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  1. I'll tend to make my own, with some mayo and a wee bit of cracked pepper.
  2. I love a good cheese and tomato sandwich. Very underrated.
  3. Hi ya Bennett, hi ya pal.
  4. I'm pure raging.
  5. Motherwell FC a bit like Princess Diana. Neither of them showed up today.
  6. Trophy day. Celtic v Aberdeen

    Well, this thread has been fun.
  7. Rangers confirm a Chinese Super league side have also offered 8mil upfront.
  8. The Celtic 2017/18 thread

    Magic stuff!
  9. Absolutely abhorrent shytebag response from whichever club/company they've decided to be on this occasion.
  10. Careful, got you liquidated last time.
  11. His whole life has been about extreme highs and extreme lows, that's football along with the pressures of the media goldfish bowl. And I actually think he's handled it pretty well. In fact, some of unnecessary events in his life would've broken a weaker minded person. Your reaction to this is probably more unusual than his actions in that meaningless clip.