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  1. Welsh non league doesn't count.
  2. The Red Lichties vs Honest Men

    I wouldn't go with the BBC stats, they are often inaccurate. Hutton saved a shot from Crawford during the first half, and I'm sure Moff got a touch on the cross which Hutton played off Gold. He was definitely at fault for the first, and possibly the fourth but to be fair Moore hit his shot with a hell of a lot of power. All in all though, Hutton is far from the best keeper in the division.
  3. From what I heard this was far from the case. Perhaps a misundestanding of the Ayr bid by some disappointed Saintees. However history is history and you can bet that the SFA are determined to exclude a most clubs from elite status now.
  4. I think your way off here matey. I am unaware of anyone from Ayr United being on said committee, and even if they were the SFA wouldn't be as stupid to allow them to take part in the decision making process. As for facilities, perhaps, but there is a bit more to elite level than just that. It's about having the right people, with the right qualifications within the right structure. Maybe that's where St Johnstone fell down. As for your suggestion about regional teams that's exactly what happens with Fife and Forth Valley. But how do you decide on the regions? Ayrshire may be considered too small, so would we join with Renfrewshire / Inverclyde / D&G? What about Partick Thistle, because the bigot brothers would never agree to be part of that structure? As a football fan I want to see boys come through the club systems, not from some draft nonsense that the big clubs would still dominate. And as an Ayr United fan I'm immensely proud that we now have a player being picked regularly for the Scotland u16 squad.
  5. St Johnstone may have won an u17s league but it wasn't the elite level league as they aren't currently part of it. From what I hear the SFA seem to be making up criteria as they go along and shifting goalposts as they see fit. They are only interested in the chosen few and don't seem to realise how damaging this will be to the vast majority of clubs. It could also mean that boys from large parts of Scotland are disadvantaged because they don't live in or near Glasgow, Edinburgh or Aberdeen. There are currently two elite academies in Ayrshire, which means that boys can go to school, train and play locally. And let's face it neither Murray Park or Lennoxtown are convenient locations for boys coming up from Ayrshire to train 3 nights a week or whatever it is (and yes, I know some do but that's not the point). The second tier grade academies, which are likely to be a number of the current elite academies, will still be able to play against the chosen few but how long before their funding is reduced and shifted to the big boys and they are effectively relegated?
  6. Challenge Cup 2017-18

    Sunday isn't an option this year as the air show is on both Saturday and Sunday. Last year it was Friday / Saturday and we played Airdrie at home on the Sunday. A neutral venue is not required as Somerset Park is available. Just not that weekend. Police will have advised not to play the game at the weekend due to the other, much, much bigger event. You would think that Montrose have never played a midweek game away from home before. The decision has been made, so no matter how much moaning there is, it won't be changed. You can either come along and cheer your team on you stay at home and get updates by text or from Twitter. No big deal really. And Ayr is about 35 miles from Glasgow, not much more than Montrose to Dundee. We might be a bit closer than you think.
  7. Challenge Cup 2017-18

    What's the big deal? I've been to Links Park twice, both were midweek games. And Ayr were part-time for the most recent of these. The transport networks will be extremely busy on both the Saturday and Sunday, meaning that your team and fans would have to leave very early to get to Somerset on time, and wouldn't get out of Ayr any time soon after full time. Besides, not playing at the weekend will mean a bigger crowd and more gate money. And it's a 19.45 kick off.
  8. East Stirling v Ayr United Reserves

    Waite was involved in the build up to at least 2 of the goals, Faulds was MOM and Murphy and McCowan both scored. That's good enough for me.
  9. Challenge Cup 2017-18

    274 was reported on Ayr Utd ' s Twitter feed. Not going to worry about an extra 44 folk though.
  10. Challenge Cup 2017-18

    To be fair we brought190 of the 274.
  11. East Stirling v Ayr United Reserves

    U20s teams were allowed to field 15 year olds in last season's Challenge Cup. It may be another one of these rule changes the SPFL didn't bother to inform clubs about. Then again, the SPFL and SFA are good at making things up as they go along.
  12. Ur No, Ur No, We're .....

    Same at Ayr, though I think he only had one or two seasons with us. Willie Jamieson and Henry Smith were also part of that team. And Paul Smith, who you are probably less keen on.
  13. Ur No, Ur No, We're .....

    1997. Won it at Berwick on the last day.
  14. If that's what happened they do not speak for me, or the majority of Ayr fans. As the for the tackle, don't talk bull. There was contact, Robbie Crawford got a sore one. And if it was in front of you, why we're you in the away end?