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  1. Must be plenty doken leaves up the Alps.
  2. Whilst Domoulin looked for a shitehouse, it would appear they were further up the road. Scandalous disrespect for the Maglia Rosa. Hope he wins it now, be great if he could win it with enough time to take a dump.
  3. The seats would be there, you just couldn't be bothered to find them.
  4. Sorry, I'm confused, I thought you lot didn't care anymore?
  5. Well they threw that away. Pretty much reversed their displays of the whole season & produced the same old eat, sleep, play, repeat performance in the 2nd half. Can only think that injuries forced the changes of McKee & Craigen. Everyone knew Utd would throw the kitchen sink at them in the 2nd half & to keel over & concede the middle of the park was terrible. Our problems in the middle of the park, have been blatantly obvious all season & came home to roost in the 2nd 45. Gutted, but sick if finding different ways to drag defeat from the jaws of victory. Can't understand why folk were clapping the team after the final whistle. 8/18 wins at home this season, followed up with this, says more than enough
  6. These modern football grounds, everybody has a great view. Saw Jim's equaliser though, before it even hit the net. #COYB!
  7. Eat, sleep, play, repeat. Got to go a goal down before we start, AGAIN. Some equaliser though, place was rockin!
  8. Must have been some altercation, considering the rammy between Polanc & Van Rensburg at the top of the preceding climb. The term 'not happy' was a bit of an understatement!
  9. Prefer Ashley House & Flecha, to Edwards & Hayman. But will probably get used to it after the next three weeks.
  10. It's the Mexicans, they "don't fcuk around", you know.
  11. Griepel win in a sprint finish, takes pink, Caleb's cleet comes out with 100m to go after collision with Gaviria. Main talking point, the mechanical suffered by Zacharin 10k out. Great team effort by Katusha to get him back to the peleton by the last km.
  12. Shudder!
  13. Queens will pump them, then be grassed up & a 3-0 win awarded to their opponents.
  14. I'd imagine that folk picking up "fours & fives" would have had the requisite number of ST's to justify their acquisition.