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  1. I'd pair Austin up front with Hippo. Think their combination of strength & pace would cause havoc in this division.
  2. Only seen the clips on SSN, defo looks like 3 low blows before ref steps in. IMO, Ward should have been sent to neutral corner, Kovalev allowed time to straighten up, & the fight allowed to continue. Ref should be pulled up, with a possible point deduction missed. As for rematch, think Kov should take on somebody else before that. With Ward heading for Stevenson.
  3. Smith has only ever been a British level boxer. The three class acts he's faced have sparked him.
  4. All three judges gave Smith 1 round.
  5. Turned into a complete snoozefest.
  6. Bearing in mind both Groves & Degale sparked him. Zuege isn't heavy handed enough in this division.
  7. Landslide points on the cards. Smith just not bringing it.
  8. Zuege looking tidy, & getting a decent defence in against Smith. Possibly looking suspect to the right though.
  9. Alex Harris, haud me back!
  10. "I'm fighting Floyd! Baby, it's 'Red Panty' night."
  11. Think its 10.30 BST
  12. McGregor has a punchers chance, as every boxer has. That a guy with limited amateur experience is being allowed into the ring with possibly the best boxer of this generation, & one of the all time greats, is ridiculous, verging on the nigh on dangerous. His chances of success range between 0 & 2% &, IMO, the fight ends when Floyd decides it does. It is not an MMA bout.
  13. NBA

    Possible, when he's spent the majority of his career at the Sonics/Thunder. Obviously looking for titles
  14. Some finish to the Dauphine Libere. Porte loses out to Fugelsang, who takes the final stage & GC. Porte showed "phenomenal" form, holding a group at approx 1.10 for nigh on 35km including a 5k drag on the flat & an 11km climb. But just couldn't pull back the Astana rider by the finish line.