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  1. The BIG strip the titles thread

  2. What they'll realise they've been duped, again?
  3. Boxing Thread

    I'd say delicious.[emoji23]
  4. Procycling thread

    Think, following this season's performance's, fans will be more looking to a GT collision between these two, than that of a challenge from Quintana.
  5. Procycling thread

    Watching Eurosport, Rohan Dennis clearly had come off (dropped 30 secs & knee was bleeding).
  6. Procycling thread

    As I said.
  7. Boxing Thread

  8. Procycling thread

    U23 ITT was obliterated by an 18 year old Dane. Bout 1.30 up on everyone else.
  9. Boxing Thread

    I reeellly hate dat Daaavid Haye! #yawn
  10. Boxing Thread

    Getting back to the scorecards debate, had Trella not been the only one of the three to score round 7 to Canelo, then Byrd's 118-110 card would have been completely irrelevant. Even a 10-10 round would have given GGG the majority verdict. A round most have said was GGG's best & most convincing. I feel he's been let off lightly by the distraction of the wide score to Canelo.
  11. Boxing Thread

    Sure I read, on Twitter, that Atlas apparently didn't rate GGG before last night?
  12. Procycling thread

    Sunweb take the WC TTT, Sky come 3rd.
  13. Boxing Thread

  14. Boxing Thread

    Oh, as for the Saunders fight, my P&B connection was down,I thought it was a complete snooze. He's laughing if he thinks he could beat either GGG/Canelo. Both would walk right through him.