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  1. Kilsyth Rangers 2017 / 2018

    Junior teams CANNOT sign players form the LL........ffs send him back before you get into trouble from the dinosaur hunters.....
  2. Kirkintilloch Rob Roy New Stadium

    EDC pulled their involvement because KRR and KCSC couldn`t fund the balance of the project (either by using their own money or grant money) simple as that. The proposed site then goes on the open market and KRR have an opportunity to buy it like any/all other prospective buyers.
  3. Is that Prestonfield I can see in the background?
  4. Finally someone else has noticed. The noise being made surrounding the issue is being made predominantly by teams from the East (Clydebank haven`t committed to anything yet and the agenda from KR Supporters is only a discussion at this point) Kelty have gone and yet their guys are all over these threads shouting "the waters great come on in" , if it`s that great then crack on and good luck to you. To suggest that any club would be better pitching into a league potentially with Bonnyton ,BSC reserves etc is just stupid off the scale. The whole thing smacks of desperation in attempting to get the West clubs on board to try and add some credibility to the whole pile of shit. The first stage of reconstruction in the West (16-16-16-16) goes live this year and there is a working party from the clubs in place to deal with the cups etc. At some point (maybe) there may well be a sensible work around that suits ALL the clubs in the West but right now there isn`t.
  5. Kirkintilloch Rob Roy New Stadium

    The answer is contained within the councils statement. The land is going to the open market. There`s no question of them gifting anything. Their involvement ended as soon as it was confirmed that there would be a massive shortfall in funding. If KRR want the land they will have to be the highest bidder on an open market basis. EDC haven`t shafted them. The EDC funding commitment was conditional on the balance required to deliver the project being funded out to completion. Their business plan/model failed due to a lack of funding.
  6. Kirkintilloch Rob Roy New Stadium

    NobRoy Guy also finally admits on the thread somewhere that the council were funding it to the tune of £1 million and that KRR weren`t funding it. The planning etc was all submitted by Kirkintilloch Community Sports Club and not KRR. The funding for phase 2 was subject to the successful completion and operation of a community venture that was inclusive for the other minority sports groups that are also members of KCSC. I`m guessing that KCSC will now be wound up and the £233k that KRR had donated to them will now be returned to KRR. So they have £233k to be starting with...............
  7. Bankies nxt season

    I know it`s hard but take a day off from being a complete banger. E and W are right next to each other on the keyboard and given that the point still stands your post is inane even by your low standards....
  8. Bankies nxt season

    It`s not a sports hub for the community? Tell me what it is then?
  9. Kirkintilloch Rob Roy New Stadium

    The development above was supposed to be for Kirkintilloch Community Sports Club not KRR. KRR are/were members of KCSC along with several other sports clubs. The funding for this was coming from the council and KRR were contributing. The second phase was supposed to be funded by obtaining access to funding from Sports Scotland, Lottery etc etc. The council were putting in circa £1 million pounds for the first phase, are KRR sitting with that type of money in the bank?
  10. Bankies nxt season

    Clydebank don`t own Holm Park. The current commitment from EDC (made 2 years ago) to develop a community sports hub that Yoker and Clydebank can use hasn`t even made it onto the drawing board yet far less into planning. As an EOSL club Clydebank would only be eligible to apply for £10k from the SFP for infrastructure improvements, that`s hardly serious money
  11. Bankies nxt season

    I`ve not demanded anything, I`ve asked by way of response to something posted by others. I`m not in the habit of playing chess with pigeons so this will be the last direct response that I waste on you. Read it carefully. THE DINOSAUR HUNTERS CONTINUALLY STATE THAT FOR THE MAJORITY OF JUNIOR CLUBS NOTHING WILL CHANGE BY JOINING THE PYRAMID. IF THAT REALLY IS THE CASE THEN WHY ON EARTH WOULD THEY JOIN IN THE FIRST PLACE? That`s a really simple and straightforward question now isn`t it?
  12. Junior football, what is the future?

    If they issue an official figure then the appropriate level of detail in terms of the number of responses they received etc would need to be published as well before it could be viewed objectively
  13. Junior football, what is the future?

    And yet you have a figure of 95% with zero substance to it referring to "a first indication of a likely result".......
  14. Bankies nxt season

    2 messages on 2 threads both about me and zero contribution to the actual thread.....sighs......if there was any substance to it, I could use the hard-on that you appear to have for me but given the lack of substance it would be of little use. Now do me a favour, put your tablet/keyboard away and go back to humping your neighbours cat. If it helps you you can even call it Weegieboy.......
  15. West Region

    The crap that surrounds games being called off is exacerbated by "experts" that don`t understand even the basic laws of the game. If I had a pound for every time I have heard, "it was only a couple of puddles" or "it was only hard across the byline and the warm up would have softened it up" etc etc. It`s either 100% playable at the time of inspection or it isn`t. The refs already take shite from everyone and their Brother, do you really think that they are going to run the risk of gambling with a playing surface that isn`t 100% (regardless of the reason) and there then follows an event that occurs during the game as a direct result of the playing surface in question . How do you think that story ends?