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  1. What a fukn hit!! [emoji7] Broony's fitness this season has been immense. The amount of ground he covers is unreal. Can't remember a better year he's had. Just dominated everything, his sharpness and passing is a joy.
  2. You could be right!
  3. It's the Firnabéu Stadium. Is it not an hour in front??
  4. Just jumped straight in there like Neil Simpson without thinking didn't ya?
  5. And the fact that we've not lost all season kinda rules us out of the 'running away crying like 5yr olds' jape. Oh this irony indeed.
  6. 10-2 aggregate.
  7. Have rangers cemented 3rd spot yet?
  8. "We deserve better" [emoji38][emoji12]
  9. [emoji16][emoji1]
  10. [emoji16] mon the Dons.
  11. Somebody once said; 'If you're good enough, the referee doesn't matter'. 'Unless it's Boaby Madden, then yer fuked'.
  12. Warbs / Pedro = Utter fannys. Simple.