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  1. My main concern is that people are referring to him a striker? My understanding was that he's a winger who has rarely strayed from that position during his short career so far. As far as I'm concerned, I'd prefer Tommy to go for one of his other attacking targets if the plan is for Romain to be played in a more advanced position. We need a goalscorer and we can't afford to gamble on someone who has rarely played up front and someone who has rarely scored goals. As a winger? Sure, if Tommy thinks he's good enough. Obviously, I say all of this without the benefit of seeing him in action.
  2. Sandra on Sportsound is absolutely dreadful. How did she get the job? Is she physically attractive, by any chance?
  3. Well done, Aberdeen! Gladvak Brosanov, Ismak Detonic, Marek Krasanek.. your boys just took one hell of a beating.* * Couldn't think of any famous Bosnians, so I just made up those names.
  4. I'm suddenly a big fan of the new home shirt. Coming up to Scotland at the end of next month. I need to see this dreamboat in the flesh.
  5. Anti-football garbage IMO.
  6. English football is overrated. It will be tight IMO. Is Habran the 'trialist' on the bench?
  7. Dreadful stuff. They really shouldn't televise women's matches.
  8. Good luck, boys! #Perthshire is right behind you x
  9. Flowers.. Rhinos.. Habran is evidently at one with nature. That's probably why I like him so much.
  10. He's not a striker, to be fair.
  11. Based on his name alone, I wasn't 100% sure. After looking him up on Google Images, I'm now absolutely certain that we need to sign Romain Habran.
  12. As RandomGuy hinted at earlier on, we simply aren't tested enough by the majority of Scottish teams. It's a struggle when you're suddenly required to raise your game to a whole new level. What next? Another top-four finish and an early exit from Europe. It's time for us to enquire about the possibility of playing our football in the EPL.
  13. Loving this, which is something of a surprise as I didn't enjoy the book when I studied it at school. I think that the lead actress is outstanding. A very believable performance.
  14. Enjoy! I'm jealous.
  15. You know it must be a serious argument if he's willing to stand in green-coloured shrubbery.