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  1. Kenny, now is not the time.
  2. Emergency fridge distraction legislation incoming. Tough on old fridges, tough on the causes of old fridges. We must take action
  3. Tough crowd for him though. Not convinced the fine people of plymouth really buy into this family of nations schtick.
  4. One would have thought that if martial law were imposed and there were occupying troops on the streets it would be a bit late in the day for a vote on independence.
  5. Clocked that, a lovely GIRUY for the loonies.
  6. A thousand times no. I'd be very disappointed if the rumours that my club are supportive of this are true. f**k colt teams, a disaster for the game and I'd be completely in favour of mass civil disobedience to prevent this from happening. Or a letter to Stewart Milne.
  7. And by the end of the week when they're too hot, pissed and beaten they'll be reduced to throwing chairs. Sad.
  8. David Allen Green‏ @davidallengreen 3m3 minutes ago Formal confirmation UK has capitulated on day one, on UK's insistence on parallel talks on divorce and trade. EU gets way on sequencing. Well that's a great start. Total capitulation on day 1.
  9. Fucking hell, Shymkent is where the Man Who Would be King was set. But further away.
  10. It's called Jacamo for guys and SimplyBe(enormous if you want) for birds.
  11. Quite. We all have to think about this when retweeting fuckknuckles like JHB & Hopkunt or replying to the likes of GlenMinter or McSpreader. We're enabling. I saw a programme recently on the Met which mentioned the Croydon Cat Killer. They're really worried about this offender because the psychological profile suggests that once he's stopped getting his jolly's from killing cats he could well move on to doing the same to people. Just think about that, every time you reply to McSpreader or any one of the obvious trolls on here all you're doing is encouraging them to post yet more pish which will almost certainly lead to him fucking then killing cats (may be the other way around). And from there, who knows....... It's grim but you can't argue with this, it's science.
  12. Aye, nobody seems to give two fucks that "the best deal possible" is almost certainly still a disaster.
  13. For every 2 or 3 thousand folk or more who, as you say, agree and would see the thick racist mess for what he is, there will be 1 or 2 cheering from the sidelines. A focal point for fuckwittery, a white martyr for the cause. It's really not an appealing prospect.
  14. Obviously, better that this arse-piece was arrested and fair fucks to the Imam and crowd for not pulling him limb from limb. However. I'm not convinced a Brevik-style show trial is quite what the country needs right now.