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  1. Regularly watch with sound on telly down, my trusty ol' wireless up.
  2. Willie Miller, the voice of a nation. A nation that doesn't like the Grass. Richard Gordon also throwing him to the wolves: "Aird not doing anything special, just running in straight lines quite fast" f**k off Lee Wallace, we should burn your shirt after this and make you walk home.
  3. Lee fucking wallace
  4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news The Beebs all seeing eye is set to maximum live throbbing panic still. It's terrifying.
  5. We must soldier on in the Dunkirk spirit etc.
  6. It's balls, parliament was informed, told no specific threat, we'll step up security and keep going. Then Kez and Ruthy left the chamber, started tweeting it should be suspended and eventually they updated parliament again. The Presiding officer took over from the deputy and said the debate would not be continued as there were too many people distracted by on going incident in WM. Meek surrender to terror IMO and gross manipulation by Kez and Ruth.
  7. This is just like when Diana died and they initially decided not to and then cancelled the Scotland v Belarus match because the Queen and England totally misread the public mood and over compensated by declaring 20 years of national mourning.
  8. Could you see their skin colour?
  9. We should all stop working now apparently, no more debates, no more votes, cancel christmas and shoot your dog because of something happening 400 miles away, FFS, desperate pish.
  10. Now is not the time for more divisive misinformation about what's happening at WM.
  11. Seconded
  12. A perfectly reasonable and sensible position. However i would say that the thrust of yesterday and today is should we get the right to choose not which way.
  13. The issue is they can either stand right behind Tory fear mongering and form a united front. Or go full Gordon Brown and make their own passionate defense of a union that does not and cannot exist. They're fucked and I have zero sympathy.
  14. While Labour bang on about cuts and yet stand fully behind the conservatives, indeed with their leaders making pretty much the same speech, I have no issue with the SNP pointing this out. They drop all principle and get the band back together the second Indy gets mentioned.