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  1. You've said it now. @hellbhoy I'm sure you can come up with a deserving charity, Celtic FC Foundation perhaps?
  2. I'm guessing this varies depending upon what substance the wearer is smoking.
  3. Love a nice Welsh rarebit.
  4. ^^^ wears a quilted dressing gown.
  5. If I really wanted, I could call it a lounge jacket, or slob coat, and it wouldn't make much of a difference to me.
  6. You could also call it a 'smoking jacket' even if you've never had a cig in your life. It's the wonderful English language.
  7. Men who wear 'dressing gowns' are OFTW. Shame on you. Bath robe or house coat are perfectly acceptable.
  8. There is a simple solution to the jeans zipper dilemma. Wear boxers ya manky freaks!
  9. Anyone who wears hiking boots with office attire.
  10. He doesn't look well. I remember seeing him in the club shop doing his book signing a few years back, and he was in fine form. Just sad to see him struggle through this, great man and a proper legend of the game.
  11. I must've missed this. Why the fuk did they have a gazebo up on the pitch? I assume it was some sort of ibrox bingo/meat raffle night?
  12. Tbf I get that all the time.
  13. The less said about them the better, we'll be accused of obsessing.
  14. Celtic - A team like everyone else. Just doesn't have the same appeal to it.