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  1. Pars v Livi

    Yeh I understand that but Dumfries isn't an easy place to go, a point is acceptable surely ? They lost to Falkirk in the challenge cup but had a few players out because of injury, suspension and international call ups, and lost to Dundee Utd a team most expect to win the league, it's hardly a disaster. Im just not buying all the negativity, this will be a tough tough game for us, we will need to be at our best to get anything. I think every club has them tbh, we've got our fair share of those kind of fans too, some of the shouts I hear especially at home games can be ridiculous.
  2. Pars v Livi

    I'm not quite getting the negativity from Dunfermline fans here tbh, I admit I've only seen you play once, against us but you are on 17 points which basically works out at winning your home games and drawing your away games, that is a decent record and will have you in the right area at the end of the season. Only 4 points off the top, most goals scored, least goals conceded, I'd be surprised if St Mirren followed up there excellent first quarter with the same number of points, ofcourse if they do then fair play but that will be very difficult. Same with us, 18 points is a remarkable effort from all involved but I'm aiming for 12 points from the next 9 and if we get anymore then superb. Dunfermline is always a tough place to travel too, looking forward to testing ourselves against a good side that I have no doubt will be in the playoffs, I predicted you 2nd at the start I'm sure so not far off that after 9 games.
  3. Pars v Livi

    Cool, cheers. Probably our hardcore couple hundred that usually travel tbh.
  4. Pars v Livi

    Should be a cracker this, two decent sides with all to play for, we are on a great run but if we don't keep up the standards we've set ourselves this could be the game to end our excellent run. Having said that, I see no reason why we can't go to Dunfermline and frustrate the home side and maybe grab a goal on the break, this is another game that will suit our style with Dunfermline likely to have most of the ball. If we could somehow get a win here it will really have people sitting up and taking notice of us, we've kind of went under the radar up until now. If you offered me a point now though I'd bite your hand off. As LF says team pretty much picks itself just now. I presume we will be housed in the corner of the main stand ? Also I notice Dunfermline have been having ticketing issues, do we have to buy tickets at a certain window before entering ? Thanks in advance.
  5. Glad you enjoyed it, the club is finally on a level footing, the guys in charge are local guys and seem to have there head screwed on, the general atmosphere surrounding the club is improving, helped by how well we've been doing on the field but also because things seem to be heading in the right direction off it, this kind of thing will only help, and also bring in more income. Things are certainly on the up down Almondvale for a change.
  6. Who Halkett ? He's dreadful, never make the step up, no one should pay any attention to him, we'll just put up with him I guess
  7. Ah so the Dundee fans are doing to Utd what the Airdrie fans done to us last season ? Can we all just be friends, and hate the two arse cheeks from Glasgow ?
  8. Excellent from us today, we bossed Dundee Utd for 90 minutes, even in the 2nd half when Utd started getting more of the ball they created very little, Alexander didn't have a meaningful save to make. I expected so much more from that Utd side but really they have nothing in the midfield and defensively they look weak. Still a long way to go but for me they've been one of the poorest teams we've played in the first quarter. We are well ahead of schedule at this moment in time, if we can pick up 12 points + in the next 9 games we will still be up around the top and then I'll start thinking we can maybe make the playoffs, right now I'm still sticking with 8th or above. Halkett, Lithgow and Toderov defended superbly hence the reason Alexander had very little to do, Longridge and Mullin ran there socks off up and down the wings all game. Pitts brilliant as always, Penrice showing capabilities beyond his years, only 17 what a player he's gonna be, Shaun Byrne was my man of the match though, rumour has it he's now running home, just didn't stop all day, chased down absolutely everything forcing them long. Same with Danny Mullen, great finish but what is the keeper doing ? As usual was a pest all game. Loving this team just now, playing for one another, playing for the management and playing for the fans, best squad of players since the glory days if you ask me. Big ask to keep this form going next week away to Dunfermline but why not eh ?
  9. We should really be a couple up, Utd have offered nothing going forward so far, don't think Alexanders made a save. We should've been a couple up against dumbarton a fortnight ago and came out second half and didn't look half the team, so not getting ahead of myself. Good first half from us, can we keep it up ? That is the question.
  10. Very much looking forward to the game, it will be interesting to see how we get on, we've been competitive in every game this season so far and imo Dundee Utd will win the league regardless of results today so if we can compete with them then we have nothing to fear for the rest of the season. A good performance and hope we push Dundee Utd all the way today and I'll be happy regardless of result. Hope the Dundee Utd fans coming have a good day out, but not too good, settle for a draw ?
  11. Free copy of ROAR, our match day program has been getting produced online this season and is available by clicking the link below. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B55u2sP1Aq09eTdUSHNSb2JTX0k/view
  12. Yeh but I walk up to the excite gym from there and down the steps leading to the south stand.
  13. I usually park in the car park just along from the Dominoes pizza place, its only a 5 minute walk from there. Xcite is a gym and is barriered off and you need a token to get back out the car park from the gym.
  14. Hoppy confirmed as September manager of the month....Dundee Utd win it is then.
  15. Sausage stovies Cirlces but ? I know this threads gone round to the beginning again.