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  1. Tbf its done exactly what’s it’s designed to do...draw attention to the club, good or bad it doesn’t matter, people are now talking about Livingston Football Club
  2. God can we not have one full season and post season that is nice and easy. Hoppy linked with Carlisle, rejected, then back on, rejected again. Linked with Morton, goes quiet, all of a sudden he’s 2/5 favourite and rumours he’s going to be announced as manager as early as today, Today comes, he’s turned Morton down. He’s now wanted by St Mirren to replace Jack Ross. Give us a break ffs.
  3. So now been told it’s cancelled until next week, all points to Hopkin. Sounds to me like Morton have all there eggs in one basket and are confident Hoppy is heading down Greenock way.
  4. The thing is I’ve watched him quite often in the youth team and he doesn’t stand out for me at all. Hes just not progressed, I truly hope he proves me wrong because he seems like a good lad but it’s not happening for him and a move could be the best thing for both parties.
  5. Im told there will be a press conference tomorrow to announce the new manager of Morton....not a clue if it’s Hopkin or not though.
  6. I’m also hearing these rumours about Hoppy to you guys, nothing set in stone though, he’s talking to us on Friday so I suspect either way it will all become a bit clearer then. Seems a strange one if he does move on, a very tough looking championship next season and likelyhood is he’s not going to increase his stock with Morton any, obviously the heart strings are being pulled a little bit here. Only time will tell, I hope it’s all nonsense and he stays with us but if he doesn’t he will always be considered a legend for the way he’s turned us around.
  7. Hearing there is something in these rumours linking Hoppy with Morton. I really don’t get it if he decides to go, Morton will be one of the teams next season that I can see being a bit meh, too good to go down, not good enough to challenge the top 5 teams. Lets hope he sees some sense and sticks with us next season, will just have to wait and see.
  8. Season ticket prices

    Think it was £220 last season
  9. Hi folks My first thread in the premiership part of the forum Livingston have just announced season ticket prices for the new season and just wanted to see how everyone’s prices compared. Ours are as follows :- Adult :- £285 Consession :- £200 Under 16s :- £75 Family deal (2 adults & 2 under 16s) :- £650 Very competitive pricing from us for a change which works out at £15, £10 and £4 per game and a £70 saving on a family deal.
  10. If we can get Ryan Hardie, Jordon Thomson, James Penrice and our current side signed up that would be an excellent start. We will certainly need another couple of forwards, probably another winger as well. A proper back up goalkeeper to take over from Alexander when he retires probably next summer, Liam Kelly from Rangers ? Would he want to sit on the bench for a season though ? Certainly going to be interesting what we do transfer wise, we won’t be breaking the bank this time around that’s for sure. Our first aim is to try and tempt Craig Halkett to stay along with the rest though.
  11. 2018/2019 lineup confirmed

    What an amazingly tough league this looks next season, it’s always been the best league in the country for me and next season is no different. There are atleast 6 or 7 teams who’s target will be the playoffs. At this extremely early stage I’m gonna go - Ross County Inverness Partick Thistle Dundee Utd Dunfermline Falkirk Ayr Utd Morton QoS Alloa
  12. Still trying to let that sink in, what an incredible day to be a Livi fan. I dont care what anyone says but I was a bubbling mess when Keaghan scored and again at full time, the feeling of ecstasy just got the better of me. Ive followed this club from day 1, I’ve seen us go up through the leagues, ive seen us lift the league cup in 2004 (didn’t think I’d ever feel emotion like that again) I’ve feared for the club through both financial disasters, I’ve seen us demoted to the 3rd division, work our way back up before losing to Stranraer in the playoffs to get relegated to league 1 again. Not once did it ever cross my mind that I’d see us back in the top flight of Scottish football, this is just unbelievable. Even now it’s not sunk in, maybe once the alcohol wears off it will hit home. It wasn’t pretty yesterday but I couldn’t give two hoots, brilliant brilliant finish by Keaghan and fitting that it would be him to score it in his testimonial year, and icing on the cake, Alexander saving the penalty at the end, that’s when I truly started to believe we were going to do it. This team has the chance to creat a new generation of fans, yesterday there was well over 2000 in the away end, quite remarkable, it’s now on the club to try and keep these people next season. I know you don’t want to hear this and I don’t want to come across as condescending in anyway but commiserations to Partick Thistle and their fans, take heart that in hindsight relegation to league 1 for us was a blessing in disguise, it allowed us to start again, freshen the place up a bit and as you see it couldn’t have worked out better. Knighthoods for all in black and yellow yesterday, especially Mr Hopkin, to think I wanted him sacked 2 years ago, that aged well.
  13. I was an emotional wreck still am, what a remarkable achievement. Home and away like many of you ive followed this club, through the good and the darn right ridiculous but we’ve always been there and days like yesterday make it all worth while. Its still sinking in, my head is still bouncing from last night and I fear I dreamed the whole thing.
  14. Nerves are well and truly starting to kick in ahead of this tomorrow. There is only a couple of certainties about tomorrow that I know, our team will give everything and leave everything out on the pitch, and regardless of the result I’ll be very proud of our efforts this season. Just like to thank the guys who gave up some time to offer advice on pubs to go to, heading to an organised event in central Glasgow pre match, so hopefully a few drinks there will calm the nerves. Good luck to both teams, I just desperately hope we can do this.