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  1. Hippo to watch the game from the front row of the Norrie and go absolutely tonto when we score. Some boi
  2. We are a better team than the knicker wetters in our support suggest. Aside from being weaker at left back (and one less senior striker on the books), it's the same team as last season - replacing Aird, Baird and McHugh with Harris, Loy and a fit Austin
  3. Why not? We had over 2000 there on Boxing day last season after a dismal run
  4. Around 2,000 of us I would think. I'm sure Hippo will be shiteing himself.
  5. Great to see the Pars boys are buzzing for their non derby. Hippolyte and Sibbald to score in a 2-0 win.
  6. Surprised we've sold 700 tickets in advance. Reckon most folk will buy on the day, should be a cracking away support on Saturday. Taking the girlfriend to what will be her first ever Falkirk game, no pressure Bairns.
  7. Aird is a horrible wee scote. Even the Pars deserve better.
  8. That team would slap the rest of this league silly
  9. Agreed. DU have a whole new team which will need time to gel. As do Inverness. St Mirren have Maggenis out injured who will be a big player for them later in the season. Really important for us to come flying out the traps this year, which traditionally we don't do well at all
  10. Scottish football needs a strong Falkirk. Glad to be doing our bit for St Mirren
  11. Agree with everything Dunning has said. Gallacher only turned 18 last week as well, confident he will do well though. If Kidd has fallen out with Houston/gone we have no cover for either fullback. The under 20s guys Henderson and Finlayson are entirely untested.
  12. The daily Sevco/Alex Smith talks a lot of pish. If Luton don't want him after a two week trial, exactly which English club with a spare £180k is going to?
  13. Mmmm #durty
  14. If we do get beaten it's hardly the end of the world. We lost our first game away to St Mirren in 2004(?) And went on to win the league
  15. Hippolyte played left back for Livingston against us a couple of times and did fine iirc