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  1. Is there an echo in here? [emoji1][emoji106]
  2. Shames me to say it, but I'd have gladly taken a 1-1 before kick off, given the defensive situation.
  3. And as a talented footballer, before i decide on joining an English league 1 or 2 plodder, I'd seriously consider signing for an Aberdeen side who are challenging, winning domestic cups and experiencing european football.
  4. No explanation needed. I would argue they're not exclusive.
  5. Dons_1988 admitting that EL and CL football improves finances, players are up against first class opposition and can prove as a carrot for prospective players signatures. the same breath, states that he'd rather focus on improving the game domestically than worrying about our impact on the continent?? News flash!.. If Aberdeen, Hearts, Hibs or Celtic were progressing to the later stages, then we'd all, as clubs, be a more exciting prospect for a player as opposed to an English based league 1 or 2 cannon fodder club, no? Herewith improving our domestic game?? Anyway, onwards and upwards. Astana....yes I agree with previous posters, we could've stuck Lustig and O'Connell as CB's with Janko and Tierney as full backs tonight. That was my preference, in an attempt to avoid further Effing calamity in defence.
  6. Because it happened 5 years ago, and he was target tested for a following 2 years afterwards, case closed. You really are clutching at straws here. Go annoy some other poster with your drivel.
  7. It was more the fact that recently online Liverpool, Man City and Arsenal fans have highly praised his efforts for their clubs. A fans favourite, who always puts in a shift and is consistent in his approach to games, a model professional if you will. The whole drugs thing was to suit your trolling agenda, in an attempt to label and ridicule, as we've all seen on numerous occasions from you.
  8. Whether some aberdonian no mark thinks Kolo Touré is a model pro, or not, is hardly an issue for me. However, when you twist my words to advocate drug cheating and satisfy your own sad trolling agenda, I'll take point with that.
  9. Another Walter Mitty type post. No, he claimed my 'fawning and whataboutery' was my personal endorsement of drug cheating.
  10. Careful now. Our Standy will take that as a personal endorsement of drug cheating in his Walter Mitty world of fantasy.
  11. Of course not you whelp. An independent regulatory commission were satisfied Toure didn't intend to enhance sporting performance. He admitted the offence, served an appropriate period of suspension 6 months and was back playing football. I'm sure he'll consider ingredients of water tables next time he looks to control his weight.
  12. 'Fawning', 'whataboutery'... you live in a fantasy world. [emoji23]
  13. Who said that?
  14. [emoji23] He took his wife's water tablets, he's hardly Lance Armstrong.