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  1. It's been very quiet on that subject. We've only had Dundee Utd and Ayr Utd fans in it since it was out in place. Ayr Utd fans tore it down when celebrating an equaliser. I don't know if they've just decided it's not worth the risk or not. Seems a waste of time and money getting it all put up there for it not to be used.
  2. What’s the lowest number of points a team has finished on in the Championship/Division 1 before? 2 points in the first quarter for Brechin..
  3. A 7 or more out of 10 shame game should see the required signings happening next week. Are there any mental free agent footballers available at the moment? Obviously we're not going to get Sir Gavin back but I'd like another cult hero for this season. A quick wide player and a mobile CM would be good.
  4. Cars

    You can get some cracking lease deals on the car you’re after if you give a bit of time to look into it. I recently got myself a brand new VW scirocco r-line with the 2L Golf GTD engine in it for just under £220 a month, 3 months deposit for 24 months contract and 10,000 miles per year. I had been looking at getting a standard Seat Leon or a VW Golf but the scirocco deal was too good to ignore as it is top spec. I spent a good bit of time to end up finding that though. For a comparison, I looked at getting the same car from Arnold Clark as a pre-reg 66 plate with 2000 miles on it. The cheapest they could give me was £259 a month for a 48 month PCP deal. The mileage was 8,000 per year and deposit a whopping £2500. A good website I’ve used is Contract Hire and Leasing, which is basically a comparison site for hundreds of leasing companies.
  5. This is a watered down version of our own forum
  6. Our season is already looking average at best but if we don't leave here with 3 points I'll start to worry. Failure to win will most likely result in a shame game, which had an excellent effect last season prompting Duffy to sign Sir Gavin Gunning and Andy Murdoch.
  7. If only Armstrong had passed it left against England. Stupid c**t. Absolutely embarrassing performance.
  8. Embarrassing second half so far from us. They look like the team going for a play off place.
  9. Squad face Slovenia and Slovakia

    Caved in and bought a ticket for the game. My first since Italy and Hampden in 2007, hoping for a better result this time.
  10. FIFA 18

    Anyone know where I could pick up a standard edition of this today? Seen a few people posting that they've got it already.
  11. Wonder if we'll see away fans put in the Cowshed this week. They didn't do it for Dunfermline so if there's no Falkirk fans in the Cowshed can we deem the new 'barrier' a waste of time and money?
  12. I really don’t think he’d care how many fans you’ve got compared to us no one does apart from yourselves.
  13. Not happening unless you pay a hefty compensation fee for the pair of them. Duffy contracted with us until 2019. I'd be surprised and it'd be a complete sideways step for them to go to Falkirk.
  14. Duffy’s got 2 years left on his contract so I doubt he’ll be going anywhere unless we get a good fee.
  15. Think we’re unlucky not to get a point. Dundee Utd had a lot of the ball in the 2nd half but didn’t trouble us too much apart from the goals. The chance that Jai missed is the type he needs to start putting away. We all know he’s capable of scoring a screamer but should be burying the chance he had in the 2nd half.