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  1. Not sure if anyone was aware of this but if Robertson goes to Liverpool, he'll likely replace Milner who's been filling in at left back.
  2. What an amazingly beautiful birthday Sunday. Say chaps, isn't it an anniversary of something today
  3. Tbh I really don't think we'll win over the two ties. It will likely be heart ache through penalty shoot out after two turgid draws.
  4. Fucking class. Wonder if we can reverse our form against Falkirk too. If we get past Falkirk and into the play off final I don't care if we end up getting beat, season has went about as far as I had thought it would. Pretty well all things considered.
  5. Nah that mad Bulgarian centre half/left back dude was totally inept technically. Absolutely brutal player from a few years ago.
  6. Good player him. Be perfectly fine in the championship.
  7. King and Keatings? Are we going to end up as a Hearts/Hibs championship editions select?
  8. Decent striker. Assuming Murray won't be signing a new contract then. Edit because phone decided I needed to post my half written waffle.
  9. What an absolute state that bairns fan has got themselves into.
  10. It's all they have the poor souls
  11. Well done sons. Played much better than United through bits of the game. If only Murray could finish properly.
  12. Ah they went with the other striker IV choice from the teamwear catalogue :/
  13. Its plain black with tangerine piping and a thick stripe at the bottom of the sleeve.
  14. I know its hard to tell but I was being heavily sarcastic