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  1. Livi v Morton

    Hope it’s off tbh.
  2. Zombies v League Leaders

    Wasn’t a difficult task but I thought Harkins was our best player today. I wasn’t pleased when we signed him at first and he got a lot of stick for his first few games but he’s done well the past few weeks after having a consistent run in the team. Everyone else was completely shite though. How Duffy can think it’s ok to play Quitongo out wide after its failed so many times I’ll never know. He was playing at left back at one point today. After Durnan got booked Jai should’ve been put up front and given the chance to just run at him. Any time he’s played against Dundee Utd up front he’s caused their defence problems. Instead he was wasted for the entire game out wide. At the back, I feel quite sorry for Lamie being pushed out to left-back. Mark Russell hasn’t been anywhere near his best but Lamie has been superb all season at CH. O’Ware’s let the praise from last season go to his head thinking he can breeze out of defence and ping a 50 yard pass every time he gets the ball. Despite putting 7 Goals past Falkirk and Brechin we didn’t play well in both of those games so I wasn’t surprised one bit that we didn’t have a cutting edge today. We are far too slow in the middle of the park which will ultimately be the reason we finish outside of the play-offs this season unless that gets sorted in January. Why Duffy took Murdoch off I’ll never know. We’ll never have a slower midfield than the one that we had at full-time today. We could all see the problem areas back in June so I’m stunned that the issues haven’t been sorted since then. Dundee Utd played some nice stuff at times and could have put a couple more goals past us had decision making been better in the final third. After seeing them and St Mirren I think they’ll go up this season automatically.
  3. I’m still not entirely sure why the penalty was given but we were denied a stonewaller in the first half so the ref made up for his error
  4. 45 seconds in.. If a player dives in late on a player after he's passed the ball away it's a foul anywhere else on the pitch. No different here.
  5. Who will be Brechin's first?

    What’s the lowest points total a team has had at this level at the end of a season?
  6. Yeah I thought that as well but thought O’Ware made an arse of it too. Could’ve just got rid of the ball
  7. What was so bad about Gasparotto? So far so good for him at Morton. Hopefully get him permanently in January.
  8. One of the worst teams I’ve ever seen at this level. More worried about kick our players off the park instead of playing football. Was worried at 1-1 we’d do our usual and fail to break a side down that sits in against us but thankfully players had their shooting boots on for a change. Pleasing to see Tiffoney do well again. We’ve been crying out for pace out wide and thankfully he’s been up to required standard. If O’Ware could stop fannying about with the ball in the box that’d be really good. Punished again for making a mistake today.
  9. Hopefully the ref sends one of these cloggers off in the second half. Never seen so many fouls against us in one half.
  10. Looking at it from this angle I think the ref got the penalty call correct. Arm round Thomson’s neck.
  11. Because the club has zero ambition to go further on the pitch. Just have to look back at last season where we were told we weren't ready for promotion when the team was flying and then a few weeks later we all of a sudden are ready to go up and we shit ourselves. I don't think anyone at the club really knew what they wanted the outcome to be last season. The lack of ambition runs from top to bottom at the club. Just look at the way Duffy sets his team up away from home at Dunfermline last week. They were there for the taking at half-time but we came out and were happy to sit on a 1-1 draw. I get that people will say that Dunfermline have a good home record, but looking at that game on its own it was really 2 points dropped.
  12. After a poor start in a position that didn’t suit him at all I’d say he’s been quite decent for the most part of the season.