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  1. Are you just deciding to ignore the fact we had the 3rd best defence in the league last season?
  2. Stopped reading here.
  3. Joe McKee can be a very good player when fit. You could see his ability in phases at Morton. A few injuries did him a lot of harm, and he only really started playing well consistently when his contract was running out. Wasn't bothered when he left but he's one of those you wouldn't be surprised that does well elsewhere.
  4. Iain Russell loved a goal against us. Diving wee c*nt too. Leigh Griffiths as well back in his Livi/Dundee days. Like him these days though.
  5. Hope Dunfermline paid us good cash for him then since he still has a year left on his contract.
  6. Oooft. I take it he'll be back up to Clark? I'm surprised he's managed to get another team at this level. Works hard but doesn't score often. Banged them in for us in League 1 right enough which I'll always be thankful for since we wouldn't have been promoted without them. Damaged his relationship with the Morton support when he basically snaked Duffy to sign for Raith for 'a better challenge' only to get relegated and us getting to Hampden in the semi-final and reaching the play-offs
  7. It is different. Not sure how far it goes but basic alarms like you say and Heat detectors have all to be in place in any rented property in Scotland. Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms need to be hardwired whereas in England a simple battery smoke alarm is sufficient. I always thought these requirements were slightly over the top but after seeing how devastating this fire has been it's clear it is necessary and a good idea.
  8. QOTS away top is the worst I've seen so far for the Championship.
  9. The home top is a beauty. When is it being released? Quite looking forward to seeing the proper version of it.
  10. Delighted I clicked "show this post anyway".
  11. As in released from Celtic or just available for loan? It'd be excellent if we could get him in again. I wouldn't be surprised if he had a few offers here and down south.
  12. It's terrifying at the same time. Positivity and Morton don't usually go well together.
  13. The fact that so many people drive past Cappielow on a Saturday to go to Ibrox/Celtic Park means that we do suffer badly from having the OF so close to us. I quite often drive past the Celtic supporters club on the main road in Greenock on a Saturday and there are sometimes up to 8 buses waiting to take Celtic supporters to wherever they are playing. It;s a massive issue for Morton.