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  1. Was the Hearts goal over the line? Didn't get the impression from the players it had. Was a decent game of football for both sets of fans, being bias I felt we should have taken 3pts from our 1st half + start of 2nd half Overall, fed up feeling that we need a 2 goal cushion when we are on top else its not a win
  2. Meh. You can have this one since you won't have a club at the end of this season
  3. Partick Thistle 2017/18 thread

    Don't think anyone would deny you that Sammon puts in a good shift. It's his lack of mobility that doesn't allow us to press opposition CB's and drag them about like Storey does (and previous mobile forwards) That was the main difference to me comparing the two games, tonight we weren't "defending from the front" so Sevco weren't that pressured when on the ball
  4. I'll happily put money towards a new flag aslong at is says "Tweet about @LoveIsland an we'll disown you"
  6. I'm assuming the uploader of the image isn't aware that if we pursue this then the police can track them from their social media etc?
  7. Partick Thistle 2017/18 thread

    Lindsay starting for Barnsley on sky sports1 against Aston Villa just now - hope he clatters John Terry
  8. Dear Saints, stop being shit and win please
  9. Partick Thistle 2017/18 thread

    It's free money for f**k all. Everyone will still call it Firhill for this 3yr contract (and continue to if a new naming rights comes in).
  10. It's not the 1st time a blatant thistle throw in was given to Sevco which lead to a goal (same shit happend at Ibrox) We need to start pressuring the officials more on these things tbh
  11. Storey was excellent and still adapting to us so will get better. All 3 CBs were immense Barton not passing it out wide when he had 2/3 chances resulted in Erskine getting sent off (could have atleast connected with the ***..) Felt Archie left it too late with his subs as many were running on empty Walking away (hah, get it?) from that game feeling disappointed we didn't take 3pts but it's a massive improvement and should kick start the league campaign.
  12. Got my rabies vaccine in preparation for this
  13. Thistle v Aberdeen, Saturday 26th August

    Adamant that Erskine giving Madden pelters just before the penalty decision went agaisnt us (Madden being pissed off and the linesmen chips in gave him an easy option) Once again we conceed a game deciding goal from not shutting down the cross in the closing stages.. Overall thought Aberdeen were just very "professional", particuarly in the 1st half when Consadine clattered someone and everyone was expecting a card but McLean mouths off at Madden to take the heat away and Madden forgets to punish Consadine. That said, the officials were very "give the bigger team every decision today" Middle to front - Aberdeen are really good but their defence (particuarly CB's) can be got at by teams willing to have a go or just route one them Barton needs dropped to the bench or a few games, Banzo + Osman for the next few games please Turnbull looked class and I thought Sammon did well but needs to improve his defensive side a bit
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