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  1. Spot on. It's the same folk every week that moan and they've not got a brain cell between them so best ignored. Every other supporter knows the script, as you say other than the Inverness game we've been competitive and truth be told should probably have a couple of wins on the board already.
  2. How many Pars fans would you expect to travel up, around 1000 or is that optimistic?
  3. Still gutted after that yesterday. That was the perfect opportunity to get off the mark against our fellow part timers. As has been said by both sets of fans, if we kept 11 men on the park we probably would have held on for the win. The introduction of Nadé did change things though.
  4. Sending off changed the game. Looked fine up until that point. It was a typical full blooded challenge from Lynas and I have to say I was fearing the worst when the ref ran over.
  5. £15 for the Glebe. Don't want to get into a big price debate but £20 is scandalous for Dumbarton it really is. Your crowds must be dwindling charging that, surely?
  6. I think Graeme Smith will be bitterly disappointed with that Falkirk goal - definitely an error on his part. Likewise Isaac should have buried his chance in stoppage time. Could have easily been 3 points but over the course of the 90 minutes I think a draw was just about fair. Hugely encouraged by some of the performances so far - that's 3 matches now where we've more than matched our opposition and could have easily won a couple of them. With the budget much the same last season our expectation was to simply be competitive in this league and see where it takes us - we are doing exactly that. Big game next week which even at this early stage could have a huge bearing on the season ahead.
  7. Gutted to lose that one. As most have said we were definitely worthy of a point. Everyone played their part but for me Crighton, Lynas, Graham and Orsi were excellent. Hopefully we continue with 4 at the back. Gives us much more balance.
  8. Excellent post and the for the most part summarises my thoughts on the game. We were far too pedestrian. There was just no urgency going forward, every time we were on the ball we were taking far too long to pick a pass. Kalvin Orsi probably the only exception to this when he came on - tried to make things happen with his direct style of play. Not going to start picking out individuals but there are number of players who are simply not performing to the standards they are capable of or just don't look good enough. We know we are going to be outclassed and outmuscled at times in the Championship, that is understandable. However losing to teams 2 or 3 leagues below us in the cups is worrying. With all due respect to Buckie who are a decent outfit, this tie gave us a good opportunity to get a win under our belts and continue the momentum from the second half against Livi. Can only hope the players can lift themselves for a very tough game at Tannadice on Saturday.
  9. Brechin v Livi

    Well I certainly didn't see that coming at half time. It was the same old story first half where we more or less matched Livi but gave away two sloppy goals. We started defending deeper and deeper as the half went on, certainly no fault of Dods as you could hear him screaming from the touchlines for them to push up. He must have finally got the message through to the players at half time as second half we were a different team and started having a real go at Livi. Two excellent finishes from Orsi and Graham with good work from Jacko to set both of them up. We looked the most likely to get a winner but Livi had the better of the last 5-10 minutes as we started to look a bit nervy. Delighted to get off the mark with our first point in the Championship, if we are to avoid being cast adrift then we need to be getting results from fixtures like these and making home advantage count. Looking forward to Tannadice next week, one of the few grounds I've yet to tick off my list.
  10. Brechin v Livi

    It's a broken wrist which would normally take about 6 weeks to heal so I was imagine he won't be far away. Saturday might be a bit soon with Dundee United away the following week perhaps more realistic. Missing him badly so hope it's as soon as possible.
  11. El Alagui? Doubt we could afford his wages.
  12. QOS v Brechin City

    Just watched the highlights, some our defending there is atrocious. Absolutely nobody picking Lyle up for the opener and 3rd and 4th goals come from inexcusable mistakes. This is learning curve for the vast majority of our players who haven't played at the level and hopefully things will improve. On a positive note our goal was very well worked. A really neat passing move, we know we are capable of that.
  13. QOS v Brechin City

    If we have a 'punt' this season and still end up going down (highly likely with only one other part time side in the division) then we'd be in real financial trouble.
  14. QOS v Brechin City

    A lot of supporters really don't seem to grasp just how important it is to balance the books this year. It would be great to be able to throw the extra revenue on a few more players to strengthen the squad but it's a big gamble. If we did that and still got relegated, we'd have to make major cuts next season which could easily result in plummeting down to league 2. We have to ensure that if (or when) we are relegated, that we are in a strong financial position to go again for promotion.
  15. Height wise we are absolutely fine at the back. Pabs, Fusco, Crighton and McGeever are all over 6 foot - so we shouldn't be losing so many goals from crosses and set pieces. Hopefully they work on this and things can be tightened up as mistakes and cheap goals are killing us, you get punished for them at this level. I agree with lack of height in midfield and attack though. I've been saying for weeks that we need a target man upfront, but whether there is room within the budget to do this remains to be seen. I'd be tempted to give Jordan Sinclair a chance in central midfield, he's looked ok coming off the bench. I'm a big fan of Graham and Dale but they will get overrun and outmuscled by a lot of sides in this league.