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  1. We won’t be due a fee as he’s 24/25 now despite coming through our youth system. Doubt he’d cut it in the Championship unless he managed to improve his passing and get more pace.
  2. O'Ware will be away this summer no doubt. Most likely to a team in the Premiership. Could end up down south but I would be surprised if he's with us next season.
  3. Duffy has taken us as far as he can. He’s cost the club literally hundreds of thousands of pounds (2nd was achievable 2 months ago, now we could easily finish 7th) through his own incompetence by making mental team selections at every important match this season. Any other manager, in any industry would be emptied for this.
  4. Slightly off topic but the EPL fanboys refer to our league as tinpot at any opportunity they get on social media. But take a look at the f***ing state of this: Give me our “tinpot” league over that shite any day of the week.
  5. Playing the Shame Game

    Toby’s post brought back a few memories. That Dumbarton game in 2014 had an absolutely horrible atmosphere amongst the support.
  6. Fair fucks to anyone going next week. If we still had something to play for I’d probably be there. No doubt Duffy will go 4-4-2 when it’s too late.
  7. Must have missed that part of the season.
  8. Sadly there’s many amongst our support who feel that way. And according to them we shouldn’t moan about Douglas Rae because he saved the club, despite the majority of his time at Morton being a failure. We could’ve got second this season had Duffy not messed about with the team at crucial points this season.
  9. Playing the Shame Game

    That Hamilton game a few years ago. Some morons amongst our support clapped the team off the pitch too We had a great shame game last season away at Ayr after they beat us which led to O’Ware being dragged away from the support by his team mates telling us “all yous do is fucking boo us, f**k off” or something along those lines. Fans were unhappy at an incredibly shite start to the season and weak squad, the following week or 2 we sign Gavin Gunning and Andy Murdoch and our season was excellent until March/April.
  10. Duffy’s got the safest job in Scottish football. I’ve never known of a manager to not have a set aim. And given the way he speaks in the media it’s never about having an end goal. It’s just “we’ll see how high we can go”. He’s happy with mid table and the board are probably happy with it as well.
  11. They’ll probably give us more if required.
  12. Interesting the club haven’t even got tickets on sale for this game yet.
  13. Must win. We’ll need to hope teams above us lose.
  14. Keep/release still undecided?

    I do hope we get him signed up. Just not sure if a team might take a punt on him.
  15. Keep/release still undecided?

    Morton: Keep: O’Ware (most likely away), Lamie, Murdoch, Gaston, Harkins, Tiffoney, Oliver, Quitongo (most likely away as well), Kilday, Gasparotto, Brennan, Iredale. Bin: Russell, Doyle - great guy but if we want to go further we need better, Forbes, Baird. Contracted: McHugh, Thomson - wouldn’t mind releasing the pair of them - Tidser. Loans: Frank Ross hasn’t contributed much but just having him in the team lead to our best form this season. Wouldn’t mind having him back. Haven’t seen enough of Gary Fraser to judge. If we had a competent board we’d also be binning our manager but for some reason they gave him a contract extension earlier in the season.