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  1. Greenied Shandon Par for keeping this crucial thread on the front page of GN. Good work, sir.
  2. What's misplaced about the apostrophe? 'The Thinking Man's Trevor McDonald' looks OK to me.
  3. Have you checked with the guy buried under that headstone? Good chance he's got a stauner.
  4. I saw that yesterday and wondered whether he was worried for his health and so lost a couple of stone or whether he lost a couple of stone and so was worried for his health. Hope it's not the latter - I didn't pick him.
  5. grumswall, it's "as well" not "aswell". Two separate words. Our team may be shite but our grammar is spot on. ETA: replied to wrong grumswall post - but the point stands.
  6. This month's History Today has an article about Britain in the 19th Century and how it seemed to be in perpetual mourning for one royal or another. I don't think grief culture is new, it was just temporarily subverted by the stiff upper lip that saw us through two world wars - how do you find the time to mourn one royal tart when your own family has just lost 50% of its men in the trenches?
  7. Aye but not for another 400 years.
  8. Mmmm... pies. Fitbastats has Celtic's home crowds at 55,498 and Rangers' at 48,848 this season. As Booker-T says, whether they all turn up every second week is irrelevant, as long as they've paid for their tickets, season or otherwise.
  9. And it's put 5 asterisks in again when it only needs 4.
  10. I just had porridge.
  11. To be fair, he had some valid points. Pity he didn't share them with us.
  12. With that level of sophistry you could be working at Central Quay, Kinky. Anyway, I've never in my puff worn a roll-neck.
  13. Even the baubles won in the EBT (and earlier) years? Do you feel entirely comfortable with those? I'd understand if you wanted to wait until after the Supreme Court's decision before you answered. I'll admit that Rangers played some bonnie football in those years but have you ever played Football Manager with a sugar daddy in place? It's a bit of a bore and you never feel that you've truly earned your trophies.
  14. By a couple of years at most. It's the solipsistic view of history and I'm all for it. Out of interest, why are you (or Rangers fans in general) so keen to claim titles that were won years before you were born?