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  1. The DUP

    Always felt there was more to the corporals being there than was told, horrific act all the same.
  2. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Definitely Will have to give this another go...I thought it was pish when I saw it at first,so many good reviews I'm possibly wrong.
  3. Netflix

    Just finished watching the Sinner, pretty good drama starring Jennifer Biel and Bill Pullman. Seven seconds is another good watch. Has anyone seen black lightning yet?if so what's it like?
  4. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Headshot (Netflix) Revenge flick by the same people who made the Raid , not bad,very similar to the raid but not as good,lacks the drama that the Raid had...6/10
  5. 6 Nations Prediction Game 2018

    A bit later than originally planned due to being called into work unexpectedly amongst other things we have the final weeks results.. Firstly I have to say that the previous post may not have been entirely accurate in terms of points,one of those ideas you get when you've had a few lol, the thought was there but due to alcohol the accuracy of the count wasn't. But anyway the MOTM awards went to Tommy Allan, Taodgh Furlong and AW Jones. Myself and GkNeill got Furlong and myself again and Christophe picked Jones . The scoring was fairly tight this week,as I said it was a tough one . 1.co.down Hibee : 54+41+44=139 2.True Rover: 45+29+49=123 3.Gkneill : 38+31+50 =119 4.Cal234ey: 47+13+56= 116 5.Jaggy Snake: 38+19+52=109 6.Printer : 54+24+22 = 100 7.GAD : 38+13+46 =97 8.Honestly United: 38+29+22 = 89 9.Christophe: 14+19+55 = 88 10.Doonhammer 61 :38+35+10 =83 Big Tidy: 38+29+16=83 Doonhammer doonn south:38+23+22=83 13.Ayrunitedfw: 38+21+22=81 14. ChrisMFCfan1886:38+30+10 =78 15.JohnLambies Doos:38+13+13=64 So as you can see a real mixed bag of results,thanks to guessing the MOTM awards I ended up top for the week with True Rover not far behind. I've added the points for the remaining first week predictions which are John Lambies Doos correctly said there would be a slam and TC so 12 points to him. And Printer and Doonhammer 61 said that week 3 was the highest Points total so six points to both of them. Which leaves the final table as .... 1.GAD =606 2.Co.Down Hibee=601 3.Doonhammer 61=595 4.Doonhammer doon south= 591 5.True Rover =583 6. Printer= 576 7.Ayrunitedfw =561 8.Big Tidy =549 John Lambies Doos=549 10.ChrisMFC1886=539 11.Honestly United=530 12.Jaggy Snake=518 13.Cal234ey= 464 14.Christophe =430 15.Gkneill= 399 And there we have it our new champion is GAD whose excellent score in the last match saw him cross the line first, I'm just behind with 2nd and thanks to his first week prediction of week 3 it's 61 that wins the battle of the Doonhammers. A spirited final week score couldn't stop GkNeill getting wooden spoon this year with Christophe having an excellent Wales game to keep himself up. But in the spirit of primary schools sports days everywhere you're all winners.lol So finally a big thank you from me for taking part this year,some of you have played before and I'm sure you'll all agree this was the closest we've had ,it's been great fun to do and hopefully it's helped you enjoy what was a pretty great 6 nations.. Back next year....
  6. Chocolate Bars

    Ripple Galaxy Caramac (the buttons are immense) Starbar Mint aero.
  7. 6 Nations Prediction Game 2018

    Another update on the leader board going into the last half the leaderboard is this as it stands, 1.doonhammer61= 581 2.doonhammerdoon south = 572 3.GAD = 563 And the wooden spoon Christophe=355 GkNeill=348
  8. 6 Nations Prediction Game 2018

    Just an update there will have to be 60 points scored in this match for it to beat week 3 for the highest Points week.
  9. 6 Nations Prediction Game 2018

    Brilliant! That's everyone in.
  10. Topman

    I believe it's something to do with a Bob Marley song.... I can't imagine any sane minded person is thinking it's a deliberate dig at Hillsborough....badly thought out would be more accurate IMO
  11. 6 Nations Prediction Game 2018

    The teams are announced so it's time for the final week of what's been an enthralling 6 nations prediction game.... Italy v Scotland Result: Scotland Points (43.5): over Margin: 0-7 First score: Italy kick No.of Tries;4+ Man of the Match: back Hogg England v Ireland Result: Ireland Points:under Margin: 0-7 First score: Ireland kick No. Of tries: 0-3 Man of the match : forward, Furlong Wales v France Result: Wales Points: over Margin : 0-7 First score: France kick No. Of tries: 4+ Man of the match: forward, AW Jones Very difficult week to predict I think Predictions in for kick off at 1230 on Saturday please, I think I'm being summoned to an establishment to partake in the consumption of fine ales on Saturday so will try and get the result up for Saturday night but if not then Sunday morning. Good luck everyone and enjoy!
  12. Mike Tyson

    I always find it cringey as hell when the celebs "hang"out with him... he's a convicted rapist ffs.
  13. Failed Statelet Premier League

    Glens punted out too , a Coleraine league and cup double?
  14. Jamie Carragher

    This 100 percent...