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  1. If Scotland were...

    Don't think Scotland would be the worst team, possibly worst of the Europeans but Saudi are fairly honking and Australia haven't got much so probably below them.
  2. Gangs Of .....

    Civic Square Mob from Tranent weren't to be messed with when I was a boy, Being from Haddington there were regular battles with ones from Macmerry and the like... Most of the hard cnut types were from the Nungate area which was very much seen as the shitey part.
  3. World Cup of Beer - SER vs SWI

    The Serbian Lidl special type beer edges out the Swiss Jake juice for me.
  4. World Cup of Beer - NGR vs ICE

    I'm swayed by the idea of drinkingg a stout in Nigeria
  5. World Cup of Beer - DEN VS AUS

    Tasmania sounds like a fabulous place,so it's the Aussie one for that reason.
  6. World Cup of Beer - POR vs MOR

    Casablanca would be a great beer to drink in a bar because everytime you ordered one you could just say "play it again Sam" to the barman . I wonder how long it would be before you got a boot in the haw maws from him?
  7. World Cup of Beer - IRN VS SPA

    A wee Sam Magill is hard to beat on a hot day. Those fruit flavoured beers tend to be honking anyway.
  8. Netflix

    Yes... it's perhaps not as good as I thought it was going to be given his role is S2 of daredevil but after a slowish start it is a good watch.
  9. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    IT (SKY) Enjoyed,can see why it was a hit, especially with the success of stranger things and the like. 8/10
  10. World Cup of Beer - POL VS SEN

    The Senegal entry is brewed under licence in the Failed Statelet as Fleg.
  11. World Cup of Beer - COL VS JAP

    Any Japanese beer I've tried is very chemically,so I'll go for the Colombian tipple.
  12. Do you like anyone?

    Prefer dogs.
  13. Do you like Glaswegians?

    Scotland's version of scousers.....nuff said.

    Our" big brown bear" Lily...
  15. World Cup of Beer - FRA VS AUS

    I'd say Kronenbourg is the best on the commercial market to be honest . it'll win pretty much everytime for me.