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  1. maryhill 0v2 whitletts 11.6.18

    Whitletts Road isn't in Whitletts. That route in that map goes from Dam Park to buildings which are part of Ayr Racecourse. Voluntary Park wasn't too far from the bypass.
  2. He's far from the only player at this level to have an agent.
  3. Maybe that explains why we lost heavily. It has never been a lucky charm. The song that is, can't comment on your singing.
  4. This song dates back to the 60s. I'm sure it coincided with what is arguably our worst ever season (66-67 when we won one league game and lost to Highland League Elgin in the cup).
  5. Scottish Cup 2018-19 qualifying

    So it has been a very, very long time since. Thanks for the info gents.
  6. West Super Saturday

  7. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    Have a [email protected] if you must, but comparing a cup final to league games is hardly comparing like with like for a number of reasons. We thought we had blown it, otherwise the crowd would have been double. And Albio Rovers brought 40 fans. Raith pulled in 4500 with not too many Alloa fans there. And believe me, the pubs in Ayr were jumping that night. I don't know the official attendance at Cumnock yesterday, but it wouldn't been too near the attendance at Ayr or Montrose, never mind Raith. I was disappointed at the Talbot turnout yesterday, especially considering the proximity. I agree that the Junior Cup should become a non-league competition, a la FA Trophy or Vase.
  8. Scottish Cup 2018-19 qualifying

    Beith won the Qualifying Cup in 1928. Don't know whether 3rd Division clubs qualified automatically for the Scottish Cup or whether they would enter the Qualifying Cup for the brief time the division existed. I suspect if Ayrshire ever had 6 clubs in the Scottish it will be way back, when the likes of Mauchline, Hurlford, Annbank and Stevenston United were playing in it.
  9. West Super Saturday

    Aye aye. As usual when talbot dont get their own way theres bother. But as usual its someone elses fault Merely observing what I saw. As it happens I was a neutral in the Cumnock end. Although I was pleased one of our young players scored the equaliser.
  10. West Super Saturday

    Ah right. I was referring to the whole team at the end of the game.especially Talbot Reject Montgomery kissing his badge and wee seniors reject boy burns rejoicing like they won thet league or the game. If they had given all their previous managers the same spirit today then they may have won something by now. Was it Burns that the police had to pull away from someone as they headed up to the dressing rooms? Very much a game of two halves today but I expected Talbot to get the late goal.
  11. Scottish Cup 2018-19 qualifying

    I think there will be 6 Ayrshire clubs in the Scottish Cup next season. It must be a long time since that happened.
  12. West Super Saturday

    I was referring to Jinky Hilton today.
  13. West Super Saturday

    I don't think he was deliberately running to celebrate there because Talbot fans were at that end. More like because he was at that side of the penalty box when he scored.
  14. West Super Saturday

    More accurate to say they Raithed it. Very similar scenario to the Ayr /Raith situation a few weeks ago.