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  1. Never going to be regarded as a vintage performance obviously, but acceptable enough.
  2. Interesting to watch on BBC Alba when you already know the result and you haven't attended the match. I think that our emotions and opinions can be heightened and exaggerated when we're amongst our own support during a frustrating 90 minutes. I actually thought that we were OK in the first-half with a better shape and more purpose in the second-half. I wouldn't say that there was a massive improvement in the second-half, but enough to get the win and deservedly edge the match overall. In terms of the second-half, I imagine that it was vital to get that early goal. An instant mood-changer which encouraged a bit more positivity from that point onwards.
  3. Dons vs Saints - 30/09

    Mannus Comrie Anderson Shaughnessy Easton Millar Davidson Wotherspoon Scougall O'Halloran MacLean This would be my preferred choice. Tommy won't give Millar a start though.
  4. Two undeniably accurate facts there. Thanks, Steve.
  5. A Saints victory and an £80 accumulator win. What a time to be alive.
  6. And we wouldn't have it any other way
  7. Unbeaten with a classy 4-2-3-1 formation. Why has Tommy suddenly switched to a 4-4-2? Bizarre. Potentially two defeats in a row with that set-up now.
  8. Imagine it will be a flat four with Scougall on the right and Craig on the left. Not a fan of that line-up overall, but you never know..
  9. The Tribute Act v CL Diddy Team

    Despite the fact that Rangers aren't even the second-best team in the country, they seem to be playing with less fear than any other Scottish team when playing against Celtic. Of course, the derby expectations will be spurring them on, but does it go to show that the rest of us should be showing Celtic a lot less respect in general? I mean, Celtic are clearly the dominant side. But Rangers have created a few half-chances.
  10. The Tribute Act v CL Diddy Team

    That Rangers XI looks absolutely dreadful in general. I'd fear for them if I cared at all.
  11. Motherwell v Aberdeen - League Cup Quarter Final

    The cycle has ended.
  12. Partick Thistle vs Flag Stealing ****

    The Rangers are a work of comedy genius. Even if they'd dominated the second-half with 99% possession of the ball, a last-minute Partick equaliser was inevitable. They are absolutely hilarious. Now, regardless of the final score, they have to play an extra 30 mins in the build-up to a humiliating pumping at the weekend.
  13. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    mother! - 8.5/10 Brilliant. Clever religious symbolism throughout. Horrifying to watch at times. Not as good as Black Swan, but another remarkable cinematic creation of Aronofsky's.
  14. Dundee v St Johnstone 16.09.17

    I've also decided to remove Graham Gartland from my Top 500 list of former Saints players.