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  1. Cummings with a double against Newcastle.
  2. Brilliant from Liverpool.
  3. Mane has turned into such a good player.
  4. The most unbalanced squad you'll ever see
  5. Is it?
  6. As I said, I've basically chucked chemistry since the game is coming to an end but it doesn't seem to have effected my play I'm also limited to what I can pick since most of my players are untradeable now.
  7. I'm playing Andre Gray IF up top with Son. I've been on fire since switching to them.
  8. Got SBC Son 89 play him ST and Futties SBC Jesus 85 CAM. Both unreal, especially Son who is nearly unstoppable. Ive got nearly a whole team of untradeables now though and my chemistry is at 81 but f**k it the game is nearly over anyway.
  9. I think Hartley would be a decent appointment, much better than Daly or Snakey.
  10. Good to see two more Hibs players have been called up for this game.
  11. Well said, Tony. Give them as little as possible.
  12. If McGregor kicks or uses any mma moves he'll lose 90% of his fight purse. He's not that stupid. Mayweather put it in the contract.
  13. Good move for him.
  14. So which one of you said you would jump in a van and take one for the team?
  15. McGinn and McGregor/Christie are different types of players anyway. Surely an attacking player would drop out for one of them? I wouldn't be against any of them being in the squad.