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  1. Yes, it's all completely serious about the fighting you gullible idiot.
  2. Good stuff. I've been playing this a lot recently, would quite like to prestige soon.
  3. We're playing Boyle and Shinnie wide at the moment, I'm confident Swanson will produce more than them. Shinnie has been much better lately tbf. Boyle doesn't have much of a end product but his pace forces teams back. We'll probably sign another wide player along with Swanson so he'll certainly have competition for his place.
  4. I'll quite often pump folk with brilliant teams as well, cant work out if I just try more or the game helps
  5. Good to have two genuine YLT lads in the squad of though.
  6. A few days ago I sold all my team and got Messi after noticing I had enough coins. Had enough left over for a decent La liga team around him, even a couple IFs. I played absolutely shite with him, 8 games 0 goals 0 assists. Genuinely couldn't believe it. I played pretty poorly with the whole team, it just didn't feel right. Tried a few formations and couldn't get it to work. Sold the whole team and switched to a EPL team, right back on form. The games so fucked up sometimes. I'll post my new team later, feel quite good with it. Quite gutted at the hit on coins I took from Messi tbh
  7. I'd be more excited if Stubbs was still manager, Swanson is the kind of player he would get the best from.
  8. Nearly every Aberdeen fan on here thinks you are going to hammer us
  9. Tried being the main word here, Foster is a fucking *** wimp. Swanson(ylt) would take him every day of the week.
  10. A similar performance as his Cup Final performance and we'll have a good chance of winning the game. No surprised we played better at the weekend with him in the team again. Hope he keeps his place tomorrow.
  11. We've been linked to him every single season since he was at Berwick Rangers, I'll wait till it's confirmed before I get excited. Good player though and we desperately need some creativity.
  12. Taking that 7-0 defeat well there, m9.