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  1. There's probably no one on this board who remembers life before Brucie. Not even Granny.
  2. 3rd hit? Could have been higher.
  3. It's probably been asked a million times before but why Brechin CITY? FFS the spell-checker doesn't even like 'Brechin'. Were you a city at some point but let your university or cathedral burn down? Or did you just kill 200,000 of your inhabitants one night, after losing to your rightful overlords?
  4. He's be like a monkbee
  5. There was nothing 'legal' about the LNS decision. It was an in-house decision, purchased from a paid lackey.
  6. Life ain't the name of the game. Vice-captain and captain in the space of a week. Don't mess with me.
  7. I'm trying to work out where the closing quotes should go. I think after that last full-stop would be OK.
  8. EDITED in case I'm in contempt of court or something. But search for a picture of the accused.
  9. Ooyah. After 7 and still no link? Wasters. I wasn't ready for the big time anyway. This was a season for consolidation.
  10. An earth-shattering 7/10. 1 out of 2 on the Antipodean questions, both guesses. Also got the Rugby and female Prime Ministers wrong.
  11. If Nice go out (down 2-0) does that put Celtic into pot 3?
  12. What a cool jammy finish
  13. 9 out of 10 - and it would have been a Perfect 10 if it hadn't been for that pesky antipodean sports question.