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  1. It's true. Some people call it Tedi
  2. And then they demand to be paid out even if there's a big queue. Tends to be trackie bottom reprobates mainly
  3. During the day most lights are on a timed pattern so I never bother pressing. I hate pressing the button as usually a natural break in traffic appears and I'm across before lights have gone red.
  4. If it's a screen takeover then alt-f4 should kill the top one. Works on some sites but not all
  5. Surely a mistake? £10 on regardless
  6. Best speak to them as they won't reduce voluntarily. Or bin them for another
  7. Tease a fowl out? Are you suggesting he chicken shits?
  8. No point deleting as it's quoted. I laughed when I first read it then checked. No biggie
  9. It's actually a supportive hashtag. Have a look on Twitter
  10. The current owners/board of Chelsea had nothing to with it but were protecting the brand. I don't agree with it but understand why. Same with Southampton and most others that are being named. Kiddie fiddling is abhorrent. To try and take clubs to account for previous administrations failures in dealing with it? Petty and vindictive. Scottish side of it has the Daily Record sensationalising stories. Think most fans are thinking "please not my club" and "poor beggars" at the same time. /Snide note Old political figures are off the agenda.
  11. For simplicity then syk is a good build. Really small in size and only downloads the stuff you click on /want. Decent for movies and sports. IPTV will be the way to go for live 3pm ko's but zgemma boxes are decent for normal satellite stuff. SD only nowadays tho
  12.] gives you what's on the channels and if you hate the commentary then download a radio player that allows you to rewind and sync it as best you can. Btw the beast build is mostly bloat and outdated links.
  13. Happy with the score but Hearts players going down with cramp is very familiar. Win without that crap
  14. I don't remember us singing that home or away. Take your shit somewhere else