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  1. Livi v Brechin

    Your footage is getting better dude! Good to see good angles of all 3 goals as well. Hoping to make it down Tuesday night for last home game of the regular season.
  2. Livi v Brechin

    Hello 2nd place!
  3. Just having a thought about Knox there. Checked and he's yet again on the bench for East Fife. He surely can't be as good as everyone thinks he is. Anyone know if he's still featuring during the week for the development squad?
  4. Livi v Brechin

    Nah Mackin will be unavailable for this game.
  5. Anyone picking up a wage every week for being a footballer should have a footballing brain! McKenna showed flashes of good stuff but lacked the confidence I think. I'm sure he knocked in a couple of goals for us too. Boyd did absolutely feck all for us. Not even an incisive pass for a goal. All he did was give the ball away or "do a Rubio" and fluff the ball so far into St Maggie's car park. I'm maybe being a bit harsh on Ross Brown but he was clearly back to fitness before his move to Airdrie and obviously didn't show enough to make a claim for the first team. Thomson was a funny one. Someone id liked to have seen more of but was clearly way too similar to Keags and Robinson and didn't get into the team because of that. His attitude if he did feck off in a huff says more about him than us. Like Penrice, he didn't get straight into the team but Penrice obviously showed Hoppy in training. Thomson was obviously more interested in extending his deal with Celtic.
  6. Except for David Luongo, Thomas Orr, Lewis Allan in recent times I can't really think of any more. Ross Brown also?
  7. Also confirmed that Steven "utterly useless" Boyd has returned to Hamilton.
  8. Give us a link perhaps?
  9. Pars v Livi

    You thought I was being serious about us 🤣. Agreed though. Hopefully this is our last game against the Pars this season.
  10. Pars v Livi

    St Mirren fans are aware that they are coming straight back down next season yeah? Livi will finish 11th. Yet again pumping Dundee United to stay up.
  11. I reckon it's probably a scenario of ensuring we can change up our midfield if we end up in the playoffs which lets face it is surely likely by now! I'd still like to see us getting in at least a young CB just to ensure if we get any further suspensions during that time that we are covered. Lithgow has been playing pretty dirty the last few he's featured in, perhaps however it was a case for Halkett and Lithgow to get bookings to be suspended against Dumbarton?
  12. Dumbarton v Livi

    I'm actually gonna agree with you on trying McMillan at CB. He does look comfy in defence and does have the height certainly but also has a bit of pace. Would like to see him more for the rest of the season maybe starting ahead of De Vita or Mullin. Just to see what he can properly do on the wings.
  13. Bizarre that we are signing yet another midfielder? Is he a wide midfielder though? As except De Vita we don't have a decent right midfielder as Mullin is pure gash just now. Would have thought we would have got another CB on loan for the rest of the season.
  14. Dumbarton v Livi

    I agree that Miller and Hardie are the first choices. I'm basing my idea of a squad based dokey on the fact we are missing 2 of our main CB's and placing a wingback at CB does not fill me with much joy so id rather revert to 4 at the back. But we dominate games in the midfield with 5 playing so stuck with 5 rather than a 4 and 2 up top.
  15. Dumbarton v Livi

    If it were me, id be playing a 4-5-1 so id go for Alexander McMillan Gallagher Buchanan Longridge De Vita Jacobs Byrne Pittman Cadden Hardie If we utilise that I reckon we could score then revert to 442 later in the game with Miller on for De Vita as Hoppy loves a De Vita sub.