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  1. I fail to see any material discrepancy. We can all wait for the official transcript but, for now, if that's the best you've got... You ARE aware that there's a trial underway and is not all going against Craig Whyte, aren't you?
  2. OK, bennett. I give in. You're right. Only Doleman has been tweeting from the court room and he has an agenda. Andrew Black hasn't verified anything Doleman has posted and is diametrically opposed to everything he says. Happy now? If that's not the right answer, I've no idea what your challenge is. You're starting to talk in the same riddles as your mate, The Kincardine.
  3. You really are a fucking numpty. Earlier this afternoon, I posted that Doleman's tweets were in line with the BBC's Andrew Black's. You then try to pull things back to 'isn't Doleman a fanny' territory. I remind you that there's independent verification - and I'm the one that's mixed up????
  4. And you're incapable of seeking out corroboration, positive or negative, for yourself?
  5. You're a fool if you think it's over yet.
  6. I made you aware that a BBC reporter was also reporting live from the trial Have you forgotten already?
  7. Rangers seem to have dodged a bullet here Just as well they ended up in the tender loving care of Charles Green. Imagine if they'd been bought out of admin by Bill Ng. Doesn't bear thinking about.
  8. But Barton is banned from anything football-related so he'll never appear on... Ah, I see.
  9. Assuming you meant Ugo, he'll be a damned sight more articulate than BFDJ or Kris Boyd.
  10. Hands off our Tannadice. Things aren't that bad yet.
  11. Jonathan Demme is now as silent as the lambs.
  12. Oh, that hasn't gone away - it just looks we were right about Whyte not being the main culprit.
  13. Do you reckon your team will manage to do the same at the weekend?
  14. Sssshhh. Not on a Rangers thread...
  15. Benny 5 years behind the curve as usual. - check definition 1b.