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  1. Boxing Thread

    It was the Yanks, in Detroit, that took his perseverance to heart, let him train in the Kronk gym & gave him those further opportunities! Bizarre, but intriguing.
  2. Boxing Thread

    Was going to say Conlan reminded me of Dennis Andries against Tommy Hearns & BT are now showing that fight!
  3. Boxing Thread

    Just seen the Tete fight. Burnett will avoid him like the plague. A bit like McGuigan avoided Azumah Nelson.
  4. Boxing Thread

    I thought Framlton could well have lost. Cruised the first 4, then pretty much let the other guy right back into it, though the knock down was debatable (a left did land as he slipped). Scorecards were a disgrace. Good to see hometown decisions aren't limited to Matchroom gigs.
  5. Boxing Thread

    I thought it was weeks away, then discovered it was tonight!
  6. ESPN 30 for 30

    Some top episodes on this week, covering Ali's fight with Holmes & Christian Laettners stint at Duke.
  7. Lets All Laugh At Rangers Thread

    Nah, checking Sevconians deeds.
  8. Boxing Thread

    UKAD facing bankruptcy over case against Fury. I see they've stepped back from another against Bradley Wiggins.
  9. Procycling thread

    UKAD drop case with Wiggins over #jiffygate. Probably more to do with Tyson Fury threatening to bankrupt them. Doubt they could handle another case against them, where their opponents are better financed than them.
  10. Boxing Thread

    Wilders next mandatory, is allegedly Breazeale!
  11. Bairns vs Pars - Sat 4th Nov

    Good to see the press finally acknowledge the tribute act, calling them "Ex-Rangers".
  12. Boxing Thread

    Yet Wilder has zero defence & is wide open to somebody at 18+ stone pilling through on him?
  13. Boxing Thread

    Didn't somebody once say "you get what you negociate, not what you deserve"? I think Wilder would do better heading for Parker, to take the WBO title first, before the fight with Joshua. It would give him more leverage on splits, if their fight ever takes place.