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  1. Alloa v Rovers

    Remember The Alamo
  2. Initiation Ceremonies

    I'm starting to regret reading this thread
  3. Favourite MILF Thread

    Since I was eight years old, I've been a fan of things that Charlie Brooker has been involved in. Konnie Huq may well be his crowning achievement. Although she does look like a terrifying sex zombie in that top right picture.
  4. Bookies Ettieque

    There's an auld boy who picks up milk from our shop for his bookie of choice every morning, and likes to say, "they'll no' let me in unless I bring their milk". He obviously means it as a joke, but there's a nervous undertone that makes me think that being barred is something he has nightmares about. Poor auld bugger.
  5. Initiation Ceremonies

    ^^^ Desperate to find out what went on after hours at the local ludge IMO. I worked with a former infantryman who liked to tell us about their weird activities. A lot of it seemed to revolve around finding excuses to exchange saliva - passing items around using only their mouths, etc. Is this just a thing that guys do? Do the Women's Institute play games involving the storage of items within their ladyparts, or crush cans for recycling using only their knockers?
  6. Best everyday feelings

    Shut up. I'm getting old and things don't work as well as they used to.
  7. Alloa v Rovers

    No coincidence that things have gone tits up since the beard came off IMO. Looked like it was making a comeback a few weeks back, but Jim was clean-shaven yesterday. Nuff said.
  8. Alloa v Rovers

    I somehow doubt we'd have let in five with Jason Marr at the back either (yes, I know he didn't play). It was a good game. I figured it wasn't going to be our day after that superb early save from their keeper, and their excellent opening goal, so I was able to enjoy it from the viewpoint that we were getting beat regardless. Albion look a bit soft in defence, but make up for it elsewhere. Looks like they'll have plenty of entertaining games this season. Anyway, stay in the pub next time, Jonah
  9. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    YouTube trolling the shit out of me with adverts. The latest one is a feature-length piece of American bible belt propaganda about how the rapture is imminent. It's popped up so many times that I'm about five minutes into the damned thing now. Fucking quality when I'm watching videos in the bath with the netbook on the other side of the room. I presume YouTube must have some way of customising the adverts you're shown, like eliminating financial scams/religious fairytales? Edit: f**k me, I'm getting one about how Buddhism is all bullshit, Christ is totally the way you guise. Always a laugh when one religion accuses another of being made up.
  10. Bobby Williamson Caught Up In Gay Scandal

    A far more interesting career than he'd have had here TBF. You do have to wonder about how our game is viewed in some parts of the world if (with all respect) a jobber like Bobby Williamson can walk straight over into the head coach role of a second-rate but ambitious African nation (Uganda). Probably a good sign if places like Kenya and Uganda are starting to realise their own managers might be worth looking at.
  11. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    If you like Stirling, you'll love Livingston.
  12. Bobby Williamson Caught Up In Gay Scandal

    You're just going to have to fall back on your Scottish football manager slashfic, MM.
  13. Bobby Williamson Caught Up In Gay Scandal

    Just remembered Bobby Williamson exists, and this is one of the first hits for his name on Google Might also be the first time I've seen an actual post by original recipe Seamus. Anyone know what he's up to these days, and also Miguel's question above?
  14. Alloa v Rovers

    That must have been a good game for a neutral. Could easily have been a few more goals in it; Bowman made a couple of real quality saves. Rovers handled us well, took their chances when they came, and we were far too easy to get behind on the counter-attack. So soft at the back. Didn't notice any of the Fleming stuff with the fans, but he hasn't looked at the races in any of the games I've been to. Can't say I noticed Crossan doing a lot in the second half either, but early days for him. Only positive I can think of is that Renton is definitely improving and clearly wants to do better. Best of luck to the Rovers' fans; enjoy your evening.
  15. Quick Question Thread

    St Mirren aren't even getting humped until tomorrow night, FFS.