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  1. Typical Ayr fan to miss out the kissing
  2. Nope ...we're back and ready to breeze past the sons on Saturday To what tune is that sang too?
  3. No offence meant but 12 is a very precise number I just assumed you'd googled it i agree that Celtic are too slow to condemn the GB's behaviour , if that type of behaviour had happened at my club I'd hope that our board would ban the perpetrators for ever . But my club doesn't have the religious ties that the OF boards have to navigate there way around. The clubs want the " ultra " type fans as they bring enthusiasm and colour to the game but they don't know how to police these groups , or are reluctant to do so.
  4. I'm guessing you already know the answer
  5. That's Johnston in a nutshell , clatter him early and he will disappear . Bags of talent though .
  6. We're just trying to correct the misconception of a Clyde fan who rather bitterly asserted that we weren't premiership standard. Quite clearly we are there on merit Our record speaks for itself and the jealousy displayed by fans whose teams have never played in the premiership is amusing All the digging and choking is being done by those people , try not to fall into that category and enjoy your deserved victory
  7. Yet we've been in the premiership for nearly 25 years......sssh don't tell the other teams that have never ever played in the SPFL or its predecessor;)
  8. ^^^ irony bypass
  9. Ayr fans turn up very very occasionally
  10. Not really , it's in the middle of the Glasgow Fair and as we all know nearly all Killie fans are HWTBF so we're all on holiday That might explain the utterly miserable 172 Clyde fans that bothered to turn up too
  11. Possibly related to the arseholes from Ayr that did it at Paisley
  12. DONT I repeat DONT take that bet you'll only lose money We only have one fat striker who will be blowing it out his arse after 60 mins. If you can defend hoofballs you'll do OK
  13. Kenny Dalgliesh >> Brendon for tedium
  14. When you're the oldest professional club in Scotland you can get away with things like that The less mature clubs have to find a different way