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  1. Baws.
  2. Pedro, sevco, waggy, garner. *Fraser Fyvie Gif*
  3. McGregor megs minter
  4. Should have been 4, sevco going full Caley Thistle here
  5. Battle fever IMO
  6. Logan is miles ahead of Lustig at right back and I'd rate Lewis ahead of Gordon but it's difficult to tell since Lewis isn't allowed to flykick people.
  7. It's your home strip, disgusting.
  8. Ahmbuzinlike
  9. County. This Boyce fellow seems worth throwing them a 10k bone
  10. 4nil down, down to 10 men, away from home, against your local rivals, getting relegated and there's still 20 minutes to go. Fair play to the ICT fans hanging about here. Also bye.
  11. That is moonbeams done alright.
  12. Those are boxes m8
  13. Economy officially fucked