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  1. One of the sticking points for integrating the SJFA (in particular the West Region) seems to be for some, the loss of the Junior Cup, and I can see why such clubs may be keen for this competition to continue. Although I think there's some merit in the idea of a national non-league cup competition in Scotland, my feeling is that it's probably not something Highland League clubs would be particularly interested in. As well as the league, there is already the Scottish Cup, which is a priority for most clubs. The League Cup, North of Scotland and Aberdeenshire Cups (and Shield) are keenly contested. The top clubs also compete in the SPFL League and Challenge Cups. I wonder if such a national competition is desired, then maybe it should start at Level 6, rather than 5.
  2. Junior football, what is the future?

    Saying that Penicuik can't afford a licence is ridiculous. If the likes of Golspie (who play in a public park) can manage it, anyone can.
  3. Goodwin's Law
  4. Missed opportunity for more use of "concomitant" IMO
  5. Does this mean we can get rid of the horrendous bolted on seats in the Jail End now?
  6. North Caledonian League Expansion

    I mind going to see them lose to Cove in the first season. At that time I recall just a chicken wire fence and the tiny stand. I was on nights shifts and it was a really hot day and I had a power nap during the second half... I'm sure I took a photo or two, but no idea where they are.
  7. Promoting west region

    Well maybe you could give us a general idea of your thoughts, rather than specifics. There's been a lot of suggestions already. I'd say: *Discussion with SJFA about not playing SJC November to Febuary-ish, scrapping replays and getting out of this cycle of postponed games taking up every Saturday *Scrap the sectional cups *Keep the West Cup, but issue the dates in advance *League fixture list with first round of cup dates built in, after that then league games moved, to midweek if necessary *Floodlights can be used at any time *No holiday weeks *Think seriously about the pyramid - it is coming. Maybe a WoSFL is on the cards. Reach out to the senior leagues and governing bodies *Be transparent - tell us what's going on, what the board is thinking etc *Update the website, publicise the fixtures I'm also being serious - you definitely need to consider your own communication skills. You're in a position of authority on a committee and you're talking down to folk like they're idiots, it's not a good look, particularly when you're asking for help.
  8. Promoting west region

    Maybe a course on communication skills... you've still not answered the question.
  9. Promoting west region

    No disrespect, but he has a point: you mentioned you "know the problems and have various ideas on how to fix them". You need to tell folk what you think these problems are and what you plan doing about them otherwise this is just seems like a tick-box exercise so you can say you've asked folk before the AGM.
  10. Junior football, what is the future?

    Thanks - I did wonder what the council were getting out of it! Makes sense, particularly if both clubs have security of a long-term lease.
  11. North Caledonian League Expansion

    I don't think anyone's against multiple HFL tiers or a North of Scotland League (although that name's taken). As it stands, teams must have a licence to join the HFL. Levels below wouldn't necessarily need that. It's still a chicken-and-egg situation though.
  12. Junior football, what is the future?

    Holm Park is in Clydebank. Yoker is the part of Glasgow just over the council boundary. As far as I know, Yoker own the ground, but the council, Yoker and Clydebank seem to be investing a large amount of money to create a new community facility with artificial pitch. Yoker and Clydebank would share this. I presume Yoker would still own it, but the council would run it and Clydebank have a long-term lease or something.
  13. North Caledonian League Expansion

    Were they not trying to join the famously parochial Ayrshire AFA though?
  14. Heads Gone (The 8MileBU Awards)

    Just popped in to see if @Isabel Goudiewas getting a mention for what I hope develops into a full-blown tear-stained meltdown. The comparison of teams leaving the juniors to Nazi collaborators is a good start. Not disappointed.