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  1. Controversially, St Collum will always have a wee place in my heart for that Stokes booking. He was fucking dire yesterday though.
  2. Get the feeling Celtic have about another three gears they could shift up if they could be arsed, though. Pish game.
  3. Tremendous run and cross from Boyle.
  4. Jeezo. That's Establishment as f**k.
  5. Aye, but we lie down to Rangers all the time, do we not?
  6. Grim viewing for the neutral, no doubt. Not really sure what Garner offers other than his unparalleled ability to whine at the ref and generally be a nob. Point apiece a fair result all told.
  7. Aye, and folk travelling from Livorno to support Juve, Karlsruhe to see Bayern, or Valladolid to follow Real Madrid are fannies as well. HTH.
  8. Aye, it would be bizarre if he wasn't a boring, attention-seeking Bun. But he is, so it isn't.
  9. Currently working on Brand Street, just down from Ibrox. Can confirm that I saw about six auld yins wandering by in Rangers scarves about ten minutes before kick-off. Otherwise, staunch Cessnock not giving much of a f**k.
  10. Had never seen that Fantasy Football clip before - a good sport as well. RIP.
  11. 'Er Chick cheered up a bit now
  12. Chick absolutely, positively seething announcing that goal on Sportsound.
  13. Killie up 1-0 and comfortable with eight minutes to play: Aberdeen win. Aberdeen absolutely batter Hamilton for most of the game: Accies win. f**k off, Aberdeen.