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  1. Falkirk v St Mirren

    Absolutely no reason why we can't win this one and win it well. Hopefully Hartley can figure out our best team through the week and Loy and Sibbald are back from injury. Should be a good crowd, maybe as much as 5,500 if St Mirren bring over 1000. Given Utd and Pars have come to TFS recently and barely managed a shot on target between them, a St Mirren win would surely be a massive boost to their title ambitions. Looking forward to Saturday, should be a good game.
  2. Was impressed with ICT today. Sat in, very disciplined with two banks of 4 that we really struggled to break down. Broke on us at pace and created some really good chances. Hartley definitely got his subs wrong today though, which gave Inverness a real foothold in the game as it progressed. Usually at TFS teams would sit deeper and deeper playing for the point but the 2nd half wasn't like that at all today.
  3. Bairns v Pars in the challenge cup

    We've sung about Shiels having one eye for years. Adorable that the Pars think they're special.
  4. Formula 1 is decent (far better than golf or cricket anyway) but they keep making the sport worse with constant rule changes. It's been on a constant downward slide for the last 7 or 8 years imo. There hasn't been a Scottish driver for a few years which usually holds my interest in dull races. Re Saturday, I wouldn't change the team from yesterday (apart from likely enforced goalkeeper change). If Sibbald, Loy and Miller are fit again for the bench that would be a bonus. I do feel we have a better 11, ie McKee in to the middle, Hippolyte left, Harris right, a place for Sibbald, Austin & Loy etc. Wouldn't be surprised to see Hartley make a few changes on that basis. Thomson Muirhead Balatoni Grant McGhee McKee Taiwo Kerr Harris O'Hara Hippolyte Subs: McMinn, Gasparotto, Craigen, Sibbald, Loy, Miller, Austin Should get a good crowd in for this one with the wins since Houston's departure and with it being Hartley's first game. 3-0 Bairns (Hippolyte, McKee & Austin) Crowd: 4,655
  5. Bairns v Pars in the challenge cup

    We were missing Sibbald, Loy & Miller. Austin only on the bench. Pars were missing Hopkirk, Williamson and Cardle. I'd include Aird in that if he wasn't absolutely shite.
  6. Bairns v Pars in the challenge cup

    We were so comfortable today, 85 mins before the Pars managed a shot on target? Finally showing glimpses of our pre season form. I fucking love Myles Hippolyle. All aboard the promotion juggernaut.
  7. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Lolzing heavily at KT. Exactly how many diddies tried and failed to get Dundee up (excluding the Sevco technicality) before Hartley came along?
  8. The Falkirk FC Thread

    I'd expect any decent manager to guide the squad we've got to a top four finish by the end of the season tbh. Houston was sacked because he lost the dressing room and no amount of 'time' was going to rectify that situation. Happy with the appointment of Hartley, I reckon we'll do well under him and if Kerr becomes a casualty of Hartley's DM policy so much the better
  9. Don't think I need to add anything to these really. Great 3 points considering we were missing Sibbald, Hippolyte and Loy. All aboard the promotion juggernaut
  10. Hippo to watch the game from the front row of the Norrie and go absolutely tonto when we score. Some boi
  11. We are a better team than the knicker wetters in our support suggest. Aside from being weaker at left back (and one less senior striker on the books), it's the same team as last season - replacing Aird, Baird and McHugh with Harris, Loy and a fit Austin
  12. Why not? We had over 2000 there on Boxing day last season after a dismal run
  13. Around 2,000 of us I would think. I'm sure Hippo will be shiteing himself.
  14. Great to see the Pars boys are buzzing for their non derby. Hippolyte and Sibbald to score in a 2-0 win.
  15. Surprised we've sold 700 tickets in advance. Reckon most folk will buy on the day, should be a cracking away support on Saturday. Taking the girlfriend to what will be her first ever Falkirk game, no pressure Bairns.