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  1. So there is STILL ANOTHER safety check to be passed tomorrow morning... This level of farce is something cockwomble would be proud of
  2. New tv’s don’t take 10mins to warm up these days
  3. Looking at our December fixutres, we can only do the 5th or 6th basically - fun times
  4. I think we were the only team to roll over with Hearts and not force the fixture to be at Murrayfield, this time round the board really should force for the forefit. It could be the difference between a top 6 or survival (more likely) and its another week to let our injured players not get rushed back.
  5. We'll take the 3 points kkthxbai #NotSoCuddleyAnymore
  6. Is there an actual chance Hearts won’t get this certificate in time? How do we decide who gets the goals for a 0-3 freebie? If worst case scenario (for Hearts) happened, I’d like an open training session at Firhill.
  7. Project Brave rumbles on..

    Neither came through Murray Park
  8. Project Brave rumbles on..

    I honestly dont see why Rangers got it as after all these years of Murray Park, the only player to come out of there and play MANY games for Scotland has been Alan Hutton.. Is this what we are to aspire to?
  9. Project Brave rumbles on..

    How long till Project Brave is binned? I'm going for <2 years
  10. Project Brave rumbles on..

    I will happily admit I haven't been following this mess that much so you will have a far better understanding than me I had it in my mind that for arguments sake there will be X amount of elite youth players, and Project Brave academies got 1st dibs on that pool, a bit like the NFL draft In regards to recruitment, just the trivial thing in having "Elite/ Project Brave" attached to your academy name will attract youngsters as parents will see that as better coaching etc etc
  11. If you genuinley offered a free win to our board they would counter proposal with a draw
  12. Project Brave rumbles on..

    I wouldn't be bothered if being in Project Brave was purely a funding for youth program since we have the Weirs But what I remember is that if you are not within Project Brave, your club is denied access from the pool of "elite youth players" as the Project Brave academies get them and then play against eachother within their own league - happy to be corrected if wrong on that
  13. Scotland v Netherlands squad/lineup

    I'm convinced Malky forgot he could make more than 3 subs..
  14. Scotland v Netherlands squad/lineup

    Thought Phillips and Berra were pretty crap MacLean was average but better than a Bannan so slight upgrade on squad players I guess Christie and McGinn looked pretty decent and MacGregor had an alright game but that was partly down to Phillips being inept with build up play Jack didn't really anything wrong (Phillips and MacGregors sloppy passing lead to the Netherlands goal which put Jack out of position) so it looks like he might be the reserve RB to Patterson for now?