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  1. It's quite incredible isn't it. As a supporter you want your team to play at the very highest level possible, and realistically we are effectively there yet some are still finding things to complain about. Survival in the this division is about as far as we can go and what an achievement it would be if we could somehow manage that. What some may not realise is that if we stayed in league 1, then we'd have had to make major cuts and would have likely been fighting against relegation to league 2. Anyone that was at the AGM would know just how testing last year was financially and the extra revenue from the larger gates this season will go a long way to securing the future of the club for years to come. At the risk of repeating myself on here, we are going into the season with a part time side on an average league 1 budget. This is stark contrast to some of our opposition...just look at some of the season ticket sales for the clubs in the Championship, it's over 20 times as much as ours and that's no exaggeration. Yes we've had some disappointing results and performances of late. Failing to beat Forfar and Stirling isn't ideal preparation for the Championship but as others have said this cup has turned into a glorified pre-season tournament. Let's enjoy the ride whilst it lasts.
  2. That was desperately poor tonight, all over the park. It looked as if we had just cobbled 11 guys together last minute. There was no communication, poor passing, no creativity. Don't like to single out players but Isaac had a mare. I didn't realise how much of a lack of positional sense he has off the ball during his first spell. With the ball, he works hard to try and make things happen but needs to learn when to release the ball and to have a bit more composure when shooting. A few glorious chances came his way tonight and he wasn't close with any of them. It's affecting Jacko as he's constantly having to tell Isaac what to do and he's clearly getting frustrated by his inability to pass the ball at the right time. But like I said all over the park we were 2nd best tonight against the supposed weakest team in the group. Hoping for a much improved performance against Falkirk on Saturday.
  3. Dene Shields, you for real? He was plagued with injury whilst with us but when fit he was a class apart. I'd have taken him in a heartbeat for this season now he's back in Edinburgh.
  4. Brechin look to be going into the season with the following: GOALKEEPERS Graeme Smith Patrick O'Neill Scott Costello DEFENDERS Chris O'Neil Paul McLean Aron Lynas Elliot Ford Ryan McGeever Sean Crighton Willie Dyer MIDFIELDERS Gary Fusco James Dale Euan Spark Liam Watt Ally Love Finn Graham Jordan Sinclair Kalvin Orsi FORWARDS Andy Jackson Isaac Layne
  5. We really need to sort our defending from set pieces, it's horrendous. Once we get a settled back line and McGeever and Crighton develop an understanding with each other then this will hopefully improve. Superb strike from Ally Love.
  6. Fair assessment. I too was a bit disappointed with the result but also a bit surprised at the way the team was set up. At home to Forfar I felt we should have been a little more attacking and played with winger but I understand that we will have to play with 5 at the back for most of next season and Dods is perhaps trying to drill this formation into the new recruits before the league campaign starts. Isaac was frustrating at times and off the ball positionally he was poor, often had to be told by his team mates and particularly Jackson where he should be. This will hopefully improve as time goes on. He showed why we've signed him though - most would have expected him to lay the ball off for the goal but instead struck an excellent shot into the corner. It's good that he's off the mark already as I think he is very much a confidence player. As you say, McGeever and Watt still to come back. Both of whom will add a lot to the team.
  7. Still on holiday.
  8. Set pieces was our downfall, two goals came from corners and the other was a free kick straight from the training ground. Other than that we did ok but we were up against a strong side who will be competing at the top end of the Championship. Not to mention we were missing 6 players, 4 or 5 of which probably would have started the game. Crichton of course only signed yesterday and probably only met his team mates for the first time before the game. Their number 15 Mulraney had an excellent game and gave our defence a torrid time. For us, although we didn't have an awful lot of forays going forward, I thought Kalvin Orsi looked bright and had some good touches. We'll get a better indication of what level we're at on Tuesday against Forfar with a number of players to return from suspension.
  9. According to Livi website we've signed Sean Crichton. Surprising one that, was mighty impressed with him for Livi last season. Excellent signing in my book.
  10. Not sure if Brechin's has been posted.
  11. Spot on - worst case scenario this season is that we get relegated however we will be on a sound financial footing. All going well, we should wipe out most of our debt next season.
  12. It's McGeever, O'Neill, Dale and Finn who are suspended which is even worse! We've got cover in defence but the absence of Dale and Finn leaves a big hole to fill in the middle of the park, especially with Watt out injured.
  13. Cregg very neat and tidy on the ball, would definitely sign him up even if he isn't really the type of central midfielder we are needing. Would allow the likes of Finn to play further up the park.
  14. I find it bizarre Dougie Hill turned down the offer to stay at Brechin and he's still not signed up anywhere with just days until the start of the competitive season. Is he likely to be offered a contract at Dumbarton?
  15. If what I'm informed is correct, the number 8 is experienced and has played much of his career in the premier league. He's been out of Scotland for a few years now so not sure what he's like now but certainly the calibre of player we need to be bringing in if we are to have any chance of staying up.