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  1. She's got an Ariana Grande-esque face. A poor man's Ariana Grande. Agreed, she's scrawny, but there's plenty of potential. I'd place her in the same bracket as Haley from Modern Family, but Haley is definitely tidier overall.
  2. Nancy is a wid. Quite a skinny wid, but a wid nonetheless.
  3. Update: There are a couple of Metropolitan policemen standing guard outside my nearest subway station. I can see them from my window. It's not looking good. Goodbye, Pie and Bovril. I've enjoyed my time on here.
  4. I live 7 miles away from Westminster. It's terrifying to think that I might have been injured if this attack had occurred 7 miles nearer to me.
  5. I'm very happy with this appointment. It's one of those occasions when you're fully aware of the outcome before things have even started. In ten years' time, nobody will be saying, ''Remember the Pedro Caixinha era? A rip-roaring success.''
  6. I'm kind of going there with nothing set in stone! But I don't actually see it as too much of a risk.. Worst-case scenario, I can always return home in a few months' time. Basically wanting to pursue some music opportunities down there and I might also have a couple of potential journalism internships in the pipeline.
  7. Don't flatter yourself, love. I haven't even seen your comment. I'm mocking the fans of all teams who proclaim us to be anything other than what we are: a slick, successful tiki-taka football team.
  8. Typical long-ball garbage from St. Johnstone IMO.
  9. This is my last Saints match before I move to London. Emotional.
  10. OK, I'm glad I cashed out. Maybe could have held out for another fiver though.
  11. Cashed out at £26.20. Guaranteed that nobody will score now.
  12. I've not cashed out yet. I've got a gambling problem.
  13. Tempted to cash out, but I'm not watching the match. Will there be more goals here, lads?
  14. At least neither of us is struggling to cope with the failure of maintaining an erection, you cheeky old b*****d.
  15. I've not won a bet since the 2015/16 season. I know how to cope with failure.