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  1. Top post. Would greenie twice if I could
  2. Hopefully Sibbald and Miller next. Not that fussed about Baird
  3. Already sold more for tonight than United managed for the first leg m2cubed. ETA: There were just 20 single seats left 10 mins ago according to FFC
  4. Last few rows... Should all go by kick off
  5. Agree with all of this
  6. I'd much rather play Hamilton that Inverness. They do have that plastic pitch but Caley would be on an unbelievable high after escaping what looked like a hopeless situation a few weeks ago. They also have a home stand behind the goal they would no doubt sell out Of course, we have go get past United first
  7. I know loads of Dundee United fans. Every one a good c**t I'd like to see them up as soon as possible In the interest of fairness though...the stewards at Tannadice are amongst the worst in Scotland and that Fair Play stand is absolutely rank
  8. Already sold out mate Apart from Block H lower & upper there's not much left at all. Single seats and front row only across the rest of the Main Stand
  9. I believe it was 1,984? And no
  10. Means we've sold about 300 tickets today then. There were about 950 left last night
  11. Agree with all of this. Our support btw, absolutely outstanding tonight. Hope it sounded good on TV
  12. Neil Lennon taking some heavy abuse. Pleasing
  13. I only see George Fox and Jerry Kerr cash turnstiles. Might get a few Falkirk fans in the Jerry Kerr right enough
  14. I don't suppose anyone would know if PATG is available in the upper tier or if it's lower tier only?