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  1. The Official President Trump thread

    Same. She looks.... different and f**k me anything might be true over there.
  2. The Official President Trump thread

    Trump is using a Melania body double. Great story this. https://twitter.com/MarinaHyde/status/920941720568844288
  3. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

    Oh I see that Scott "Lazarus" Brown's ok. Surprising.
  4. General Politics Thread

    Every question May is asked by the SNP is answered the same way, and it's no different to when Angus was there *sniff* "well regardless of whatever you just said, independence would be much worse." I agree Ian isn't as strong but, the contempt which the speaker and the group of c***s opposite hold the SNP is astounding. If Bercow had kept order or the moon-howlers had stfu Blackfords question would have taken no time at all.
  5. MP or Assistant Referee?

    Tommy Shepherd minced Stirling's tory fud Stephen Kerr yesterday in committee too.
  6. MP or Assistant Referee?

    Does stick in the craw a bit when Alan Duncan was whining about Joanna Cherry going to Catalonia during the recess and Miles Briggs had a go at a 66 year old asthmatic female MSP for taking a £4 taxi. So right or wrong this is totally fair game for criticism and frankly he's a turbo-charged Hitler on stilts for not giving a single f**k what he's missing to do the line in the Champions League.
  7. Hibs vs Dons 14.10.17

  8. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    There will be a deal of some kind and regardless of how fucking terrible it is, it will be presented as a supreme victory for all concerned and anyone saying it's not super-fantastic will be burned at the stake. In other brexit news, official crime stats now officially confirm the meteoric rise in hate crimes in England and Wales following the vote. Well done Britain, I say.
  9. It had to end sometime - Celtic v Dundee 14th Oct

    Tbf the Dees were doing really well until someone shot their own fox by getting the words invincible and invisible confused. They just never recovered from that IMHO.
  10. It had to end sometime - Celtic v Dundee 14th Oct

    Cynical vote grab is it? Definitely not what's going on here, instead it's a valiant crusade against injustice led by literally the thickest homo-sapiens to hold elected office, James kelly MSP. https://twitter.com/Labour_Celts/status/919234057548034048 https://twitter.com/AidanKerrTweets/status/919203307331211266 Away with you, nobody is buying any of this.
  11. It had to end sometime - Celtic v Dundee 14th Oct

    It is poorly drafted but, you totally brought it on yourselves and the never ending inability for either arse cheeks to deal with or stop condoning/encouraging behaviour best left to the history books(at best) makes me kind of glad some of you are getting persecuted (although you're not really, are you?). Might make a nice change for you to actually be the victims* for once rather than just playing it. *This is of course not the case here, just to be clear.
  12. Hibs vs Dons 14.10.17

    Where are the m9s? This guy slowly detaching his cranium over a bit of time wasting and their weak midfield is tedious.
  13. Hibs vs Dons 14.10.17

    Tremendous, that is the answer at CB. Great day out and good performance, McLean and GMS answered a few critics and I fucking love Shay Logan. Dancer.
  14. Sandy Ferguson RIP

    And people say some celtic fans have no self awareness? Grief merchants, ooft.