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  1. Jags v Dundee 17/02/18

    Sadly I agree thistle will be too good for this pish.
  2. Dons v DABs

    I liked mckinnon he has penash
  3. Livvy v League Leaders 17.2.18

    I have it on good authority Ryan hardie hates us and will be desperate to put us to the sword.
  4. Good for you it was the wake up call we needed, BTW what age are u ? Reason I ask is have u ever saw Morton win a cup or compete in top division or in Europe? My ten year old has saw more glory for saints than you will in a lifetime.
  5. Albert mongoose, granny danger, Ricky robb, Paul sturrock, Lorraine kelly, Paul Reid your boys took 1 helllluva beating . . .
  6. Dunfermline V League Leaders

    Best thing to come out of Dunfermline Big country and steak bridies . .
  7. Shit fans no ground no fans shit ground
  8. Ricky Ross, Lorraine Kelly, Paul Reid, Paul Sturrock, Granny danger, Albert mongoose. Your boys took on hellova beating
  9. Partick Thistle 2017/18 thread

    How about Djemba and Djemba
  10. If Fyvie and Scott Fraser are out for sure then we will win no problem