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  1. Looks like the Pars player is having a nibble of Muirhead here? Can someone get Div to confirm?
  2. Definite contact on Hippolyte. Not a penalty, but he has gone over the keepers arm. He's made the most of it, but he has been touched. I'd be astounded if he got a ban
  3. All the holding and grappling that goes on in the box before every corner and that is the best you could come up with? Very disappointed
  4. Geggan is a physical player and might have been squaring up to some of our players at FT (and as a Fifer, devoid of soap) but I wouldn't call him overly dirty
  5. Hippolyte hattrick
  6. We got cheated big style that night but a) didn't fucking bleat about it and b) got on with winning the match
  7. Missed it at the time, but here's Leahy giving it large to the scum in the enclosure at FT. Great scenes
  8. It takes a special level of seethe to wait for our players at the tunnel, long after the home support and everyone else has fucked off. Craig Sibbald, he's one of our own
  9. Nailed on We're going to need a Head of Sexy no matter what league we are in
  10. Which four? It would appear he is I'd keep him next season if he can stay fit and play well over the next couple of games and in the play offs
  11. Going through that list... I don't think we'll have any problem keeping Watson, Gasparotto, Taiwo, Craigen & McHugh. Good players for this level but doubt they'll get better elsewhere. The young keeper seems highly thought of so will be kept I'd imagine McCracken, Kerr and Baird will hopefully get punted. Not sure if Miller can/will go another season I'm fairly sure Hippolyte and Kidd will be under longer contracts as we paid fees for them Rogers and McKee will return to their parent clubs. Rogers has lost his place and McKee has only managed 100 mins of football since he signed (all against Dunfermline) Aird and Leahy may move on but no great loss. Gallagher will replace Leahy at LB next season Sibbald will move on to better things but we'll get £180k for him. Hopefully Houston has a replacement lined up
  12. Hippo and Austin must start. Kerr or Taiwo, not both. Thomson Muirhead Gasparotto Grant Leahy Craigen Taiwo Sibbald Hippolyte Austin McHugh Rogers, Kidd, Kerr, Aird, McKee, Baird, Miller