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  1. Double vision’s a b*****d
  2. Hibs vs Killie

    Statement from Kilmarnock Football Club ( allegedly) We have been made aware that a certain new club from around the Govan shityards have been making demands about ticket allocations at Easter Raod and the unfairness of it all . We Kilmarnock FC , as the oldest professional football club , demand a concomitant amount of tickets with our station in life . We have won 5 trophies to their none so we deserve 5 X theyre allocation or if you like we are 20 X older than them so an appropriate adjustment must be made or a boycott will ensue We also demand that Hibernian football club not only ensure the safety of our fans but pay for there travel and accommodation expenses via a paypal account whose details are already nowen to Hamilton Academy FC . We also demand comfy cushions ,slippers and yon wee plastic ponchos for every fan should it rain as long as their are not green ! We await a respectful reply ( spellchecker 1690 used )
  3. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    Willie Millers punditry is indeed the stuff of legends ...if you play for Aberdeen Ive had the pleasure of tepid tea dripping out my nose whilst laughing so much after his “captain courageous scores for Aberdeen “ comment on open all mikes in the middle of drinking said cup of tea leave the old duffer alone as one as has been proven , after he retired he wasn’t much good at anything else
  4. The Juggernaut v The Dons

    That’s our worst under SSC be grateful dons fans
  5. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    Sorry I forgot about the intellectual behemoth that is Alex yup he’s definitely going to sevco
  6. The Graeme Murty's Rangers 2017/8 Thread

    Hummell you say ? Here’s a Hummel figure walking away
  7. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    With all our “star “ players resigning it must be a kick in the teeth for the OF orientated media SSC is going nowhere
  8. He’s been wading through the shite that is Sevco for a few years now
  9. That ad is surely only aimed at the Arabs , szamos ammo will be furious
  10. The Juggernaut v The Dons

    I suspect we will nick this 2v1 as Aberdeen have nothing to play for as they’ve got 4th spot sewn up already
  11. I think Sky should withold any payment to sevco for this ,,,,absolute shambles of a club
  12. Sevco doing an Aberdeen ....not turning up .....glorious
  13. The jealousy from our cannon fodder is truly sumptuous
  14. I see we have another non believer who reads the OF media and believes their banal journalism Fancy a wager Scotty ?
  15. Motherwell v Aberdeen Scottish Cup Semi Final

    On a brighter note for the Aberdeen fans deke will probably be on his way to sevco now ....he’s done all he can with this team it’s time to turn another team into a bunch of shitters