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  1. [emoji23] Outside Glasgow, Scotland is a utopian paradise, populated with liberal thinking intellectuals.
  2. £1 to watch your motor Mr?
  3. Any points from an away game would be a massive achievement.
  4. Get's rinsed on his own thread. [emoji1]
  5. It's a wee shame Schweinsteiger would rather watch tennis and rot on the bench at Utd than get pumped in the CL, and run amok in the SPFL.
  6. Can't believe we're in a.. next goal wins situation. [emoji52][emoji15]
  7. That's cruel, he was doing so well.
  8. I'm of the same opinion. Forrest and Sinclair should start, they're both flying. Hopefully see Paddy pick up where he left off. We've got the attacking options now.
  9. ^^^ wid.
  10. [emoji38] Celtic legend.
  11. Should I've put 'Israeli struggle'? Oops, you can see I'm seeking justice for every oppressed nation, I don't discriminate.