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  1. Aberdeen V Kilmarnock

    I'm confused. Are we playing Killie or Hearts?
  2. Not going to get caught up in the Pro/Anti Stadium crap but If I do bother going I better not be stuck beside fatshaft. What a tedious bore of a man
  3. The Walking Dead

    Me neither. Sweaty sex is as good as a bath
  4. The Walking Dead

    I'm guessing I might have other views in that scenario. Dead and still warm and hasn't turned? Might take my chance
  5. The Walking Dead

    Those are very good reasons for keeping Maggie
  6. Mortified by Accies being in the league? Give yourself a shake min. Hamilton are here on merit. Their pitch may not be perfect but have you seen Pittodrie lately? I'd take Hamilton over Gretna, Livingston and Sevco any season.
  7. The word from China: source close to Beijing Renhe denies that the club made a multi-million pound bid [email protected] Alfredo Morelos. Says their foreign player quota is full, and that there's a levy on foreign signings over $7 million. @BBCKheredine going off script?
  8. 11:45pm and still no match report from Dingwall on the Daily Rectum site. Guess it's too costly to send a bus load to the Broch and still cover a league game further north.
  9. Bitter? Out of spite? WTF you smoking? The majority of the 18-30 mob are the most fickle you get. Read the match threads and they're all over it with excuses for missing the games. Maybe you'll get a singing section with more than 50 of you in it this time
  10. Under 10000 on Saturday but Kingsford being all shiny will increase the turnout? I've been going since the early 70's and barely missed a home match since 75 but Kingsford can gtf. It will be quicker getting to Brechin than Broadhill with the proposed transport. Midweek crowds are already poor and I doubt they will improve in Westhill. Add the fact the city centre is already on it's arse and this move will bring zero uplift. Guess I better start taking an interest in ice hockey just for the location
  11. Simple really. They overcharge Dons fans in the same stand and you can't have different prices for same seating in the same stand. It's nothing personal
  12. Stealing glasses from pubs

    The pint glass being used as a weapon was what I was always told. The newer ones of similar design have no weight to them at all
  13. Buying a Chinese phone....

    I find the Maya max after a few months just slows to a fast crawl. They can handle a bounce or 5 though and the battery life is very decent
  14. Murty and co are clairvoyants?
  15. Half of those protesters will be dead by the time it's built. Nae keen on Kingsford but would be funny to see those folk getting bent out of shape. I think this is gonna end up going to various courts like the bypass did.