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  1. Gutted for the big man, We'll cope with Griff for this game. Rangers fans biggest, and only, cheer of the game on Sunday was when Moussa got replaced.
  2. Not overly bothered about the booking, as having Halliday in their squad is more a benefit to us than them. Was it a red or yellow? Well, If the ball rolls out and Collum doesn't wave play on advantage, and Roberts stays on the deck, he's got to pull out a red.
  3. A Clint Hill hat-trick perhaps?
  4. Pray for the housewives of Sevco Scotland Ltd.
  5. Rangers fans fuming that the bullfighter shook hands & embraced the Celtic manager at the end of the game yesterday. What a bunch of utter trumpets. [emoji38]
  6. Has the bullfighter picked his team yet?
  7. Can't really blame the bullfighter. He's obviously been asked by the board to emulate the style of play the old deceased club had.
  8. Brilliant. The 'bullying tactics' certainly helped Halliday and Beerman, amongst others, avoid reds for attempting to systematically chop Roberts at the knees.
  9. Useless.
  10. Hope you saved yirsel 90mins and took the weans back out again.
  11. 1.8 million British pounds.
  12. I wonder if Triggers Broom FC would've been any better had Rodgers revealed his squad earlier?
  13. Just as well Celtic put all that pressure on the officials all week.
  14. I was just about to break it up, and give them a good old rollicking, but the filthy zombies subsequently ate the remains. Disgusting scum.