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  1. What's the odds on me clearing any bookie debts?
  2. "Hibs fans outnumbered Aberdeen’s by around two-to-one - a ratio attracting predictable criticism of the Red’s depleted army." Daily Retard at it's finest reporting. He may have been watching on TV given he shouldn't have a journalist pass when he's that thick
  3. It was like watching in slow motion then realising it actually went in. Thank fk Seriously didn't fancy another 30 minutes
  4. Well duh? Most clubs use their home grounds for remembrance. Btw i was there at Pittodrie when there was a minutes silence for Matt Busby. Your lot fkn destroyed it. Bigot is, as bigot was.
  5. Why have the remembrance of his glittering career at Hampden? Surely all the bears want it at Ibrox? Far more reason for faux outrage there i would have thought.
  6. Hit them hard, hit them early and see if Pedro explodes like the breadman did the last time. McInnes has to nail this
  7. Had that and a couple on 2nd and 3rd. Happy day and hopefully a happier day the morn [emoji1]
  8. It possibly was. I'm not a sad knt and don't give a flying f**k about attendances as long as I'm there. Would have preferred a nighttime kickoff for the hate and bile to spew from both ends tho.
  9. Can absolutely guarantee it won't be a full house due to the usual restrictions. Friendlies/testimonials and european games are the only times we can possibly have a full house. If the Paddock is over half full I'll be surprised
  10. The game is played in both half's. What happens if the away team switches it round, do you get a better view for the first? Football is about 2 teams on a park and not just the big one.
  11. Stuck £5 on at halftime. Turned off the updates at 1nil
  12. I may have a sick mind but that was hysterical. Kudos for that find!
  13. Great idea that most fans have wanted for years. Shame he's waited until he's leaving to air his views