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  1. Get. Them. Hounded.
  2. Forza el Capitano.
  3. He's a good Championship player. He'll do well for you.
  4. I have the same tattoo.
  5. He mean't it. He's that good.
  6. Some c**t sort yir boy Forbes out with a knighthood. We're going up.
  7. A half full Ibrox would still generate a tidy sum for the Famous.
  8. I hate Ibrox, and Rangers. But it's a money-spinner. Hopefully the QF draw is more kind to us.
  9. You leave the mighty PEC out of this.
  10. Get these fuckers dealt with so we can continue our march to the double.
  11. Can't be stopped - won't be stopped. Arise, Sir Jim Duffy.
  12. He has a proven record of scoring in this division - and kicking ballboys. We're in desperate need of a striker , so we'll take it.
  13. We shall not be stopped. Up the fkn 'Ton.