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  1. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    My first close season on P&B was full of threads titled the first line of a song, with every post following on from it. I think I prefer the total meltdown threads over stewed fruit and employee grassing.
  2. Things you want to share with P&B

    I woke up at 3am Monday having been punched in the eye. 6 year old sound asleep next to me, didn't even flinch when I woke up going "ah, f**k!". Proper weird.
  3. Do you like anyone?

    Someone declares you the "new clique" and you're official. Anyone can do it, but an xbl declaration is like the pope officiating your wedding.
  4. Do you like anyone?

    I'm cranking up the Ebony and Ivory on Spotify right now.
  5. Do you like anyone?

    Nae bother, sweetcheeks
  6. Do you like anyone?

    f**k me. You actually got something right.
  7. Do you like anyone?

    No. The end. Now stop it.
  8. Pregnancy And Parenting

    Kiva Can Do on Nick Jr. Reckons anything I can do she can do it as well. Pop down the off licence and get us a couple of cans, hen. See how you get on.
  9. Do you like a finger in the bum?

    This is the bit you'd have to ask them about.
  10. Do you like a finger in the bum?

    You'd have to ask my exes to be honest.
  11. Do you like the English?

    Well. This is nice.
  12. Reasons to be Cheerful

    I'll stay on me own
  13. Infuriating Things Your Partner Does

    I don't know why anyone would prefer the risk of going short to ending up with too much*. My old dad used to say "I'd rather be looking at it than for it". *As if there's ever "too much". Oh, ha ha ha.
  14. Infuriating Things Your Partner Does

    That answers that then. There's no way I could be Mrs Ranter. One bloody bag of chips, really.