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  1. Boxing Thread

    Ustinov's never had a fight since Jason & the Argonauts.
  2. Boxing Thread

    6 months ban for Canelo?
  3. Ready Player One

    Saw it in 4DX whilst in Newcastle. Excellent.
  4. Finances

    "the", if you don't mind.[emoji6]
  5. 2018 Commonwealth Games - Gold Coast

    Is this the auditions for Australia's Got Talent?
  6. 2018 Commonwealth Games - Gold Coast

    More like Xanadon't!
  7. 2018 Commonwealth Games - Gold Coast

    Christ, it's an Australian Female version of Jedward!
  8. 2018 Commonwealth Games - Gold Coast

    On the subject of the marathon, it took 15 mins to get him in an ambulance. That he had been showing signs of fatigue for the previous 10, wandering over the road, they should have been ready to stop him by the first time he fell. When you have Africans failing to finish, the races should have been held at night.
  9. Boxing Thread

    Perhaps this is why Fury struggles to win over people?
  10. Boxing Thread

    Will it ever happen?
  11. Boxing Thread

    Wouldn't matter, as he's so "phenomenally" talented. The Lineal Championship, 'Ring Magazine' Belt, is in safe hands.
  12. Gotham

    E4 tonight at 9.
  13. Boxing Thread

    Best of 3?
  14. Boxing Thread

    In the states too! I'm shocked.