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  1. What a pair of fannies Warbs and MJC are. What a winner.
  2. Ridden. Our goal but.
  3. Is this still the Journey? Kind of feels like the Journey. Lol.
  4. All going well, I should be merrily palinka'd at a Hungarian wedding on Friday and be completely oblivious to this, but with a fitting spirit of optimism I'll go with 2-1 Killie: Lee Clark's rag-tag bunch of weans and duds to come good like at the end of The Mighty Ducks.
  5. Actually thought we were unfortunate to go into the break 1-0 down. Second half we were rank pish - the usual misplaced long balls battered out the park and our midfield running into each other. After three seasons of utter mince, at least we had the weather and a beezer of a Thai curry from that wee place on Tulloch Street to take the edge off. Rough with the smooth: cheers, Dingwall.
  6. Sounds like we rode our luck today, but regardless, get it round ye, Brogan.
  7. Scotty seems to be doing the forum equivalent of pointing and laughing and looking about himself for others to join in - this isn't forthcoming as no-one's got any idea what he's gibbering about. "Minter."
  8. Missing this as I'm working on Saturday - will listen on the radio with what I expect will be mounting horror, as I'm ever the pessimist and having seen the Morton and Albion games, we don't look anywhere near a team yet. Hope to be wrong, as ever. We can't get pumped 4-0 at home on the opening day two years on the trot, can we?
  9. That was absolute pish. Didn't see anything wrong with the Albion goal - thought goalkeeper and defender collided.
  10. Stay doon.
  11. Oh, Dees.
  12. Yep, unlux.
  13. 3-2 Killie now. Good grief.
  14. That looks like they've been taken hostage.