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  1. They were out of bread but I found a lot of Celtic cakes hidden at the back of the shelf.
  2. What happens if, 50 years from now, one of us is famous (and dead, of course) but society has decided that picking on Rangers and their fans is morally unjustifiable? Will our reputations go down in flames?
  3. Aye, 'over 2' and 'under 3' would work.
  4. It's because then they can't do 'under 2'. What happens if it's exactly 2? This page explains it well.
  5. See what we're up against in the league???
  6. Solid save from Schmeichel.
  7. I expect us to go 4-0 up by half-time and then coast in comfortable 4-3 winners.
  8. I thought you meant Falkirk at first. I'll bet the traffic keeps moving in Canada though, even with 2 feet of snow. Or maybe no.
  9. Nightshift is great for a few months for all the reasons given above but I think there's been some research done that says it has an adverse effect on your health and possibly on your lifespan.
  10. What a horrible thought - probably 12 goals a season between the 40 of them.
  11. This is fantastic stuff. Imagine I've posted a picture of a u-boat beside a picture of a green citrus fruit = sublime.
  12. Betterer and betterer
  13. And he couldn't even complete it without some help. Now THAT sums up The Rangers'season.