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  1. Not been involved with the first team, I don't think he even gets a start with the development squad either. What position does he play?
  2. Yeah, we rarely develop players, we usually lose them just as they start showing potential, so it's a nice change giving players like Strapp the opportunity to go out on loan to get first team football, there's no doubt it'll make him a better player. Both he and another boy that's with us Scott Tiffoney were down training with Swansea just at pre season there.
  3. Don't play him as a target man, play the ball to his feet and you will see how good a player he is. Very good finisher.
  4. Aye, fair play. As others have said we were probably the better team at 0-0, but you guys controlled the game when Todorov scored. Halkett (sp?) looks a good defender. For us, I'd probably only give McManus pass marks, first time seeing him in his natural position and he was pretty decent. Doyle, Forbes and Harkins were brutal, the latter just kills any sort of urgency we've got, overly casual on the ball and misplaced so many passes. All the best in the next round, cuntos.
  5. Quite looking forward to this. Cracking night for a game of football. 2-0 home win. McHugh and Forbes.
  6. 'Super Stelios' at that fourth goal Criminal defending at every goal. Quitongo's work for McHugh's goal is outstanding, no defender will catch him when he's at full speed. Pleasing.
  7. Same team as yesterday barring any injuries. Gaston; Doyle, O'Ware, Lamie, Russell; Forbes, Tidser, Murdoch, Thomson; Quitongo, McHugh 1-3. O'Ware, McHugh and Tidser (pen). Baird for Caley.
  8. As others have said, I'd say that's not Quitongo at his best as well, he's only played a handful of games after coming back from a injury that kept him out for most of last season. You can see him getting his confidence back now, the goals will come. He must be a absolute nightmare to be up against. I thought Mark Russell looked like he was getting his confidence back as well, he really needs to stop shitting out of headers though. Michael Tidser though, what a fucking majestic guy. Absolutely tremendous performance, and once again shows that on his day he is one of the best midfielders in the league.
  9. How good was Thomas O'Ware btw, first bit of football he's played this season, and was a absolute tank at the back.
  10. Absolute drivel. We've been the better team by quite a bit so far, could and probably should've been 3 up before Smith scored. That defence have been shit scared every a time Quitongo runs at them.
  11. Quitongo will play, and I highly doubt O'Ware will start, he's not played any games this season. Gaston Doyle McManus Lamie Russell Forbes Tidser Murdoch Thomson Quitongo McHugh Thomson, Jai and McHugh will probably play as a front 3 that Duffy's persisting with.
  12. There is parking for fans just across from the Main Entrance, I think it costs £3. I usually just park on any surrounding street at the stadium, if you're there early enough you'll get parked no bother. Pub wise, if you head 5 minutes along the road towards the town centre, just by Morrison's there is a street, Cathcart Street, that's got about 5 different pubs on it, including a Wetherspoons. The Old Bank is probably the pick of the bunch for me, I think they usually have football on as well.
  13. Kirkintilloch, mate. Yeah, the head of antisocial for East Dunbartonshire Council was out last week, he said he would be out to him downstairs, and was writing a letter to the landlord by the end of last week. I'm yet to hear anything back yet, but hopefully it gets sorted. It puzzles me how anyone can live like that, knowing their giving others grief. Two people have already moved out of the close due to been frightened by him.
  14. Yeah we do, everything is noted electronically and on paper. My pup probably would, but would rather save the embarrassment.