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  1. Read the rules, mate. Nobody ever reads the rules.
  2. Go for it, Sarge. I've got him in my 15.
  3. I had to google 'stovies' in case I was making a faux pas - can stovies be made with beef? Needless to say, I was amazed, nay shocked, when I saw stovies could be made with... square sausage. Square sausage is fit for only one thing - sausage on a roll.
  4. A topside from Sainsbury's. The family like it slow-cooked while I prefer it left a bit pink in the middle. I always lose. Still, there's enough left over for stovies tomorrow.
  5. Fridge door! Feck, just as well you reminded me. Have to put the rest of the joint away now that it's cooled down a bit - wife would have murdered me if I'd forgotten. Cheers, Monkey.
  6. I don't see you directing your fellow Rangers fan, nacho, towards The Pit.
  7. I'm not referring to the legalities: we could argue all year about that, and have for the past 5 years. I'm referring to the morality of it all. 'We broke the rules, admitted to it and were fined, but we're keeping the proceeds.'
  8. Australia are a pretty physical team. Four yellows in the first half - I can see a sending-off and a backs-to-the-wall ending to this match.
  9. The bit where all the good stuff, including titles and trophies, belongs to the ethereal eternal club but the debts incurred in winning those trophies belong to the defunct company. Run that by me again. I never tire of hearing about it.
  10. Consider me suitably chastened. Could you explain it to me please?
  11. And Rangers will be no better off - King and the other lenders get their cash back and Rangers are debt-free for a few months. What then? He's just looking to re-coup his loans (with a bit added on to account for 'inflation') and then they're on their own.
  12. To be fair, Outlook puts your standard signature block in for you, irrespective of whether it's an all-staff security alert or an email to your mate asking him to cover for you in a conference call while you go for a shite.