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  1. Outclassed last night, no complaints. In regards to Scott Brown, he was perhaps the only player last night looking to bring others in, and linking our midfield with the forwards, dropping back and picking it out of defence, and setting it off, avoiding the obvious hoofball tactics that can easily be deployed in those circumstances. I'm not too disheartened about the state of our game, after last night. We know our level and can often punch above our weight. Sadly the same can't be said about our national team.
  2. Finger on the pulse Wullie, well played.
  3. I was pleasantly surprised we got a point out the Citeh game. In short, I've no idea how this game will go.
  4. Sutty isn't partial to succulent lamb.
  5. Warbles demands respect and positivity.
  6. 20% possession and we won't get out our own half let alone score. Whoopie fukin do!
  7. Can't argue, they may well be better yes, but this counter attacking Slovakian team has failed to score in their last 4 internationals. So yes, they grew in confidence when the floodgates opened for them and they realised we were utterly pish.
  8. We got bent over by a bang average Slovak team who couldn't believe their luck and grew in confidence with each passing minute. No motivation needed for Wembley, however you've got to question Strachan's ability to get this squad to lift their game. It doesn't help he's a complete bottle bag when picking our strongest 11, or blooding our young talent. GTF!
  9. Go on, fukin quit! Do it! Do it... *Give us a chance of picking a squad to beat the English. *We wouldn't beat England ladies at Wembley.
  10. Could we really have been topping this group?!?! [emoji23] Fukin mental.
  11. Swear to god... if he starts his pish...their first goal shouldn't have been, we were awesome in the first half etc etc. He's fukin at it big time!!!
  12. Just starting to get a hold of this game.
  13. If he quits tonight, in the post match interview, I'll still hold that little ounce of respect for the ginger prik.
  14. Get him out now and we'll pump the English. Guaranteed!!!!