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  1. Killie up 1-0 and comfortable with eight minutes to play: Aberdeen win. Aberdeen absolutely batter Hamilton for most of the game: Accies win. f**k off, Aberdeen.
  2. That was fucking class. Really surprised by how much of a stroll it was, bar a spell early in the second half.
  3. That's the kind of zealousness, passion and obsession that this fixture has become (in)famous for.
  4. Butcher: "Boo hoo Joe Garner boo hoo hoo, boo hoo Garner Garner boo hoo boo hoo Joe Garner."
  5. Get it up, you bigoted shambles.
  6. Fire, you say? Just you wait...
  7. Grrr, these TRS blasts from the past are just making me so mad right now! As a result, I have decided to attend this fixture and despite Old Bill's no doubt fruitless attempts at locking Perth down am going to wreck aw yer pubs.
  8. Sadly true. A club of bumping b*****ds, from their jakey fans all the way to their glib and shameless boardroom. "Dignity."
  9. Quite incredible that that attempt at a save was even shiter than the penalty.
  10. Did you not catch them?
  11. Always fun pointing out that you've seen their horrid mobs in the flesh more times than they have.
  12. Woodman could have responded more quickly when it became horrifyingly apparent Addison was at vindaloo-and-12-pints-of-Guinness levels of rancid brain fart, but he would never have been in the position of having to react more quickly if Addison had done the right thing and launched the ball into the Annanhill Golf Course.
  13. I am going to be up front about how positively seething I am at the manner of that defeat. In a right huff.
  14. Aye, pretty sure there was a Bun shop in the Irvine Rivergate too. Ayr is full of them too, though.
  15. That Rangers TV footage, ooft. "Tav." "Waggy." "Aw naw." We pumped Falkirk the following day to stay up and I often watch the highlights from both games as a wee double-header: just a vintage weekend of football.