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  1. The Grand Tour

    They've got rid of 'The American' and Celebrity Brain Crash this season which is decent. Replacing Brain Crash with celebrities trying to drive around in half a car which sounds like it could just be another pointless bit though
  2. CSGO

  3. Your Favourite XI

    Romauld Bouadji Romauld Bouadji Romauld Bouadji Romauld Bouadji Romauld Bouadji Romauld Bouadji Romauld Bouadji Pat Scullion Romauld Bouadji Romauld Bouadji David Goodwillie
  4. FIFA 18

    Got an Mbappe in one of those Two player packs you get for completing weekly challenges. 140,000 coins to me
  5. FIFA Rage Page

    Lost a game of UT 4-2 after hitting the post and bar a total of 6 times in the second half. Fuming
  6. CSGO

    Still a group of us that play it. I'm unbelievably bad at it though
  7. General nonsense gaming edition.

    http://store.steampowered.com/bundle/5025/ICEY__Steam_Link_Bundle/ 98% off a Steam Link if you buy ICEY. No idea if the games any good, but thought it was a pretty decent deal
  8. The Tennents Lager Appreciation Society

    Also, any pub that once sold Tennents but then stopped should be instantly shut down imo. No place for that type of behaviour
  9. The Tennents Lager Appreciation Society

    Everything that isn't Tennents is 100% shite.
  10. Call of Duty: WWII

    Played the PC beta for this and it was just exactly like Battlefield. Didn't really enjoy it tbh
  11. Montrose v Clyde.

    Was Breslins a straight red? He got booked in the first half so thought it was a second yellow
  12. Pro Ev 2018

    Would this work on PC or only ps4?
  13. Peep Show

    Love the bit with Super Hans in that clip
  14. Pro Ev 2018

    Bought this for the sole reason it was £25 on CDKeys. Not played a PES for years, but thought the demo was decent so looking forward to giving the full version a try later
  15. Clyde v Edinburgh

    Looking forward to this one. After last week, these next 2 home games are the perfect chance to get a good run going and properly start the season. Duffie should come in at RB, he played for the u20's last night so hopefully he's match fit. Other than that I'd probably keep the line up the same, with maybe putting Lamont out left instead of Wright