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  1. Snooker

    Trump fails in a major tournament again.,should have a far better record in the major tournaments than he has.
  2. Aberdeen v St Mirren Scottish Cup Round 4

    Fucking hell. GMS with the 4th.
  3. Aberdeen v St Mirren Scottish Cup Round 4

    The goalkeeping for Aberdeen's third is abysmal. Stelios will be highlighted for his atrocious header but no idea what Samson was thinking either.
  4. Fraserburgh FC vs The Rangers - The Twee Cup Tie

    Sky will show it and will still get the sell-out.
  5. Aberdeen v St Mirren Scottish Cup Round 4

    St Mirren look like they have a threat going forward but really poor in defence.
  6. Issues with the App

    Same issues with the app on android. Uninstalled, reinstalled, broken.
  7. Snooker

    He's been threatening for over a month. At one point he was possibly going to go into the jungle and miss tournaments, now he might film his TV show. Everyone has heard about it before and it doesn't raise much of an eyebrow now. I love watching him play but all the talk of not playing is a bore.
  8. Hunted

    They were captured within 3 minutes of the start of the episode sitting in the back of the car. The daft old lady's plan was incredibly stupid. You shouldn't go on long journeys on public transport, but if determined buy tickets for multiple journeys and take your pick. Don't get on a bus and hope they haven't twigged you might be on it.
  9. Snooker

    I don't have access to Eurosport but Foulds is good on ITV and Quest (a crap free channel that for some reason shows afternoon sessions of some of the tournaments that are also on Eurosport). Been a good match tonight, McGill is enjoyable to watch.
  10. Snooker

    The first four frames of O'Sullivan's match were incredible, made it look so damn easy. Personally, I can't stand either Murphy or Carter. Both are so dull to watch. Looking forward to McGill v Higgins. Taylor claiming the frame is safe when only one snooker is required really annoys me, every player will play on and is capable of getting one snooker, and having Virgo back screaming "where's the cue ball going?!!!!!" is infuriating. The UK Championships with Davis and Hendry doing the commentary was brilliant, god knows why the BBC stick them in the studio and give us Taylor and Virgo. We still have the horrors of Thorne returning for the World Championships in April/May.
  11. Premier League 2017-2018

    If it means he doesn't get the Scotland job. tho it looks like O'Neil will get it., then good. Plus Stoke would be relegated which would be pleasing.
  12. SAS Who Dares Wins

    Harvey who walked back to camp during the mountain task having got lost.
  13. Premier League 2017-2018

    Loved that from Robertson.
  14. Thought GMS was anonymous aside from when he tried to get into the game and failed by giving the ball away. Also, I'm another who wasn't impressed by Stewart and was surprised when Christie didn't get MotM. Wasn't a great game with little tempo for most of it but that wasn't helped by Thistle who came for a 0-0, did next to nothing, and whose keeper started time-wasting in the 40th minute (which the ref stood, watched and did nothing about the whole game). Only effort of theirs I can remember is Sammon's pass back effort in the first half.