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  1. Quite nervous about this one, a really tricky game. Doyle coming back for us would be a huge boost, even though Kilday was very good there on Saturday I'd prefer him in the middle with Tam. 2-1. O'Ware (Forbes assist, naturally), Shankland to finally find the net again. Moffat for Dunfermline.
  2. I agree. Doesn't miss a header whatsoever.
  3. Each to their own I suppose. I thought Lindsay especially was great, absolutely everywhere breaking up play.
  4. How fucking good is Jamie Lindsay btw? Him and John McGinn are definitely the best midfielders in the league. Delighted for Kudus, cracking header from the big man.
  5. 12 goals, and 19 assists I'm sure it is. Incredible return.
  6. We missed Lindsay's energy in the middle of the park today, United had a lot of space to play in the middle of the park in the second half which wouldn't have happened if he was fit.
  7. We've already beat United, m8. Granted we were poor today, but it's a sign of a good team playing poor but still taking the 3 points.
  8. Kudus Oyenuga is the man you're looking for. Someone on our forum has posted that you guys are interested in our young left back Mark Russell, so it could be him that's being scouted.
  9. That's my little guy now nearly 5 weeks old, coming along great and now weighs a big 11.4 and a half lbs. Here's a photo of him today meeting the big man! Absolute gem of a wee boy!
  10. And another cracking little smile this morning!
  11. My wee guy smiling away this morning!
  12. Thank you mate.
  13. Thank you!
  14. My little guy born today at 13:38, weighing 9.3lbs. Absolutely fascinated with him!