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  1. Will this beat the weather ? I’m sure we’ve put covers down so will wait and see. If it does go ahead our uniforced break could go 1 of 2 ways, it will reenergise the team and they will be fresh and put in a good performance or look a bit rusty and off the pace falling to defeat, let’s hope it’s the former. We’ve beaten Morton twice already this season but both have been scrappy with not a lot between the sides, can’t see this being any different. Take the weekend defeat for Morton out and they’ve been on as good a run of form as anyone so this will be a tough one and we will have to be at our best to get anything. With this followed up by Falkirk on Tuesday and then away to Dundee Utd the following Saturday I can see Hoppy using the squad again so will be interesting how we line up for this. Id probably go with the following for this one :- Alexander, Mullin, Lithgow, Halkett, Gallagher, Penrice, Jacobs, Byrne, Pittman, Mullen, Toderov.
  2. Sons vs Livi

    Going to be a busy few weeks depending on the rescheduled date for this one now, disappointing but can’t say it’s unexpected.
  3. Sons vs Livi

    Not Tambourinegate again surely
  4. Sons vs Livi

    Perfect thanks for that, usually park in the car park with no problems so just wanted to double check as I would’ve parked on the street it’ll there was going to be. Top man
  5. Sons vs Livi

    Really tough game this for us here, Dumbarton unbeaten in 6, that right ? Great run for anyone at any level. Think we have lost on our last two visits to Dumbarton as well and looking back at the home game we really held on against them. First goal I think is vitally imporatant, the way both teams set up we both like to sit in and break so getting ahead could be the difference. Enjoy my trips through to the Rock, the bowling club is extremely handy for a quick pint and pie before the game, I have seen some comments on here this season about problematic parking this season ? Usually there isn’t any problems leaving the ground could some one elaborate ? Anyway looking forward to the game and hopefully we get a positive result to keep our good form going. Alexander, Mullin, Lithgow, Gallagher, Halkett, Penrice, Byrne, Pittman, Jacobs, Mullen/Carrick, Toderov.
  6. Livi lions v Lambs to the slaughter

    As I say it’s not my story I’m just passing on what I was told, did find it a little strange which is why I wanted clarification from someone with a Falkirk persuasion. As you say the game will likely be rearranged for before Xmas, which I’m told is going to be the 19th so makes very little difference.
  7. Livi lions v Lambs to the slaughter

    Just back from Hospitality, good day regardless of no game being played but was told by one of the directors that Falkirk where desperate for the game to be called off, apparantly the players are away to Dublin on a Xmas night out, maybe someone from falkirk can confirm ? Jimmy Nichol was at the ground at 10:30 this morning in the refs ear and again at 1:30, apparantly rearranged for 19th of December now. Whether it’s true or not who knows, just passing on what I’ve been told.
  8. Livi lions v Lambs to the slaughter

    Funnily I’ve no got a good feeling about today either, ever the pessimist. Think you are spot on with the 2nd part too haha.
  9. Livi lions v Lambs to the slaughter

    Meadowbank blah blah blah, now that’s out the way....
  10. Livi lions v Lambs to the slaughter

    We’ve now lost 4 times this season and bounced back the following game with wins, can we do the same here ? I hate going into a game when the opposition fans seem to have given themselves no chance, not taking this game lightly at all, we will need to be at our best to win the game. If we do win, taking 6 points from 9 available from those three games is a hell of an effort, I said I’d be pleased with 4 before hand so a draw here would still achieve that target although it wouldn’t have been the way I was predicting. i think Toderov will probably start this game, he’s the only striker that hasn’t started the previous two games, who he’s paired with will be interesting though, don’t think Mullen will be available for this either. Penrice will come back into the side, probably to replace Longridge or Jacobs, I can see De Vita come back into the side to replace Cadden. A line up of Alexander, Mullin, Lithgow, Gallagher, Halkett, Penrice, Byrne, Pittman, Jacobs, Toderov and De Vita.
  11. Never get this argument, a striker is there to score goals, he’s scored tonight. Fwiw as I say I think he contributed far more, think he puts in a power of Work, closing down and hassling defenders making them work hard, a couple of St Mirren fans have commented as such. Just a couple weeks ago people moaned about Mackin’s lack of work rate, now it’s all Carrick does.
  12. As I said earlier we can’t comment until we see highlights as we are at the other end of the park but we did comment just before hand that a soft penalty was coming, the ref duly delivered, the crowd was starting to get to him that was clear. If it was for a shirt pull there was a couple of clear shirt pulls on our player in the box throughout the game, as you say not usually given by referees.
  13. Which is what all good strikers should do surely ?
  14. Top of the League and You're No

    Didn’t want to live here anyway, stinks and the carpets covered in pish. Enjoy your stay St Murn, clean this place up those Dundee folks have left it in a hell of a mess.