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  1. I like the ****, genuinely. They were the team we broke the hoodoo against. How could I hate a team which played such a big part in the best day of my life?
  2. There have been loads of rumours about him returning so maybe he's just popping in there on his way to sign the contract
  3. His girlfriend stays in Edinburgh so is down this way quite often.
  4. David is Archie's younger brother.
  5. Always knew you were a massive Hibs fan, no back tracking now.
  6. "Look what I finally got for MY living room" Offt.
  7. Aye right
  8. Well, this is a bit awkward. Gav just posted this in the Hibs thread.
  9. Gav is an absolute weirdo.
  10. ^^^enjoying the journey
  11. Ffs City.
  12. A kick about in an industrial estate near Aberdeen.
  13. **** getting a bit defensive tonight.
  14. It'll need a lot more than that to rejuvenate Gorgie. Hopefully there are plans for even more new flats to help out.