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  1. THE advantage of 4G pitches

    There's no evidence that there's any difference in injury types or rates for artificial v natural grass. Here's some actual research, rather than anecdotes: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/26464877/
  2. Junior football, what is the future?

    Crivens, you'll be suggesting using the Devil's Illuminations next!
  3. Scottish Junior Cup

    Wait until he realises it's not just the Rose, but Girvan and Banks o' Dee are using their treacherous licences to con money out of the SFA as well...
  4. Club Licence

    You're confusing two separate things: the "Stables plan" of adding two teams and splitting 10-10, which was voted down a couple of years ago and the more recent decision on what to do if the Lowland team is promoted and a North side come down. That decision was to play with 19 - if a repeat occurred then they would split. Were a licenced team outwith the HFL apply to join, why do you think they would be refused? It's all academic anyway, BoD and Golspie aren't going to be applying anytime soon and there's no other licenced clubs in the pipeline.
  5. Club Licence

  6. Spiral Series 5

    Probably next year given they've just started filming series 7. Looks like Tintin's still around. http://www.allocine.fr/article/fichearticle_gen_carticle=18670230.html
  7. Club Licence

    There's a lot of speculation about how the teams were chosen. There was always going to be a Highland team and Strathspey were the only option. In theory Badenoch & Strathspey was an untapped resource so a team representing the area made sense. Unfortunately the potential hasn't materialised. The story with the Shire sides and BoD is a little murkier, but the fact BoD didn't appear to put much effort into their application compared to Turriff and Formartine is fairly well reported. Turriff have been a good addition, jury out on Formartine...
  8. Club Licence

    You need to be licenced to join the HFL. There's only two licenced teams that could join. One has stated they're not interested, the other hasn't said anything publicly, but I'd be surprised. If a licenced club wants to join, the HFL can't stop them.
  9. Club Licence

    Duplicate post deleted
  10. Club Licence

    Will you stop persisting in this myth that the HFL is a closed shop - yes, there is no direct relation or promotion to the league, but it is patently possible to join it by application and there is a plan for what happens if numbers exceed 20. Anything else is speculation, nobody has applied to join, saying that it's the league must offer invites is simply not true. This statement that the SFA have decreed no more than 18 tabs is just wrong. Clubs moved from the HFL to the national leagues because of the historical imbalance in the geography, before 1993 the only league team in the historical HFL footprint was Aberdeen! BoD may have been 'livid', but they still have not attempted to join and given their chairman has ruled out out, why would you argue otherwise?
  11. Best Beer Garden in Scotland

    Dores Inn
  12. Junior football, what is the future?

    I think when you're taking about this level, it's the regular home support that's important, away support is so variable and distance is only one of a load of factors influencing this. Regionalising at the third or fourth tier just isn't palatable for current clubs, there's no evidence regional leagues significantly reduce travel given the geography of Scotland. If clubs thought it would be beneficial, they'd be doing it already!
  13. Junior football, what is the future?

    Development loan players can play for their U20s and loan club as well
  14. Club Licence

    Exactly this. The HFL already has a plan that once they exceed 20 clubs they will split, this was announced a couple of years ago. Since then, no-one has been relegated and no-one has applied. It's not a closed shop!
  15. Club Licence

    I agree there should be a North feeder, however there simply aren't the interested clubs at the moment, it's a similar situation to the West: until clubs come out for it, the status quo will prevail.