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  1. On a pilgrimage to the Watican.
  2. He's coming home.
  3. Website misjudgment.
  4. Could you drop off the corpse of Kenny Miller plz?
  5. We should have enough to get through this relatively unscathed. Having a makeshift CB pairing does give me the fear. I'm not a fan of Bitton at CB in any circumstances.
  6. Martine McCutcheon and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Cheers
  7. Where's your mates?
  8. Kind Affectionate Individual?
  9. Dom Thomas looked like your best footballer.
  10. Neil Lennon is the Antichrist! ETA; said in a Revd Ian Paisley voice for maximum effect.
  11. Shout me if any berzz appear. Thanks.
  12. They've abandoned ship. Walked away. Completely shat it. This thread is anyone's.
  13. Miles Storey certainly was.