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  1. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    Aye, the debt write-off was very timely, but I guess we can only wonder now whether someone with equal financial nous could have negotiated the same without alienating three-quarters of the town with a petty, bloody-minded insistence on being an arsehole. Glad he's not been seen anywhere near RP since he stood down.
  2. Wow. There really aren't any words to describe what a shameless and disgraceful institution Rangers in all their guises truly are.
  3. Brendan Rodgers v Steve Clarke

    I love it when Celtic fans indignantly demand we be as calamitously shite as they are in Europe when they play against a side with many times their budget.
  4. Brendan Rodgers v Steve Clarke

    Celtic to a rest a couple of players with one eye on the final. Killie to park 11 deck chairs in the six-yard box, get half-cut on pitchers of San Miguel, and all get tattoos. Waaaay!
  5. THEM v Kilmarnock

    Meh. Horrific game, won by the team who could be slightly more arsed. We've had an unbelievable season, so can't fault the players if they're slightly on autopilot now.
  6. https://twitter.com/iainangy/status/990659205895016448
  7. Celtic slap Rangers about and they just scuttle off and blame each other. It takes the Hibs to properly make the Orcs blow their top nowadays. Respect.
  8. This. A pathetic begging letter for more dosh.
  9. Imagine ten years ago waking to the news that Rangers were about to effectively sack their two most senior players, or would be if they hadn't been locked out their own training ground by some wee boys. All this on the back of a spectacular public meltdown while getting effortlessly rag-dolled by their greatest rivals in a Scottish Cup semi. Then you'd be calling it a calamity, a crisis, a crossroads in the club's history. Nowadays we just call it Tuesday. Lol.
  10. Steaming meltdown from our resident Kek-worshipping, basement-dwelling edgelord. What a fanny.
  11. Seething, diddy, relegation-fodder drowning in his own edginess. Excellent. Bye-e-e-e-e-e.
  12. Does he like a pint, aye? Good lad.