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  1. Is that similar to a mock chop? Think I'll nip to the chipper fro a mock chop supper for lunch. Thanks for the inspiration!
  2. Red pudding with good chips is hard to find in Aberdeen now. Reconstituted cardboard and red pudding is a tad dry
  3. Wonder what I'll have from the chipper tonight
  4. We do have a very small band of BNP/NF supporters. I've had the displeasure of meeting more than I care for. Funnily enough they are all late 40's or older, bald and have purchased a wife from Asia. Kunts to a man
  5. He makes Iain Dale likeable
  6. Pull down top of screen, touch top and click the cog. Goto apps, find bingo, click and force force stop. Store is exactly the same. Download startup manager from proper play store then disable them from starting. SC Weather will be in system startup.
  7. Both MayaMax's i've seen have had Store and BingoLauncher enabled by default. 1 had SC weather buried in system startup which had to be disabled otherwise redirects to ILove pages. Also random adds would take over other apps. Both phones around 2 months old but slightly different build number
  8. My MayaMax took 10 days to arrive. Decent phone and brilliant battery life. Just make sure and disable their Store, SC Weather and Bingo Launcher apps if you get it.
  9. You know by the smell unless orcs smell like sheep
  10. First orc bus I've seen back in Aberdeen and all coming off bus hiding scarves and rather sheepishly walking up/down the road. Really wanted to sing the Hibs, Hibs song but that would have been goading. Ryan Jack, he's one of your own, was the better choice
  11. You would know. I only know Aberdeen are on the radio the morn so I'll be listening. Pedro will no doubt have a scout there to see if there's another player he can try to unsettle with his legendary warchest
  12. Fair play. Guess we will have to wait for audited accounts from Ipswich then
  13. Project cypher has 2 servers running for free that have all sports and other channels. Live games on Saturday that I watched only had little glitches. Doubt it could withstand demand for big EPL games
  14. Source please for the Sun saying it's £1m? Fees are undisclosed for a reason, usually because the fee is paltry.