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  1. CLYDE FC Season 2017-18 Thread

    Whit!? There's been one game. One. Where he's demonstrated all of those abilities with any like a consistency or reliability. And that was last year, against Stranraer in the cup. His jumps are timed well half the time; half the time they aren't. That's to say, he's not good in the air. He's timid compared to every other defender we have, Breslin aside. And his distribution is unremarkable. You've got to be kidding me...
  2. Clyde v Stenhousemuir

    Aye, damages.
  3. Clyde v Stenhousemuir

    Whispers of Gormley to Pollok, by the way.
  4. Clyde v Stenhousemuir

    Shouldn't even enter anyone's mind. If I took a job as a manager, inherited a bad bunch, most of who I wasn't familiar with, had barely any time at all to replace players and was told after a couple of months - and before the window was even halfway done - that my jacket was on a shaky peg, I'd quit. And even more readily if I were someone with the level of success and experience that Danny Lennon and Allan Moore have behind them. We're lucky to have them. Of course, nobody's beyond criticism, and, as at Elgin, the managers picked a woefully bad team today. And the predictability of the defeat - in manner and by what margin - just from looking at the team-line alone makes it doubly irritating. Witness my post above. A midfield full of barrow-pushers, who, when they could get the ball, treated it like a hot tattie: moving it only in a general 'away from me' direction. A defence which, with the exception of our best player by some distance, Callum Home, contributed little and weighed-us-down immensely. It must now be accepted that any attempt to play a back-four is fantastically stupid to the extent that it more-or-less guarantees the loss of two goals or more. Anyone, management included, wondering why McNiff or any other defender isn't as they were, need look no further: they do better in the 3 or 5; if masks myriad weaknesses. You cannot arrange that pool of players to do the job of defending well but for in a 3 or 5. Draws do me fine; aiming for more is far too risky just now. Far too risky. And that point, I predict, will continue to be vindicated over and over again. If you accept the premise of a back four - which I never will with that lot - you'd then have to say that the absence of Cuddihy, poor though he is, made us worse. That is, to the extent that we relied so heavily on Nicoll, Duffie and Lang to take command and create. Cuddihy's much better on the ball than those three. You'd also have to say that Aaron Millar might as well have been in a Stenny jersey. And you'd have to be absolutely baffled at the logic behind where Ramsay and Love were deployed. Two guys you want in wide areas or exploiting space between midfield and the forwards, right? Yet, you have one coming inside and the other drifting about doing nothing in particular. Frankly, even if Millar could hold the ball up well, where would we be making space to play in? We'd no natural width whatever until Lowdon's brief stint as a substitute in the second half. Having Duffie hold-the-fort on the right and beat a man or deliver a ball is simply beyond him. Look at his build, by Christ; he turns like a double decker and does nought to sixty in tomorrow. He needs the game in front of him, and a lot of security behind if he's to venture much beyond halfway. Goodwillie's obviously scunnered; I'd be encouraging him to turn and run at every opportunity, skin players if he could; his colleagues are only a hindrance. All the substitutions were made too late in the day. Painfully, the substitution that - barely - helped was forced on us by fact of Stewart's injury. What is pleasing, and I say this out of a mean and vindictive spirit and nothing else, is that as the season has progressed, it's become clear to everyone that Callum Home is a perfectly decent, versatile defender and this level, despite being written off by the more sophisticated Clyde supporters following our doing at Ayr last year. Moreover, that nobody now will want McNiff kept on in any capacity next season; a reality I've willed-on for such a long time. And a word for Stenny, now. Good solid boays, the lot. Big team, well organised. Particularly at the back. Predictable performance from them. Good threat from wide on the left. Much better in possession than us generally. I don't know if organised ourselves around Stenny's size as a team - because we did put a big team out today ourselves - but, as in the last point I made, their superiority in possession and of organisation gave them a comfortable, patient win. The spine needs reinforcement: a centre-half, centre-mid and centre-forward. Seems like we've been saying that for ten years. Still true. Hopefully, as he suggested in his OS comments, Lennon will get a few more heads in before the window closes.
  5. Clyde v Stenhousemuir

    Interesting picks. Cuddihy, Lamont and Lowdon on the bench. Middle of the park will be on the stiff side. Millar up-top's an interesting one; reliable knock-downs and hold-up play would really, really help Goodwillie but Stenny's defence has tended to be a solid, organised one. And Millar's very inexperienced. Perhaps the adrenalin and incentives associated with a debut will counteract that. I'm going to guess it's four at the back; meaning he's taking more risk than I would. Prognosis: not a complete snore-fest, but no clean sheet and a hard one for us to get a point from. If it's a 3-5-2 we might grind something out.
  6. Clyde v Stenhousemuir

    I'd go 3-5-2. No bothered about the Goalie. Home, Lang and McNiff as the three. Stewart and Duffie on the flanks. Nicoll, Cuddihy and Lamont through the middle. Goodwillie and take-your-pick up front. Still ain't a good line, but it strikes me as the one least likely to lose.
  7. CLYDE FC Season 2017-18 Thread

    The rumour-starter has bad form, having linked Paul Slane and John Rankin with us in the last six months. It'd surprise - and delight - me if we got someone like Jacobs. I doubt he'll be with Livingston that much longer, given how much game-time he's getting. But aye: it's quite a drop for a player in his late twenties and who's still full-time. We'll see. Ian Black's playing for Tranent, sure...
  8. CLYDE FC Season 2017-18 Thread

    There's a ring of plausibility to that rumour. His contract isn't up for a few months but there are, as I understand it, provisions in there for his release or, alternatively, another year if he wanted it. Additionally, he's not had a lot of game-time with Livingston this season and, more than that, hasn't had the consistency of game-time he enjoyed earlier in his career for a few years solid now; injuries and a move abroad factor in to that. Add in to all that he'd be exactly the sort of midfielder we need and you've got a very plausible rumour. I still think we'd need a more heavy-weight counterbalance alongside him though; he and Cuddihy would be a soft-touch combo. What you'd get with Jacobs is someone that can score from range, run beyond the strikers, play out of trouble, keep the ball, pick a pass. All the elements of guile that've been missing from our central midfield and which, in part, account for the recent drought of goals. Then again, we're talking about a pedigreed centre-midfielder, who's only what? Late twenties. And is, at the moment, a full-time player. If we got him, the residual value of his full-time fitness would be massively helpful for us in seeing-out the season strongly.
  9. Elgin Vs Clyde

    Mah Junior boays were solid picks m8. You'd bite a bare hook, W!
  10. Elgin Vs Clyde

    Tranent. I was roundly mocked for mentioning his name in the same post as Clyde about four months ago. By the same people who had "some sympathy" for Chapman. Aye, well. You snooze, you loose. Garcia Tena. Farid El Alagui. Ian Black. Whole host of other lads who could be recovered from the Juniors and would improve-on what we've got. Of course, it's more important that people's 'P&B Face' remains strong, than that they might admit their error.
  11. CLYDE FC Season 2017-18 Thread

    Love it when football does morality. Always a spectacle.
  12. Elgin Vs Clyde

    Lennon's put out some bad teams and made some bad in-game decisions over the last two fixtures. However, I'd postpone despair until our January haul is completed; I understand it isn't. The most we can do - I'll just keep saying it - is pack-out our half with the 5/3-5-2. Keep the clean sheet. Hope we nick one. Fundamentally, it is players we need to change things. If I thought I could put a team out that'd win games, I'd be raging with the stagnancy since Lennon's arrival.
  13. Lennon's getting as much as can reliably can be gotten out of the squad as it is. If I've not got it in me to whinge, I'm stunned that anyone else has. It'd be a foolishly bold manager that took a defender out to add an attacker to that team; short spells are as much as we can manage.
  14. Because no manager could do much, if any better, with that squad.
  15. Stunning to read supporters complaining. We've just made yet more ground on the teams below us, and some above. You really can't approach things any better than we currently are, given the squad. It'll take the window to turn it round. Anyone wanting to try something more adventurous would be as well as asking Chapman back.