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  1. Motherwell v Celtic

    Great point. Well done, 'Well
  2. Aberdeen V Kilmarnock

    There is no doubt the guy is a consummate fanny on the pitch, but as I was saying to a Dons-supporting mate last night, he's the kind of player his own fans will love, since being a niggling, whinging arsepiece does actually serve a useful function. We've been missing some of these darker arts in recent seasons, but we can't claim that the current Killie squad is short of WUMs willing to get in referees' faces, draw fouls, and noise up away fans these days, and we're a more robust side for it in my opinion. Still hope Power puts him about 8ft in the air next time we play, mind you.
  3. Aberdeen V Kilmarnock

    Well, that was a gutter. A howling game from two sides largely cancelling each other out. For some reason Aberdeen seem to stop us getting into a rhythm more effectively than any other team in the league at the moment, and they did well in isolating Jones for the majority of the game. Overall, a pretty brutal spectacle over the two matches, and a tie that probably deserved to be settled by penalties. Congratulations, Dons.
  4. Aberdeen V Kilmarnock

    Same. It's where all the cool kids sit.
  5. That was pretty funny tbh.
  6. Killie v Ross County

    Kind of agree with both of these - looks very comfortable on the ball and can pick a pass, but still seems slightly in reserves mode. Think there's potentially an excellent player in there.
  7. Dundee v St.Johnstone

    Dees out-seethed by their manager. Sawers will be chuffed.
  8. Killie v St Johnstone

    Absolutely. I remember moaning during our bogging start to the season that Boyd was done and that both Erwin and Brophy were firmly in the "he'll no dae" category. Turns out Steve Clarke knows much more about football than me.
  9. Killie v St Johnstone

    We're fucking class. It's wild.
  10. Killie vs Hibs

    No you hang up!
  11. Killie vs Hibs

    At least it's not "Killie", [email protected] Stanton?
  12. Killie vs Hibs

    Hibees doing a great job of putting this thread to bed by quoting every reply and adding two paragraphs of seethe.