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  1. Who's up front? Surely not wee Matty? He's a winger no?
  2. Officially signed
  3. This young keeper actually any good? Or is it just "plays for EPL youths so must be good"
  4. Thing is. I'm no fan of the Smiths or Morrisey. Just a hoor for money lol.
  5. Same font as on a couple of his albums. Was the customer's request lol. Aye its not very readable.
  6. Oi Biggy. I tried to message you the other day to show you this. I got my crayons out and painted your idol for someone
  7. Dickers <3
  8. I really like it actually.
  9. Can't believe the wooshception I pulled off was still getting bitten on by arabfc tbh.
  10. That'll be the dutch striker I was told about
  11. So no Fyvie then?
  12. Banksy isn't 3D/Robert De Nerja. Check out Goldie's further tweets on the subject, he was doing it to wind 3D up (they are old friends from way back). Also note, massive attack have a new album coming out soon haha.
  13. Oh dear.
  14. I got told last night we were signing a Dutch striker. I genuinely thought Nadir was coming home.