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  1. Jamborees understandably confident after a monumental 2 wins on the bounce.
  2. Every day is the 12th of July, apparently.
  3. The Rangers loving cup ceremony is concomitant with a glass eating addiction.
  4. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

    Not the worst draw. Don't think they'll be playing their domestic season at the time.
  5. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

  6. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

    Drum roll plz.....
  7. Hibernian v Celtic

    We need a good sacrificial offering.
  8. Hibernian v Celtic

    I'm not quite sure Edouard is fully ready for the first team yet. Had some good touches, but rarely threatened Hibs back line. Although he missed a sitter my granny would've finished, Sinclair started to gain confidence as the game went on. We didn't really get going, which is worrying, Forrest and McGregor looked tired and leggy. We seem to have lost that creative spark, and are no longer killing teams off with our passing and pressing. No width, no energy and little confidence to get ahead and stay in control.
  9. And it's looking very likely to continue.
  10. It's the sense of entitlement, for me the comedic value would be slightly diluted, had they previously a competent manager in charge.
  11. Had they not previously entrusted Pedro Caravan with millions to assemble a squad, this wouldn't be half as funny.