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  1. We should flog our history like rangers (rip) did to gain some working capital in order to compete with Celtic. But for rather more than a fraction of a pound. Any 'Well fan want to start the bidding at £100,000 for #SecondPlaceTrophyGate PS I'm not still raging about this. Definitely not.
  2. Good gracious. This is exciting. Sent from my MotoG3 using Pie and Bovril mobile app
  3. MacLean has been poor, May hasn't had any sort of consistency yet and Shinnie would have to start shiting out goals and gold bars at a rate of 10 a game in order to get picked, and even then under Strachan....
  4. So, 2 'good' games against top flight opposition. Hardly consistent form. I'm not knocking him I hope he becomes a Scotland regular he just hasn't earned a place yet IMO
  5. Kenny MacLean has had a shite start to the season and I wouldn't have picked him but, clearly form has hee-haw to do with selection when McGinn, Hanley and Berra are in there.
  6. "Central defender Hanley, who has not played since April"
  7. I've never understood the embra drug culture thing but, this would explain if not excuse your behaviour last night. Just say no.
  8. Or that O'Halloran fellow we hear so much about. That may be the case and I might well agree with you but, this is a match thread and you're having a bit of a mare here.
  9. Worrying. Losing to Accies is the Famous way to 2nd place. Not getting pumped though.
  10. Mon the jambos.
  11. Looking forward to seeing what happens now tbf. Some salutary lessons in what happens if you court the lunatic fringe to get power then make a complete arse of it, hopefully en route. One imagines a few of the billy-bobs who dress up like action man are planning to have the tangocunt gralloched and tied to the bonnet of their pick up truck by sunrise.
  12. The cynic in me would fear somekind of BritNationalist 'event' would precede any storm out. Some 'all in this together, Dunkirk spirit, them and us' rallying cry/totem sorta thing. Either staged or exploited.
  13. Not heard Johnny Cope in the morning or the Black Bear in the evening IMO
  14. Aye, well done Celtic. No giruy's to be found here this season. Aff.
  15. Tbf it took at least a month or two after #GoadingDay for Hibees to become too self-important and tedious. A significant streamlining of that process seems to have been achieved this week.