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  1. Headbutt on Kristoff heading into last corner apparently?
  2. Looking at the contenders, you could write off anybody that's already ridden the Giro & Tour. Will Valverde/Porte be fit by then, extremely doubtful & Dumoulin has said no. Leaves Nibali & Zacharin as main threats to any Froome attempt. As both Bardet & Uran have just come up short against the Sky rider who's now hitting form.
  3. Shameful, Barguil had an outstanding race, but De Gendt was clearly the most combative throughout the three weeks.
  4. Groenewegen fined 200 Swiss Francs for an incorrect sprint!
  5. Thomas & Rowe riding the Tour of Britain, along with Kwiatowski. Would imagine team would come from Standard, Kennaugh, Pouwels, Ellisonde, Deignan, Pucchio, Rosa, Lopez or Intxausti. Would think the Spaniards will get the nod over the Italians too.
  6. Froome talking of doing La Vuelta, starts 4 weeks time in Nimes. If you consider his lack of spring racing, & his tempered form until today, could this be a planned attempt at a double?
  7. What then constitutes a "classic tour", pray tell, I can't wait to hear?
  8. I think I know what Euron's present for Cersie will be, but I don't want to trumpet it.
  9. By that reckoning, I think the last "Classic" tour would pretty much be 30+ years ago, Lemond/Fignon?
  10. Boardman suggesting Landa to go for a time bonus tomorrow? [emoji87]
  11. Closest tour for decades, with 30 secs covering the top 3 going into today. Aye, right enough, it's been poor. [emoji102]
  12. Landa's move to Movistar justified by Sky's tactics, through the race, costing them/him a podium by 1 second. Felt for Kwiatowski, as he's had a great tour & just missed the stage win. But Bodnar also deserves it for posting a tremendous time & having been caught in the last 200m following a 200k break.
  13. Luke Rowe saying the 10% gradient felt more like 20!
  14. Think the climb is catching a good few riders out today. Short & very steep, you could ship time easily if your gearing isn't spot on.
  15. He does it right. Ser Ilyn Payne must return! We must have the King's justice.