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  1. Maybe he'll start a Twitter account called P&B Meltdowns like he did with Kickback when he got slagged out of that.
  2. Have a print of this by Hiroshi Yoshida in my room. Check that water effect out. Also like Nikolai Kopeikin, a contemporary St Petersburg artist who does a lot of satirical stuff about modern Russia.
  3. Not strictly 'memorabilia', but if utterly pointless tat qualifies, then I offer official Zenit St Petersburg club salt that my mate brought me back. "Dinner without salt is like football without Zenit," it says. Saving it for when I go out in a blaze of fritter rolls. .
  4. Didn't realise Dundee Barry had done time.
  5. That was absolutely howling. Eye-gougingly howling. A bunch of dumplings shanking the ball out the park or playing telescopic direct balls straight to the opposition centre halves, all marshalled brainlessly by Steven McLean.
  6. 28. Went on holiday with a Rangers-supporting mate shortly afterwards and spent much of the trip relaying to him my brother's text updates on which of the players had most recently walked away. Was fucking class.
  7. Cripes! Maybe something about relegation and admin, like his team? That would surely be me telt.
  8. Thought we might be decent for a point, *guffaw*. Reckon I'll be over it quicker than Ross is over Saturday at least. Stay strong, mate.
  9. This thread Head detached, flicked up in the air, and volleyed clear across the Firth of Tay.
  10. Copious amounts of "Am I bothered?" off the Dees here. A sure sign of being completely livid. Good stuff.
  11. Getting easily beat 2-0, aye? Hartley's juggernaut roles on. Dicker effortlessly MOTM today, did absolutely everything right and bossed that midfield. Looks like we finally have the spine of a squad that knows what it's meant to be doing.
  12. This thread: No-one deserves to win this now.