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  1. Never a pen imo.
  2. Read the OP on this thread and then look how he acts now He's the one that is heads gone here, this site has ruined him.
  3. We didn't win because Hearts have foreign players. We won because our players are better and our manager is better. That result against The **** simply papered over the cracks, this Hearts team are an absolute gang.
  4. I would help but you're not allowed to post on the main board, unlucks.
  5. Why do you keep asking me for a pint? Is it so you can find out where I work and contact my boss, you old creep?
  6. Why don't you post on the main forum any more m9?
  7. Cathro won't recover from this, Hearts managers aren't allowed to get beat from Hibs. They can say what they want but it's the reason Robbie Neilson isn't here right now.
  8. He's a shambles of a person, got to wonder how he actually makes it though normal life.
  9. The state of this post.
  10. Are you in your 50s?
  11. Aye, not bothered one bit.
  12. Best Hearts chant tonight. "If you hate the fucking Hibees clap your hands"
  13. Rodger clearly in a huff because he's lost his life savings the wee tramp.