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  1. I've got a few Leeds supporting chums who are subjected to 'he's one of your own', referring to Jimmy Savile, by traveling fans. Any self respecting fan would normally brush this off. However, a minority of fans have decided to respond to this with 'He's f**ked , Jimmy Savile he's f**ked . I think with all that been in the media recently, this cnutish behaviour will only get worse. Sad to think that there could be a child sitting watching their team through tear filled eyes who may be affected by child abuse at home. Disgusting that some pass this off as banter.
  2. On the subject of Rangers songs. Not point scoring in any way, or suggesting posters on here do this. But do Rangers fans not cringe when supporters belt out songs of child abuse etc. And...before it's said, I know Celtic fans sing songs about the Ira. Just a question.
  3. Evolution, plain and simple.
  4. I for one, refuse to be saddled with that accusation.
  5. Did that City starting line-up really cost £92m ??
  6. It's always him.
  7. Wee Jamesy taking Sagna and Zabaleta for a run was a sight to behold. [emoji1] Hope the wee man is ok for Partick on Friday.
  8. Stevie G [emoji7]
  9. Undefeated against City. I didn't expect that when the group was drawn. Disappointing the Borussia games. But there looks like a great deal of motivation and progress has been made in a super tough group.
  10. I don't think Jozo could've got his arm outta the way. No pen for me.
  11. Either Pep doesn't like an interview, or he's fukin raging the bhoys made his millionaires look very average footballers. [emoji2]