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  1. CLYDE FC Season 2017-18 Thread

    Agreed, disgusting. [Other words].
  2. CLYDE FC Season 2017-18 Thread

    One player's performance will be more important than any, as ever, of course. DGW.
  3. CLYDE FC Season 2017-18 Thread

    Nicoll's been very important against Berwick this season, actually. As they've occasionally put up a right scrap in midfield. Need to trust Lennon's judgement there, but I'd be thinking about benching him. We need all the dynamism we can muster if we want a rout. Being as it's Broadwood, with the big-pitch and our plastic surface, and given their heavy legs, I'd almost certainly bench Nicoll. As with last week, you want Cuddihy, Lamont, McStay, Boyle, Grant and Goodie on the park. McStay's style is a little cramped by Nicoll, too. Lennon should be setting McStay up to boss it on Saturday.
  4. CLYDE FC Season 2017-18 Thread

    Agreed. Not sure we could've played the recent Cowden or Peterhead games any differently mind. It's Stirling at Forthbank (2-1) and Peterhead midweek (2-1) that we'll most rue if things don't go our way on Saturday, I expect. We could've handled those differently. Then again, without the injuries that we incurred through those games, we probably wouldn't be playing with the comparably solid back-four we now are; that'd have lost us points elsewhere. Luxury complaints though. Been a cracking comeback.
  5. CLYDE FC Season 2017-18 Thread

    That Berwick would take something from Stenny tonight was predictable. There's every reason for Stirling and Stenny to reach an, ahem, agreeable scoreline on Saturday. Both will fancy playing each other again before they play us. Encouragement? Stirling are a wounded animal, playing at home, on a surface that favours the way they play. Stenny's legs will be the heavier and their squad is threadbare. Discouragement? Stirling will only be concerned not to take a hiding; the stronger incentive to win is with Stenny. At Broadwood, Berwick's legs ought to be the heavier. If we play like it's a cup final? I actually do think we could dish out a hiding. Bit of anticipation but, eh? No' bad for where we were around in early winter time.
  6. Think we're all agreed on the excellence of Lee Currie here.
  7. Stenhousemuir vs Montrose

    Heartening to read Stenny supporters toying with the idea of bringing-in Nicki Paterson for a dig-out. Of course, I don't mean that jaggedly. I fancied that if Stenny kept their best XI fit they'd have a play-off spot in the bank already. Absolute nightmare to end-up with a Tuesday-Saturday run to finish up. Particularly with such a thin squad among which there isn't a lot of dynamism to call on now. The stakes of the next two matches should be a shot of adrenalin, mind. If it's me, I'd be planning some kind of rotation across both games. Either in-game at half-time, or straightforward rests on the Tuesday for some. Legs obviously count for a lot at this end of the season.
  8. Edinburgh City v Clyde

    Good luck suing the Russians, Hillary.
  9. Edinburgh City v Clyde

    Ach, pulled our punches again I think. Having said that... Something to play for on the final day of the season? Absolutely magic. Bumper crowd at Broadwood. And could we rattle Berwick at home? Oh, aye. Particularly with them having played midweek. Love it. This has been a great season, outcome irrespective. Huge kudos goes to Danny, Allan and the lads for the way it's been turned-around.
  10. Edinburgh City v Clyde

    We could romp this if we flung Cuddihy on; maybe even a second forward for the last half-hour. Got to be an emphasis on goals. Without throwing caution to the wind completely, of course.
  11. Edinburgh City v Clyde

    Not giving ourselves the best chance picking the team we have. That's disappointing. Mind, if they go out fired up enough, maybe there'll still be a big goal haul. Cuddihy on for the second half.