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  1. Game Giveaway Thread

    You can pick up late-Nineties third-person shooter MDK for nowt from GOG within the next 36 hours. Bit of a cult classic, and DRM-free, so you can install it on as many machines as you'd like. Those who don't already have an account will find a bunch of other free games waiting to be played when you sign up as well.
  2. Quick Question Thread

    I thought he was just trying freak Throbber out with a pic of his local Wetherspoons' carpet.
  3. Cup Of The World! Part Deux!

    As the FIFA rankings stand, an eight-nation diddy World Cup would consist of (in order): 14: Wales 15: Italy 20: The Netherlands 23: Northern Ireland 24: Slovakia 26: Eire 27: USA 29: Scotland So, the Celtic Cup, America, plus some other European sides that aren't total shite. Considering that's (according to FIFA) a best-case, will-never-happen scenario in terms of quality, maybe this isn't such a good idea
  4. Cheerio Charlie Manson

    He did well to keep the familial link with you secret. His reputation would never have recovered.
  5. Flat Earth theory

    Speaking of Nazis, I wonder what @wisbit would make of all this?
  6. Game Giveaway Thread

    Brütal Legend is free on Steam through the Humble Store for the next two days. Looks like Jack Black's fevered third-person classic metal fantasy, but apparently turns into a real-time strategy game. No idea. It's supposed to be quite good, though, so grab it unless you're allergic to Jack Black. Also made by Tim Schafer, of Monkey Island/Grim Fandango/Psychonauts fame. (I did mentioned this game contains copious Jack Black, right?)
  7. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    The club ought to get that printed up on one of the empty hoardings around the pitch, and put Jim in charge of driving the message into people's minds
  8. What Are You Listening To?

    Excellent housecleaning music. Next up is Deicide's Scars of the Crucifix, and Bloodthirst by Cannibal Corpse. Then it's time for a lovely pint
  9. The Universe

    Sorry if somebody already posted this - been a while since I've checked in. Did anyone work out if Wisbit was right about gravity? The Nevada Museum of Art appear to have obtained Kickstarter funding for the first purely decorative satellite to orbit Earth (or anywhere else we know of, I suppose). It's some kind of reflective device that will be visible with the naked eye from the planet's surface, although I haven't noticed anything that describes if it'll follow Nevada as the planet rotates, or if it'll be stationary and visible in different part of the world. Either way, the conspiracy theorists will presumably lose their minds. It'll only orbit for two months, then burn up in the atmosphere, which is a bit of a shame as I quite like the idea of a Halley's Comet-style pretty object that pops up in the sky every now and then.
  10. Game Giveaway Thread

    Killer is Dead: Nightmare Edition is available for free on Steam for the next 24 hours. Don't know much about it, but I have heard it's really good, albeit an acquired taste. Drop by the Humble Store to pick it up. Even better news - the greatest game of all time, Plants vs Zombies is available for nothing through Origin at the moment. Seriously, go get it, it's fucking awesome!
  11. World Cup 2018 Qualifying

    Senegal were starting to look like they could go all the way until they ran out of steam in the Turkey game. Presumably Bruno Metsu would've shuffled the pack a bit more if he'd realised how far they could get. I'd no idea Metsu had carked it a few years back
  12. What is your name?

    I hear that folic acid's useful, if that's any help. Best of luck!
  13. Tin Tack

    In Cerberus' defence, the US is absolutely mental about recreational drug use. There's mandatory testing in the most unnecessary of fields - far more of a moral judgement than any practical objection in many companies, and some test hair follicles too, so there's no use claiming you were always sober for work. He could well have found himself getting his own jotters if someone had reported that he'd seen an employee smoking a joint outside the building, and he'd done nothing. Then again, probably not a great idea to admit you sacked someone because you were in a bad mood, FFS!
  14. P&B Readers' Birds

    Another addition to the dubiously-titled pet threads. It wasn't in NSFW - what did you expect? The wife's quaker parrot, F'lar, died this afternoon; he was eighteen, and I'd known him since he was a few months old, although he fell out with me in recent years - probably being paranoid, but I think I got the blame for his "mum" being ill. He mimicked the laugh of one of the wife's friends, and would use it when something mildly unpleasant happened to someone, like stubbing their toe...the trolling wee shite. He'd also choose to have a good screech to himself whenever I had a headache. Wasn't much of a talker, but I did manage to teach him the word "chicken", as I'd sing the 'chick chick chicken' song to him and he'd whisper along to himself while headbanging. Surprisingly down about this TBH. I suppose I'd lived with the little sod for almost half my adult life. Can't really believe that he's not here anymore. Here's a picture of him before a much-needed beak trimming, in all his verdant glory.