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  1. The *** rejected had been roasting the *** hero till he got taken off.
  2. There's always a Falkirk fan crying about something to do with Hibs, today it's the pitch.
  3. Get your excuses in early.
  4. That should be the end of the Grasses Scotland career.
  5. Darren McGregor would have put that wee Falkirk *** on his hole by now.
  6. Why would you care, it'll suit the hoofball Falkirk play.
  7. It's 0-0 in the other game.
  8. Strachan must stay. What a team we are.
  9. There's clearly a place in the team for Darren Fletcher, anyone who has seen west Brow this season would know that.
  10. He can f**k off with McGeady
  11. Canada HOLD
  12. I'm amazed Wallace is still rated by *** fans, he's rotten. He stuck around through the journey though so is untouchable. Idiots.