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  1. The amount of aimless thumping by Aberdeen is awful. It's embarrassing how bad they are in a game that you'd think will give them second if they win it.
  2. Not seen the first half. Is Aberdeen's game play give the ball to Rangers, let them play and if they score look sad?
  3. What a truly shit goal to concede.
  4. Snooker

    What the f**k is this pish about the trophy about? Get the players out and get the final session underway. This is the kind of pish UEFA come out with before they hold a draw and everyone wonders why they didn't turn up 20 minutes in so to miss it.
  5. Snooker

    I like Higgins, solid and goes for his shots and is happy to have a joke unlike some dour bores. Would prefer Williams to win however because his desire to win is balanced out with his couldn't give a f**k attitude. How a snooker player should be as it makes him worth watching. Plus he has Darren Morgan, who's a total p***k, in a right state of seethe without doing much.
  6. Snooker

    Should have been level at the end of the third session but Williams keeps throwing in a terrible miss when he looks likely to win frames. Hawkins is going to make me dislike him even more by winning and making me dread him beating Higgins in the final and the BBC proclaiming him as one of the best players ever at the Crucible when he would be in the same league as Ebdon and Dott. Would prefer Hawkins v Wilson as at least I wouldn't give a shit who won. I'm working tonight and tomorrow and so will have to suffer the utter shit Britain's Got Talent and other pish on ITV.
  7. Snooker

    Williams steals frame 20 in one visit with a break of 62.
  8. Snooker

    John Virgo's overuse of the word "perfect" is deeply annoying. Williams one behind at 10-9, just can't get in front. Not winning enough frames in one visit is his undoing.
  9. Snooker

    Aye. You can only pot multiple reds at a time. Anything else in any combination is a foul.
  10. Snooker

    Higgins' experience will tell against Wilson. Wilson's win over Allen is impressive until it's remembered that Allen is a bottler who often folds in such circumstances as today (I feel his Masters win will be a false dawn in his overall average career). Hawkins v Williams I think will be much closer but hopefully Williams will come through. Hawkins really pisses me off. He has the game for the Crucible, hence his very good record, but whereas Higgins and Williams will go for the percentage shots, Hawkins likes to run for cover and play it safe. Plus he crapped himself in the two finals he played in. Would love to see a Higgins v Williams final with Williams winning.
  11. Pish Adverts

    f**k knows why this exists?
  12. Snooker

    O'Sullivan was poor v Maguire with Maguire's complete lack of bottle being the reason why he got thru. However, whereas Maguire will go all out attack and lose, Carter will grind out frames, running for cover when he inevitably loses position. It's why Ebdon gets wet whenever Carter plays and was in his corner when he lost the final(s). Should also never be forgotten that Carter has the shittest nickname is all sport - "The Captain". If ever there was a reason to despise a player and never need another reason. Trump will be thrown in as well as a favourite. Williams is in very good form and deserves to get a mention, tho he can easily have one dreadful session ending 7-1 down.
  13. Snooker

    Neither of them like the other. Carter is an absolute dick and Ronnie can be too, especially when he's playing badly and losing. Would be most amusing if the match was abandoned in a final frame decider due to the two kicking the shit out of each other whilst Dennis Taylor prattles on about the pressure at the Crucible.
  14. Snooker

    That football top guy was in the news crying about the ban saying he was going to turn up wearing one anyway and they wouldn't turn away a proper fan. Not surprising he has bottled his decision, probably be wearing a Coventry FC jockstrap thinking he's a rebel in the later stages. Is Carter still getting advice from Ebdon? I remember that in the news when he reached the 2012 final. Ronnie is playing utter shit at the moment, 7-3 down.
  15. Snooker

    Of the ex-players who have recently started commentating Ebdon is annoying me a lot. If a player goes in-off Ebdon claims he is desperately unlucky whilst every half-decent pot is brilliant. No wonder Ebdon played on when requiring 42 snookers and took 3 weeks to compile a break of 5.