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  1. Stay doon.
  2. Oh, Dees.
  3. Yep, unlux.
  4. 3-2 Killie now. Good grief.
  5. That looks like they've been taken hostage.
  6. Boris legging it. I guess posh folk are used to other people cleaning up after them.
  7. You won't be laughing when you feel the full effects of Cartneyism.
  8. With Jane Cartney of Weston-super-Mare's twin talents for speaking on behalf of the Citizens of Scotland, and ending "this" here, does the British political scene have a new behemoth on its hands?
  9. Have spoken to Andy_K_97 a few times after games, as he's a friend of a friend, but doubt he knows I post on here. Spoken briefly to Squirrelhumper, and was in the same year at school as CLANCY2KTID. Seen QLP plenty of times, rockin' his ancient Killie top. I think I've had a pint with Virtual Insanity before, as if it's the guy I'm thinking of we have a mutual pal who also supports Thistle and is now living in Russia. A good chap, in my recollection.
  10. Our signing policy over the last 24 hours seems to be a covert way of smuggling as many Englishmen as possible out of the country before it falls under the 1,000-year reign of Michael Gove's lizard lords. Righteous among the Home Nations.
  11. Yaaas.
  12. Just not the direction, which from 12 yards out, from a dead ball, with no-one but the keeper ahead of him, is a little bit shite. Thought Austria could have been a bit more courageous on the break towards the end. A lot of work to do in the final game.
  13. 'Bundesliga' isn't really a brand in the way the Premiership is: it just translates as 'Federal League', both Germany and Austria being federal republics.
  14. Just for clarification: I thought it was funny as f**k when Rangers died and would laugh just as heartily if Sevco went the same way. Everyone I go to games with feels the same. As you were.
  15. СПРÐВЕДЛИВОСТЬ. Couldn't beat an utterly honking Russia side. England's renaissance continues.