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  1. The Tribute Act vs The Class Act

    Get. Them. Hounded.
  2. Raith Rovers vs Greenock Morton

    Forza el Capitano.
  3. He's a good Championship player. He'll do well for you.
  4. The Tribute Act vs The Class Act

    I have the same tattoo.
  5. Ayr United v Morton

    He mean't it. He's that good.
  6. Ayr United v Morton

    Some c**t sort yir boy Forbes out with a knighthood. We're going up.
  7. Fifth Roond Dra'

    A half full Ibrox would still generate a tidy sum for the Famous.
  8. Fifth Roond Dra'

    I hate Ibrox, and Rangers. But it's a money-spinner. Hopefully the QF draw is more kind to us.
  9. Morton v Falkirk

    You leave the mighty PEC out of this.
  10. Ayr United v Morton

    Get these fuckers dealt with so we can continue our march to the double.
  11. Morton v Falkirk

    Can't be stopped - won't be stopped. Arise, Sir Jim Duffy.
  12. He has a proven record of scoring in this division - and kicking ballboys. We're in desperate need of a striker , so we'll take it.
  13. The Ton v The Sons

    We shall not be stopped. Up the fkn 'Ton.