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  1. Caption competition

    Wee cameo from the above-pictured Small Minority® at 1:24 in here. No great revelation to discover they're jakey bigots:
  2. Caption competition

    Rita, Sue and Boab Malcolm too.
  3. Kilmarnock v THEM

    Sensed as soon as Murty was announced that we'd win. Banter Years etiquette demands immediate failure whenever the Sevco board makes any major decision.
  4. Aberdeen vs Hibs

    "Gary Mackay-Steven walks on water." Absolutely unplayable today.
  5. Hibs v **** 13/12.17

    Absolutely Hibs'd that half there. Get them pumped and goaded after the break, please, Hibs.
  6. County v Killie

    Yep, agreed. Boyd trips the defender as he is falling as well - Dallas could easily have blown for that. Good to see the Lanarkshire simpleton in bits as usual. Definitely the type of no-righty who wanders about town centres with a Lidl bag starting uninvited conversations with strangers at bus stops.
  7. KFC Vs Quinoa Thistle

    Sort yourselves out, Thistle, FFS. My favourite away day, so send Hamilton down or something.
  8. Are we dating the Banter Years strictly to the start of liquidation? Just wanted to make the case for the first game after admin was announced, since watching them all walk away at 1-0 down in the immediate wake of Super Ally telling everyone that they don't do walking away was pretty fucking funny.
  9. Paul Larkin frantically digging out clips of dodgy Rangers penalties from the late '90s to justify another Establishmenty-as-f**k evening for the Invincibles. Minter.
  10. ^^ Scrambling for meh-levance.
  11. Aw God aye. Used his status as elder statesman to throw his hands up in the air every time he was caught in possession (which was often, being in his late 70s) and glance imperiously at the referee as if to say, "Mr Weir will have his free kick now." Worked every time. Only reason the auld dick managed to prolong his career as long as he did.