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  1. The Walking Dead

    Fucking yass, delighted with that.
  2. Hibs v **** 13/12.17

  3. Premier League 2017-2018

  4. Hibs v **** 13/12.17

  5. Trainers

    They will go lovely with your bucket hat.
  6. FIFA 18

    I tend to mostly do pretty good against teams like that. I guess it's people who are probably really good at trading and making coins but not so good at the actual game. Having good players will only get you so far.
  7. The Falkirk FC Thread

    All joking aside thanks for having my back there. Really means a lot. Coyb
  8. Hibernian v Celtic

    I'm genuinely impressed Radger has stuck at it with this alias. Got to admire the commitment.
  9. The Hibernian Thread | 2017-18

    Good news about Boyle as well, he's a guaranteed starter these days. Lennon really gets the best from him, Stubbs never really used a formation that suited him. As soon as Lennon figured out pace and width is what was most effective in the Championship, Boyle has never looked back. Decent hair now as well.
  10. The Hibernian Thread | 2017-18

    They'll be delighted that the biggest moan was about short corners. If that's the biggest problem for some atm then we're doing fine. We're in good shape on and off the park now and it's up to everyone to keep that going. Next season was always going to be the big test. Teams often carry the momentum in to the Prem after winning the Championship. The hard part is building on that.
  11. The Falkirk FC Thread

    That's a direct quote from yer man Marshmallow. Rl tlk.
  12. The Falkirk FC Thread

    This stuff matters more than actual results, you know this.
  13. Champions League 2017/18

    At least we know the Lolverpool doesn't bother Rab in the slightest
  14. The Falkirk FC Thread

    It's actually quite sad to see, looks like this season is really starting to effect them. Stay safe giys x