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  1. ARFC v AUFC

    7 points. Raith are 4 points ahead just now.
  2. Davie Kennedy made his debut during 86-87. First time I saw him play was a 0-0 draw at Hampden.
  3. Ayr Utd vs Airdrie

    Is this the same Mark Kerr who found McDaid with a pass, from which he crossed in for Geggan to score? The same Mark Kerr who broke up an Airdrie attack and started the move which led to the penalty? I would concede that we haven't seen the best of him, but he is a very intelligent player and is far better than Gilmour.
  4. Someone folk would moan about anything, as has been proven here. It's a nice gesture by a local company and a good bit of PR for them. It's also nice to see local business engaging with club.
  5. Could easily have been much closer to 20-0 tonight. What is worrying for Clyde is that they apparently had a couple of first teamers playing. Docherty, Crawford and McGuffie all played for 55 minutes or so, and seem to have come through unscathed.
  6. Was that Hampden's last hurrah?

    Paul Goodwin and Michael Stewart are trying to shift the debate to transport links now, suggesting that Murrayfield has better transport links. In my very humble opinion they are both talking out of their backsides. Although Haymarket is served by trains from various locations in Scotland, it's not exactly next door to the stadium. Hampden has a number of stations nearby, and is more easily approached by foot or car/bus with more than one main road in the area. As for the atmosphere debate, it isn't the stadium that is problem. It's the football on offer. There have been games with amazing atmospheres at Hampden, but I doubt Murrayfield would conjure much of atmosphere for Gibraltar or Malta.
  7. Good to see Finn Ecrepont in the Scotland u16 squad against England, Denmark and Spain next month. He played the full game and scored last night for the u20s v Airdrie.
  8. Queens Park vs Ayr United

    Definitely 94 - 63 in the league and 31 in the cups.
  9. Ayr vs Arbroath (again)

    Funny how blinkered the average Scottish football fan is. We weren't great in the first, but we're the better side in the second by a good bit. Wouldn't you love your side to be 'poor' and win 4-1?
  10. Airdrie v The Invincibles

    Not particularly. You lot seem to have taken victory very, very badly. Raging that your big team lost at Rugby Park.
  11. Airdrie v The Invincibles

    I would never condone such a thing, quite the opposite. I condemn it, if it actually happened. But since Airdrie fans have as much credibility as Donald Trump I will hold my judgement. You lot were far more civilised when you were Clydebank.
  12. Airdrie v The Invincibles

    How can you expect that when most of your keyboard warriors are intent on dishing abuse to the father of one of your on loan players? Those knuckles must be raw.
  13. Airdrie v The Invincibles

    It's true. He did see a young boy sitting outside in the rain.
  14. Ayr v QP

    It was a foul. Hart had his hands on the ball when he was clattered.
  15. Kilwinning Rangers 17/18

    It's also up to the ref to stop the game if he thinks it's a serious injury, so there is no onus on a player to play it out. Thought Spence's were a bit bizarre, sour grapes obviously. Referring to Mick Wardrope as a wee boy was condescending and disrespectful, even more so when he played about 20 times for Ayr. Noticed that the report kept referring to Kilwinning as Rangers. I've never met anyone who calls them Rangers.