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  1. Elgin Vs Clyde

    Oh my days we scored a goal
  2. Hogmanay

    Booked a ticket to Vodka Rev in Edinburgh as that's where my mates are going, then find out later I'm working in Dundee until 10pm on Hogmany and start at 2.30pm on New Years Day. Quality
  3. Team Themes 2017

    Don't forget about us diddies pls
  4. Football Manager 2018

    What an absolute baller Coulibaly is for me
  5. The Apprentice 2017

    Never forget
  6. Euro 2020 pairings

    Going by this, if we do by some miracle reach Euro 2020 we'll be drawn in the same group as England Typical that if we get to this tournament we won't even leave the UK
  7. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Never really been that big a movie guy, so trying to up my game a bit and get through more from now on. Decided to start taking a note of films when I watch them, starting with what I can remember seeing for the first time in 2017 Here's the list if anyone's interested:
  8. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    The Room Best hour and forty minutes of my life. Outstanding film
  9. The Grand Tour

    Just watched the latest advert there, interesting to see the Clarkson and May are going for the Frank McAvennie Only an Excuse look
  10. The Grand Tour

    They've got rid of 'The American' and Celebrity Brain Crash this season which is decent. Replacing Brain Crash with celebrities trying to drive around in half a car which sounds like it could just be another pointless bit though
  11. CSGO

  12. Your Favourite XI

    Romauld Bouadji Romauld Bouadji Romauld Bouadji Romauld Bouadji Romauld Bouadji Romauld Bouadji Romauld Bouadji Pat Scullion Romauld Bouadji Romauld Bouadji David Goodwillie
  13. FIFA 18

    Got an Mbappe in one of those Two player packs you get for completing weekly challenges. 140,000 coins to me