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  1. Sutty giving em pelters. [emoji23][emoji23]
  2. I'm shattered.
  3. Quickest 45mins ever.
  4. It's a fukin OG!!!
  5. Yaaassss!!! Had Tierney anytime goal scorer.
  6. Big Jozo to score anytime 22/1. Thank you.
  7. The Rangers/Aberdeen 'better together' love in continues. Are Sevco fans actually planning a rendition of GSTQ on the 11th min, followed by a rapturous applause on the 12th min by the sheep? [emoji23]
  8. Really well played and unlucks Alloa.
  9. We should have a league table for all the 'hard-done-by' clubs. Winner gets a European spot.
  10. Establishment club. GIRFUY. [emoji4]
  11. More likely abseil off the dick donald stand to rapturous applause.
  12. No Vote derby or better together bash?
  13. Peppa pig could bully that Rangers defence.
  14. Guess you'll be starting with Stockley on Sunday then, aye?