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  1. Fancy Wde and on the pitch when Stelios scores . . . .
  2. Congratulations to Ayr on a great result fancy them to steam roller this league and good recruitment from jobby after getting rid of the bad eggs.
  3. Same team again please jack, hopefully Eckersley in contention too fancy Sutton and Reilly to run riot and Saints to cement their place at the top of the table and keep the special feel good factor that's been lacking in recent years going . 1-3 Saints Reilly X2 and SUPER STELIOS roll on . . .. .
  4. Would like to see us play 2 up top even away from home this season reckon it is manageable
  5. Were black and we're white we hate Greenock shite were top of the league and your NO
  6. I fucking love st mirren get it up you cheating kelpie c***s
  7. I sat with him and got to know him quite well for a few saints games and he still has a great will to win he also commented how strikers never touch the goalie anymore at set plays or cross balls says he scored a lot of goals by giving goalkeepers a wee nudge.
  8. I too like Raith at 13/8 away to Alloa and Edinburgh City 6/4 (too big) at home to Montrose
  9. Would rather Stevie Mallan snr
  10. Nice I see what u done there so we have a deal?
  11. Swap use hilson and Sutton for dobie ??
  12. Away and breath in some fumes
  13. Park in Deans plenty of abandoned parking spaces and secure and safe