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  1. Dunno if he's an alias but that post was bloody painful to read
  2. We all know Rangers supporters produce nothing. How many of these rags were bought tho?
  3. So somebody thought they could read the courts mood and posited their hypothesis? Or they just spoke shit?
  4. Everything being relative
  5. If all else fails, goto device manager, right click on WiFi adapter then delete. Restart pc then it should show up and choose your connection
  6. 18 will be worse and unless you are prepared to put up with random issues then avoid alpha builds. With 17 all you need are a few add-on's. Builds are more and more bloat that you never use but will always want to update
  7. From that article “I don’t know a single one who isn’t sickened by child abuse and the fact Rangers just paraded a new manager who is suggested to be Catholic makes the writer of the material look extremely stupid.” Wtf? Suggested to be a Catholic? It's 2017 ffs
  8. I paid £30 for a line that lasted 18 months so no complaints that time. It can be a gamble tho
  9. Stick a usb hard drive in the back and it works. Just copy any files/folders from your supplied usb
  10. Still quite a few seconds behind original feed and not hd. I have a zgemma and depending on the line it can be superb. Better for boxing than fitba lately
  11. If you want to bet on live games then don't use anything barring Sky/BT Virgin. All IPTV/kodi stuff has to be decoded then sent. Doesn't matter if you have 100mb or 4mb
  12. And Scotland will at best draw both games. The ginger dick should have booted before this campaign started. We would be better off with the journos picking a starting 11 (couldn't be any worse)
  13. Because the SweetFA need all the money they can get as the national manager has made a complete dungheap of qualifying. Probably