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  1. Basically an older version of Gary Oliver* *He does actually do a lot more than score goals but his finishing is poor.
  2. Confirmed January Transfers

    Not January but John Baird has signed on an emergency loan at Morton.
  3. We have signed John Baird on an emergency loan from Inverness. Obviously can't play this weekend though. We're short on strikers but I can't see how this signing will benefit us in all honesty. Happy to be proved wrong though.
  4. Ton v sons

    We’ll bottle it at some point...
  5. Ton v sons

    Exactly. We’re in no position to complain about it.
  6. Ton v sons

    25th goal for Morton for Tam O’Ware tonight. That’s impressive for a centre back.
  7. Cappielow would be fine for the Premiership, as has been proved numerous times on here. Not that it will matter any time soon.
  8. Celtic v Morton

    Just hope Duffy doesn’t go for 5 at the back again like last time.
  9. Phrases that scream a***hole

    "I drive a Fiat 500"
  10. Worked very well away at Dundee United, not quite as much last weekend. I think Tiffoney will be like any other young player where he'll be excellent one week then average the next if he's getting consistent game time.
  11. I think a season beside an experienced striker would really help him develop as a player. Can't see Duffy ever signing an experienced striker though.
  12. Queens v Morton

    Hasn’t realised that at all I suppose it’s more down to the fact we’ve gifted so many points to teams at Cappielow whereas on the road we’ve always looked more comfortable.
  13. Queens v Morton

    Only lost once on the road all season. If our home form was half as good as our away form we’d probably be sitting second at the moment. Expect this to be a very tough match.
  14. If he gets more consistent with goals & performances then yes. He single handedly tore Accies & Killie apart last season in the league cup games but hasn’t quite found that level of performance this season. He’ll most likely leave us at the end of the season and I’d much prefer for the sake of his career that he goes up to a team in the league above rather than rotting on a bench down south.
  15. Daylight robbery right there. Although with Lee Robinson in your goal what chance have you got