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  1. To be protected it's still using the available VPN speed. Doubt many folk are going to spend around £100 for an additional router
  2. I can. If you take the amount of folk on social media with the "Gutted I'm gonna miss this one" or "atmosphere/pies/stewards/weather excuse" and the "I only go to away games cos ye get bleezin and hae a bounce" then crowds do go down. Nae by much as these fannies only turn up for so called "big games" then bitch that they don't have enough points for important games. Aberdeen and surrounding area has been hit with the downturn which factors in a fair bit as various season tickets went up a fair bit last season and It's nae a cheap day out. Looking at the midweek games we have and the crazy December card then crowds will dwindle again. That's not the fault of AFC or it's supporters/fans/fairweathers. Also, barring thon 2, who actually takes a support worth counting to Pittodrie?
  3. Naismith would have to be scoring every week for a year before I even consider cheering for him. He fkd Rob Milsom. He crocked himself doing it. The press was all 'poor Naismith' Milsom's career was finished at Aberdeen because of the injury.
  4. A good vpn and a properly configured torrent client is all you need. I get up in the morning and all my US shows are downloaded. Using the remote clients on the phone is also very handy
  5. I wish Scottish labour wasn't a thing as it's like diet Irn Bru. Kinda want the real thing
  6. Does every diddy club get rumours started about management/players every couple of days? Or is just my inbuilt paranoia? Or both?
  7. Just started to read it and it now feels like a cancelled TV show where they wrap everything up in a couple of minutes. Great work tho HJ
  8. If it's terrorism then I fully expect Corbyn to be blamed. Not being trite or insensitive, just pure cynical
  9. I don't know the rules but as he is still our player why would we allow another team to perform a medical on him? As he's still under contract until 31st May and we have a major game next week then the chances of 72 hours looks like traynor bs
  10. 5 arrests is f all. Being honest I thought the scheduling was mental. Boozed up fans on both sides would normally have meant carnage years back. The polis trust your mob more than zombies. Compared to the police lockdown for the rangers game we could have been playing Alloa. Shit 12 minutes then a cracking game of fitba. Few skirmishes after the game but most folk went home entertained. Doubt we will see another Friday meeting tho
  11. Disappointed with Shinnie? Him and Logan were the standouts but thats only my view from the south stand. Beat 3-1 but a very entertaining game so no tears in my beers
  12. On Chrome browser press the 3... 's on the address bar. Scroll down and tick "request desktop view"
  13. I thought that for the semi but they release tickets in blocks. Aint going behind the goal with my eyesight
  14. Nobody bothered reading the bit on the Aberdeen website? We have less tickets than Celtic initially. "There is a possibility of a further 1,344 tickets being secured if the initial allocation is sold quickly." If we don't sell the allocation then we lose those tickets.