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  1. Hasn't attended in years but goes to Motherwell on a Thursday night. The reek of p1sh is strong. I've seen far far worse and I've only had a season ticket for near 30 years
  2. Where did you think the better powder was coming from? Milne doesn't miss a trick
  3. E-Chat Quick Question Thread

    If it's new and just connected to internet then it's probably pulling down all the updates and installing them. Leave it on overnight. You may have to turn off sleep/hibernation to do that.
  4. Westhill has nothing worth mentioning apart from a road out of it. I'm not even a Kingsford fan but some of the stuff being used as reasons to block the application is beyond parody

    Aberdeen citizens protested the bussed-in Orange Order March years ago. They haven't been back. Why should any place allow the introduction of hatred?
  6. E-Chat Quick Question Thread

    Check what apps are running under settings, especially startup apps. Disable/force stop ones you don't know and see if problem persists.

    Shite, does that mean they're moving north?
  8. andriod boxes / Kodi

    I find French and German based nodes to be fastest. That's with PIA and Nord
  9. The BIG strip the titles thread

    I haven't been told by anyone. I agree with the supporters trust and disagree with our chairman. Maybe The Rangers DO want an investigation into Rangers (in liquidation) That may actually clear the air somewhat
  10. Lets All Laugh At Rangers Thread

    Tbf there were a few rational fans on that post
  11. The BIG strip the titles thread

    It's not just Celtic that want the review. Fans from most clubs want it and very few care about retrospectively allocating titles or cups. Seems only Rangers, their fans and the EBT abuser Stewart Milne are against it
  12. I thought you were only allowed to change pitch size around the new year once the seasons starts. Maybe Killie and St Mirren did it recently? Hearts were exceptional circumstances so no complaints
  13. Buying a Chinese phone....

    They transfer your number onto the new sim. I've done it a few times
  14. Buying a Chinese phone....

    If there is a 3 shop near you then you get it for free. Only takes a few minutes