rangers supporter's live stream of this match on Facebook. A message just popped up on his phone to say that he has used up all of his Tesco 3G Data. The stream has now ended.
  6. Celtic v The Rangers*

    Rangers would clearly be delighted with a 0-0 draw. I feel immensely sorry for the billions of worldwide viewers who are watching intently.
  7. That's the best we've played at home all season. I'm unfortunately at a house party in Ayr. Very exciting. But I will see you guys soon! Here until Jan 10th.
  8. Are Saints usually as shit as they were today?
  9. Let's All Laugh At Celtic Thread

    Today's defeat has basically undermined all of Celtic's achievements since May 2016. What could have happened: Person 1: How many matches did Celtic go unbeaten? Person 2: 70. Person 1: That's an admirable achievement. The reality: Person 1: How many matches did Celtic go unbeaten? Person 2: 69. Person 1: Lol, that's a funny number.
  10. 4-0.. Good grief. How are Hearts supposed to compete in next season's Champions League when they're not being tested domestically?
  11. Rangers vs St Johnstone 16th December

    A deliberate defeat on Wednesday night at the hands of Aberdeen, followed by a routine pumping of The Rangers today. The Dons are back in the driving seat for 2nd place. You're very welcome.
  12. Rangers vs St Johnstone 16th December

    This is just so typical of Denny. #ClassicDenny
  13. Rangers vs St Johnstone 16th December

    Denny Johnstone in our starting line-up shows why we need to do quite a bit of activity in January.