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  1. What an utterly dreadful penalty that was. Unlucky keeper.
  2. Like those crass fuckers Celtic singing YNWA, shameless.
  3. Who ate all the straw? Who ate all the straw? Dave McPherson, donkey b*****d. He ate all the straw. Heard that at one of my first ever away days about 1991 on the terracing at Tynecastle. Still makes me laugh. Everywhere we go, Everywhere we go, Everywhere we go, It's the Aberdeen boys making all the noise, Everywhere we go. Is indescribably awful, utterly cringe-worthy and it must be stopped.
  4. I agree the minutia will be tedious but I've never seen an RBS logo in yellow and black before. Also the number of times I've seen folk implying RBS is some kind of fucking piggy bank for the Scottish royal family and is therefore a gauge of how an iScotland would perform fiscally, makes me cry in frustration.
  5. Dunno, I was thinking the same thing. It's a month from offence to hearing, which is mental.
  6. Mark McGhee issued with Notice of Complaint Tuesday, 21 February 2017 The Compliance Officer has issued the following Notice of Complaint: Alleged Party in Breach: Mark McGhee (Manager, Motherwell FC) Match: Aberdeen v Motherwell (SPFL Premiership) – Wednesday, 15 February 2017 Disciplinary Rule allegedly breached: Disciplinary Rule 203: In that at the above you did commit misconduct, and that: 1) on or around the 59th minute of the said match you used offensive, abusing and/or insulting language and gestures towards a match official, and/or: 2) on or around the 60th minute of the said match you adopted aggressive behaviour towards a match official That accordingly you committed misconduct and breached Disciplinary Rule 203 of the Scottish FA’s Disciplinary Rules. Principal hearing date: Thursday, 16 March 2017 Mr McGhee has until Tuesday, 28 February 2017 to respond to the compliant.
  7. Indeed tour Grace, it makes him exponentially more likely to be an abuser now he's an adult and thinks priests teaching kiddies to suck dick is fine, doesn't it?
  8. His death has a hutchence-esque auto-erotic asphyxiation vibe to it. A bit pissier, more slavic hookers wearing masks of world leaders and former presidents, but naked, seemingly self-strangled with some damp ladies hosiery is definitely how I'd do it. I mean how it will happen by accident.
  9. Sure I should qualify what I said, talking about when and in what circumstances is fine. Just not, just no, which is the pro-life message I hear loud and clear. That's fucking mental.
  10. Pretty much by definition, yes. Top tip, if you are going to advance the argument something isn't extremely stupid with me m'laddo, don't reach for the sky fairy. That is not supporting the death penalty, that is his reasons for not opposing it somewhere it is already in place. Saying " I understand society's need to express its outrage," is a great way of avoiding the issue. In no way shape or form is any form of punishment in a correctly functioning society, an expression of public outrage. Ask yourself what the purpose of any punishment is, what is it there to achieve? Think on this and how it relates to our little discussion on capital punishment and give me 500 words on this before first prayers tomorrow.
  11. Those simply bear densities of Fife Thanks I enjoyed that.
  12. Because you have to be extremely fucking stupid to be either pro-life or pro-capital punishment and being against forcing women to wear a kind of hat, isn't. Thanks for your useless thread, hope that's the end of it.
  13. You may ask why there is such a paucity of bears on here at the moment or over the last five years? And ask under what circumstances you find there is a spike in membership / posting. The 2016 Scottish Cup semi-final and final are good places to explain pie and bovril bear densities and demographics. (they fucking hate losing and pure cannae take it)
  14. They did let their club die though and I won't stop reminding them of that, so the all-in indy love-in can only go so far
  15. I think there are plenty of them that are pro-indy and outside of match threads and we want to be a bit more careful about turning them toward the more base attitudes of their fellow follow followers, by assuming they all go to the ludge.