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  1. Question. Would Rhodes have been the better option tonight given we've actually created some good chances for the forward.
  2. Need Cairney on to provide an incisive pass. Forrest off for Cairney. Decent first half from Scotland
  3. Wait a minute. You were moaning about this the other day because it forced the club to name Bowman on the bench for the development game. You must get through some amount of crayola every month.
  4. I don't think we'll have much choice other than to field that team given injuries and form.
  5. I thought he was solid today. Done much better in the second half.
  6. I'm going to drink enough Irn Bru to turn me tangerine in celebration of our utterly prestigious cup win.
  7. Oh the mad celebrations I will partake in tonight.
  8. Hahaha instant response
  9. Haha didn't even notice that! Absolute twats on the social media team at United.
  10. Who is playing RB for United?
  11. *insert reluctant celebration gif here*
  12. Its things like this that highlight the absolute zoomers found within the United support.
  13. Exactly. He was only named on the bench of a development game. It does beg the question why we didn't just use a 1st teamer given he would have counted as an overage player anyways?