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  1. Russia '18 Match Simulation Thread

    Group A Match 33: Saudi Arabia v Egypt Match 34: Uruguay v Russia Uruguay are already through; Egypt will be through with a win. Russia and Saudi Arabia both need to win and hope for the best. Time for kick-off, in best Championship Manager fashion... Heading into the second half... Both games finish...
  2. Russia '18 Match Simulation Thread

    We're halfway through, so time for another look at the group tables. Interesting to see which games have broadly turned out the same in the real thing, and which have been well off the mark (Russia struggling to score, for one). More tomorrow, when we'll start the simultaneous commentary (ooh). Golden Boot 4 - Suarez (Uruguay) 2 - Jahanbakhsh (Iran) 2 - Griezmann (France) 2 - Sow (Senegal) 2 - El Said (Egypt) 2 - Mitrovic (Serbia) 2 - Mertens (Belgium) 2 - Lewandowski (Poland) Still only ten yellow cards and no reds. Very few penalties too. Very well behaved, these virtual players.
  3. If Scotland were...

    More possible, certainly, especially Asia. We'd likely be looking at the play-off spot in CONCACAF. I wouldn't put money on us finishing top of a qualifying group consisting of us, Saudi Arabia, and Panama. It's possible, sure, but by no means guaranteed.
  4. If Scotland were...

    We can obviously beat anyone in the right circumstances; Berti Vogts proved that when the worst Scotland team in my lifetime managed a 1-0 win over the Netherlands. Nine times out of ten, we'd have received the pumping that we got in the second leg. Would we come out on top over a ten-game series against any of the sides at this World Cup? I doubt it, and that's probably true of the sides above us in the world rankings too. Our absence is entirely fair, sadly.
  5. Things you want to share with P&B

    This was top of the 'Latest Posts' column when I logged in just now. You can imagine my disappointment. I love a good P&B romance.
  6. Early Season predictions

    How much would you pay for this man's tackle?