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  1. There may be benefits to the club but that's debatable. The city centre suffers as travelling fans won't enter it due to location. City based fans will still be stuck in buses whilst away fans are halfway to Dundee. Midweek games will see lower crowds and winter/spring games will probably drop. AECC would have been ideal but ..
  2. This should be 2-2 if they weren't all greedy barstewards
  3. Traynor ain't happy. Just WOW!
  4. Aye ready for what? Running to the police escorted buses out of town? Casual clobber but scared of bother. Stone Island my arse
  5. If it's Strachan then I'm out. He's a classless fud of a man. I was going to bin the season ticket if Calderwood stayed. Jim Jeffries was touted and I wouldn't have been back. Didn't want McGhee but prepared to give the benefit of the doubt. Strachan would be game over.
  6. Fair enough. Loads still hark back to his halcyon days of Gary Dempsey, Ritchie fitever. I hear it some games and fan pages hold him in a far better light than the reality.
  7. Did I quote you? Thought I had you on ignore
  8. Funny how you miss Calderwood, who drove fans away in masses, but is revered by some for playing a Europa group like they were home and away. Milne got his stake in Aberdeen by writing off dicks erection. Milne is not to blame for all of our problems but he is certainly culpable for more than other supports would have tolerated. I miss Chris Anderson's vision
  9. McInnes did a very Calderwood act by throwing the kids on. In his last season Tango did the same. I really hope he doesn't leave but if he does, the hate will come back to 1990's levels. Which is good.
  10. Hibs boys must try harder
  11. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    I'll take more of this. Especially if the undercover plod lead the attack again. Shame about the convicted hooligan pensioner
  12. I think Alex Smith could argue about the best since Fergie. He signed some cracking players and had us playing some really good fitba. That Hateley assault and the start to the next season shouldn't be the way he's judged. Willie didn't too bad either
  13. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    Cosgrove's memory is great for Northern/Atlantic/Motown. For Scottish fitba? St J and the Dons and a hatred for the Dees is about it. (The OF hatred is a given) Top lad!