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  1. Going by highlights of your games he appears to be playing on the shoulder of the defender allowing him to make those runs in behind. That's where he was at his best for us in League 1 due to his pace. When we had him in the Championship he played a bit deeper which didn't really suit his style. If he's given a run of games this season in his best position I wouldn't be surprised if he's up there with the top goalscorers in the league. An absolute certainty to score against us.
  2. Did you hope you'd lose before finding out admission prices then?
  3. That really is appalling doing that to Livi fans. Who in their right mind would come through to get there before 1?
  4. He's not the kind of signing you'd make to get you a lot of goals, but his general play in holding up the ball and getting others involved was good for us. I'm not sure how he would be in the Premiership though.
  5. Few posts from last week when Dundee were supposedly linked with him:
  6. Gueye has been everywhere tonight. Great performance from him.
  7. I know it's a bullshit rumour but right now I can't see any club in Scotland being able to afford the fee we'll be demanding. Spending over £100k on a very young striker is high risk for anyone here outside of Celtic. If we sell him he'll only be going down to England.
  8. I take it Gasparotto hasn't been very good for Falkirk? He was solid for us on loan from Rangers.
  9. Bid incoming? Edit, just read St Johnstone thread
  10. Week 1 - Queen of the South Week 2 - Ayr United Week 3 - Stirling Albion Week 4 - Celtic
  11. If we could turn up this week that'd be great.
  12. Happy with the point but sounds as though we could've gone back down the road with 3.
  13. We've got high hopes for him. He's only 17/18 but he's looked comfortable (apart from on Tuesday night ) anytime he's played for us. Hope he gets a good experience with Elgin.
  14. Ah, I forgot about that. We could get both then but I wouldn't be surprised if we only got Miller as he can play both at left wing and left back.
  15. Hopefully this means we've got another player or 2 coming in. I was told from a good source that we were getting Calvin Miller on loan from Celtic a while ago once the season begins but there's also rumours of Nesbitt coming back. I'm sure we're only allowed 2 players on loan from the same club so it won't be both of them coming.