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  1. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    Happyaccie is a narcissist in a hooped strip
  2. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    I can see HRH Steve having many “ local titles” bestowed upon him tbh The freedom of Bellfield being a belter and much sought after for example
  3. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    Well that’s the midfield sorted ,I fully expect Lord Steve of Shortlees to sign somebody like Sturridge on loan in January
  4. Stucking stuff...

    Orecks are the choice of the USA hotel industry and the wife upright and light so Romeos wife doesn’t do her back in
  5. Sunday Fitba - Kilmarnock v Aberdeen

    I just hope the Aberdeen boys haven’t read the Killie poet laureates comments Imagine opinions being controversial
  6. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    But on the other hand they make lovely silk scarves
  7. Stucking stuff...

    The term is metrosexual I believe
  8. Dundee v Kilmarnock

    How did you know my surname was fucko ? It s an old Lithuanian name , my forename is Abject
  9. Facts you made up

    Kezia Dugdale secretly has a crush on Ant McParland and that’s the reason she’s appearing on that pishy programme , can’t keep it in her pants that one
  10. Cheerio Charlie Manson

    Misunderstood psychopath IMO
  11. Dundee v Kilmarnock

    Only when Dundee come ...and he’s still raging
  12. Dundee v Kilmarnock

    ^^^^ still raging 48 hours later SPFL attendance figures 2016/17 kilmarnock F.C. 83.182 for 16 matches - average 5199 thank you
  13. Dundee v Kilmarnock

    Agreed , but IMO that’s SC’s tactics sit in for 60/70 minutes and defend solidly then hit on the break and has been in the last few away games , which tbf has resulted in 5 out of 9 points . Perhaps , and don’t take this the wrong way , he overestimated Dundee’s prowess and ranked them with the likes of Sevco, Cellic and Hearts hence the similar tactics or more likely he’s trying (and succeeding ) to make us difficult to beat away from home ?
  14. The Gers vs The Accies - Nov 18th

    You Hamilton Accies lot are b*****ds .....you’ve made our draw look ordinary
  15. Dundee v Kilmarnock

    ^^^ still raging