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  1. The Gray's Timber Yard was offered at cost price not inflated housing market price. The gas tank area could have been purchased at the same time. Instead we have been promised various shit locations on multiple occasions. Redevelop Pittodrie and play in Dundee for a year [emoji16] If it means I keep my cracking view fae the South I'll be happy
  2. Probably waiting for him to calm down
  3. It's just an attention seeking overly long post. Why mention other forums? Did he post the same TLDR pish on them? He lost me at the Celtic bit and where he couldn't even spell paedo. With the current investigation into abuse at football clubs there is no merit in saying "Aye we caught it first"
  4. True but a very dangerous adult. His religious and lifestyle views belong in the stone age. (I get that there was no religion in the stone age)
  5. If Trump goes then Pence is in. That is no improvement
  6. Well he can't take the job AND stay at Pittodrie
  7. Ayr at home. Please not Morton as I still have memories from the early 80's of Andy Ritchie
  8. It's bullshit to belittle the teams performance so far and it's also unfair to use the hollow or tainted line. They are where they are. It's up to the rest of the teams to try and kill the unbeaten run. Personally as long we win the Scottish Cup I don't care but I'm sure the County fans feel the same. Hopefully we don't find out about dodgy deals 10 years down the line
  9. Nae being funny but have you ever laid money on your scorer predictions? If you have I'll chuck a quid in your hat as I'm walking along Union Street
  10. "Close thread" posts
  11. Billy McNeil but he managed 2 in 1 year but for some reason we don't get reminded of it
  12. He qualified for the champions league which is bigger than a cup win for.most top flight clubs
  13. Why would anyone give us £500k for McGinn given that he only has 5 months left on his contract? This will not be a Lee Miller moment
  14. Cheers but I'll wait for a DVD release as it can't be far away
  15. Be closer to July than a week for a UK film to hit the net. Don't think I Daniel Blake has been released yet