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  1. He's definitely not a good footballer. Or a passable footballer for that matter. However, if you do sign him, I fully expect him to be MOTM in our remaining fixtures against you, and utterly shite in all the others.
  2. Fair enough, I suppose you Always Come Back To Your Love.
  3. Gotta Tell You I don't think that's true.
  4. N'Koyi twice in 5 mins.First created by Fraser, second a header from a Keatings cross.
  5. What was the keeper moaning about?
  6. Sadly our media will paint this as an error by Rangers to let them go, rather than highlighting that two guys who were shite up here are strolling a supposedly equal/superior league.
  7. That should upset a few people on here.
  8. Until I read 7-2's post, I had hope that Div had been playing about with the word filter again...
  9. FTFY
  10. Is this not open to all SPFL teams?
  11. Always carnage when Sean Batty and Christopher Blanchett hang out together.
  12. Pretty sure someone suggested she looked like this And then it all kicked off. Or KKKicked off, if you will.
  13. Maybe if we update the title of this thread for the new season, Chick Young will f**k off? He obviously still thinks it's 2014/15 and he hasn't retired yet.
  14. BobWilliamson hasn't been spotted since it was 1-1...
  15. Wrong wrestler