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  1. National Action

    This is the story so far: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-41777271
  2. Depression

    It's worth asking your GP EdgarusQPFC, it's now known that folk can develop PTSD following a violent attack like you describe.
  3. Depression

    Best wishes Capy, hope all goes well with your Mum. Tough times- take care of you and yours.
  4. Depression

    Thanks to everyone for your support. It sounds stupid, but I sometimes imagine my therapist with a set of horns and brandishing a trident-which is bloody ridiculous because he is such a decent guy, It's just all the stuff that has happened before that makes me think this way. I find it very hard to trust anyone. Anyhow he read my letter and validated my feelings- in fact he said it made him feel angry that I had had to go through such thngs, what a relief. I've been listened to. He wants me now to have a voice- so I've to write to him again, telling him exactly how I feel about the people who've harmed me.
  5. Depression

    Hope everyone who posts on here (or lurks) is feeling a bit better in themselves at the moment, I was wondering if anyone can help me, just having such a terrible time at the moment. Of course depression has been a problem for me on and off since I was a young teenager, but last year I received a diagnosis of PTSD. Going through therapy at the moment, and just cannot tell my therapist what has happened to me (I just cannot say the words- it makes me feel physically sick). We agreed I would write him a letter, which I have done. The problem is, I have just mentally collapsed just writing it all down. Sounds daft, but it's as if my brain can't accept it-even if subconciously it's always known it. It's totaly irrational, but I fear he will laugh at me when he reads the letter- yet I know he won't- he's a good guy. The fear is almost all consuming. I've to give him the letter on Friday. Apologies if this is too deep. I guess I'm just looking for some reassurance as I'm in a bad place and a pretty scared.
  6. Depression

    I can pretty much relate to this. I am a culprit for beating myself up if I make a mistake. At present attempting to work on silencing my 'inner critic'. Not sure if you have one of those, but if you do, it's just a viscious circle which makes you feel worse about yourself and can tip into depression if it goes on long enough, just as Northernjambo says. As others have said too, unfortunately there are those of us who will always be prone to depression. Keep reminding yourself that everyone makes mistakes and it's not just you being stupid. It's also important to reward yourself for your hard work. Easier said than done!.
  7. Depression

    Sorry to hear of your loss Capybara, my condolances. You did your best by your Dad and you can maybe take some comfort in that in time.
  8. Depression

    No problem. Feel free to give me a shout if needed.
  9. Depression

    Here's some other resources that might help: http://breathingspace.scot/ https://www.thecalmzone.net/ http://www.menheal.org.uk/ http://www.samaritans.org/ SAMH are well known, your GP will help you too.
  10. Glasgow City Centre Heads gone...

    Yeah, I'll go now.
  11. Glasgow City Centre Heads gone...

    You did indeed, Read the depression thread, your replies to @Richey Edwards
  12. Glasgow City Centre Heads gone...

    Given you lost your shit over a poster on here being suicidal and judging him for that, maybe you should Sarge. You did say you worked with folk who'd been involved with people who died by suicide didn't you?
  13. Glasgow City Centre Heads gone...

    You can look up the Scottish Mental Health Act on Google Zen, There's more info in that which will inform you better than random quotes I could give. i'll give this thread a rest I think- this is my day job and it makes me very unhappy that we no longer have enough resources to prevent these things from happening so frequently. You can also read the 'Five year enquiry(s) into homicide and suicide' published by Manchester University which you will also find on Google- Chaired by Prof. Louis Appleby.
  14. Glasgow City Centre Heads gone...

    See my quote to Welshbairn above
  15. Glasgow City Centre Heads gone...

    I agree with that Welshbairn, but instead of demonising this guy, we should be asking why he was allowed to get into this mess in the first place? There are mental health laws to prevent this sort of thing. He didn't just get like this overnight surely?