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  1. Bairns vs Pars - Sat 4th Nov

    This feels like 2003 all over again. #justiceforffc
  2. Bairns vs Pars - Sat 4th Nov

    Sheils does deserve abuse for his ridiculous tackle on McKee though. Both for the nature of it and for being the first opposition player ever to unsuccessfully injure him
  3. Bairns vs Pars - Sat 4th Nov

    EIGHT matches
  4. Bairns vs Pars - Sat 4th Nov

    I am surprised FFC hasn't issued a statement on the coin throwing tbh. It's poor behaviour from our support, could easily take somebody's eye out
  5. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Taiwo and Sibbald are our two best central midfielders imo. Having them fit again will make a big difference, not that I am remotely concerned we will finish in the bottom two
  6. Bairns vs Pars - Sat 4th Nov

    We should grass up Dunfermline players more often imo
  7. Bairns vs Pars - Sat 4th Nov

    Muirhead's wee wave to McManus as he trudges off is absolute quality
  8. Bairns vs Pars - Sat 4th Nov

    Can't see many of our fans bothering about the new year game tbh, we might draw Hibs in the cup
  9. Bairns vs Pars - Sat 4th Nov

    I'd like to see the incident with Murdoch again but I thought at the time he handled it. Also thought Cardle was very lucky Thomson didn't spot his kick out at Muirhead in the first half. Higginbotham's and McManus' first bookings were both fairly shocking challenges, surprised Johnston didn't hook them after those tbh. Re the game itself, I thought we wereunlucky not to win it. Dunne was unfortunate to give away the penalty and we had plenty of chances to get the winning goal. Thomson lost control of the players a bit and made some very strange decisions, but can you imagine if someone like Andrew Dallas was refereeing that? The game would've been abandoned
  10. Bairns vs Pars - Sat 4th Nov

    Lol at this utter shite. McManus' reaction caused the whole first rammy and was a stick on booking. The 2nd one was a 50-50 loose ball in the box, Miller perfectly entitled to go for it. Wedderburn losing the head and getting himself and Low booked in the aftermath was funny though
  11. Bairns vs Pars - Sat 4th Nov

    "Not a derby"
  12. Falkirk v St Mirren

    Absolutely no reason why we can't win this one and win it well. Hopefully Hartley can figure out our best team through the week and Loy and Sibbald are back from injury. Should be a good crowd, maybe as much as 5,500 if St Mirren bring over 1000. Given Utd and Pars have come to TFS recently and barely managed a shot on target between them, a St Mirren win would surely be a massive boost to their title ambitions. Looking forward to Saturday, should be a good game.
  13. Was impressed with ICT today. Sat in, very disciplined with two banks of 4 that we really struggled to break down. Broke on us at pace and created some really good chances. Hartley definitely got his subs wrong today though, which gave Inverness a real foothold in the game as it progressed. Usually at TFS teams would sit deeper and deeper playing for the point but the 2nd half wasn't like that at all today.
  14. Bairns v Pars in the challenge cup

    We've sung about Shiels having one eye for years. Adorable that the Pars think they're special.