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  1. Yes. No word from the club on when we can expect him to be back. He's training and warming up with the squad on match days so surely can't be that far away.
  2. I feared the worst after that game. We looked hopeless going forward and every goal conceded was from a cross. Signed Gunning and Murdoch 1 or 2 weeks after and we improved instantly. Murdoch and Lindsay in the middle are probably the reason why we've done so well. Both have bags of energy and are good on the ball as well - destined for decent careers. I don't think we are or ever were title rivals. The defeat at the weekend will hopefully bring the squad back down to earth after many articles last week talking about promotion.
  3. It was but would've been better if we'd got at least a point yesterday.
  4. Hopefully see a good reaction from our players after yesterday's dreadful performance. Would be happy with a point here.
  5. Not a single Morton fan called ourselves that. Thread was started by a Dunfermline fan. We were fucking rancid today. Dunfermline did very well at nullifying all of our threats today and we were second to every ball. Hope it's just a one-off and we go on another decent run till the end of the season.
  6. We've picked a great time to have our worst half of the season. Literally nothing positive from that. Stop hoofing the ball up to Shankland and get the ball on the deck.
  7. Think it is open to away supporters. Great place to watch football when it's sunny.
  8. BBC reporting it's now being treated as a terrorist attack.
  9. I've got no expectations of getting near winning the title but who knows with this squad. Falkirk, Hibs and ourselves will all drop points between now and the end of the season. I'd be delighted with second.
  10. Never forget 12 goals and over 20 assists this season
  11. Forbes gives 100% every week. He and we are fortunate that Doyle has played behind him for most of the season which helps him out for his lack of pace.
  12. Bit harsh to say we've been over achieving etc. We've got a squad that works it's arse off all over the park and we've benefitted hugely from it. Not the prettiest football you'll ever see but it works for us and we're good at it.
  13. Got the fear of the record going 1 day before we'd reach 365 days