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  1. I play Marvel Superheroes with my 5 year old. He absolutely loves it although I do get frustrated with the fiddly nature of some of the puzzles sometimes. I invariably find myself googling the solution when we have yet again reached a section where we are 'stuck'. He is oblivious and loves every second of it.
  2. I work in the same building as where they film the show. I can confirm the sponsored car thing. Peter is a very nice guy, loads of time for everyone. Our car park provides an interesting game of 'spot the old firm dud' most days which is good.
  3. Apparently in the last 10 days the mooch has taken the job, missed his wife giving birth (last Monday), his wife has now left him, and then today been fired. What a week!
  4. Finished left behind today. Definitely a bit of an add on and not in the league of the main game. I have been playing overwatch online (early days) but might give factions a go based on some of the comments in this thread. I am generally hopeless at online gaming (at 36 am I too old?!) but overwatch feels like a fairer playing field than BF and COD.
  5. Just Cause 3 and assassins creed freedom cry announced for next month. I was about to buy just cause so that's a good result!
  6. So 4 years later than everyone else I have just bought this game. Maybe 10 missions in so far. Very impressed.
  7. "Clown" was exactly the word I used earlier when watching the same piece. The guy should have been arrested for intentionally ignoring the police while they were trying to evacuate. Imagine the day when your twitter account content is more important to you than the real and present danger which the guy was clearly in. Clown!
  8. TLOU update: After bring encouraged by several of you (in response to my post above) to persevere, I can now confirm that I made it past this tricky section and was rewarded with the most wonderful, varied, tense computer game experience I have ever enjoyed. I completed the game today and am now a fully signed up member of the TLOU fanboy club. I haven't started left behind yet so have that to look forward to. (NB: Still struggling with the very difficult combat system in witcher 3!!!!)
  9. Probably mentioned already on the thread but I finished 'I am Pilgrim' last night. Highly recommended, best fiction I've read for years.
  10. Been playing this a fair bit over the last week. The levels are huge and very impressive. Load times are poor etc but the game is good.
  11. I am posting this from my hospital bed a week on from life changing emergency surgery which saved my life. It might be the drugs but I am taking quite a broad view at this stage of the game. There was a lot of tribalism and overly harsh language last time round. Scotland is filled with intelligent, hard working and brilliant people and whether we end up in EU as an independent Scotland or stay in the U.K. either will be lucky to fucking have us. That's what I say. There are positives and negatives on both sides of this finely balanced argument and if you do not agree with that then I politely suggest that you have allowed tribalism to take over the asylum. My request therefore is for everyone to play nice, listen more (some a lot more) and positively allow your views to be swayed by what smart people are saying so we all reach the best decision.
  12. Re Jonah Lomu - An unnamed friend of mine is an ex-Scotland rugby international. He secretly keeps Jonah Lomu and the console you play it on (PS1?) hidden at the back of his garage so he can play as himself occasionally when he needs cheering up!! Made me laugh when he showed me!
  13. Yes that's the bit.
  14. Ok I will take this is motivation and try to get there! [emoji106]
  15. So as TLOU was getting more and more hype on this thread over the last few weeks I went and bought it and have given it a go. It is not my typical game and I am struggling to get past a bit with about 5 clickers (first one has his back to you). To be honest I am on the verge of sacking it but the love in on here might force me into one more go. I have also bought witcher 3 - this thread is costing me a fortune [emoji3] Disappointing lack of hitman games on the list. Always been an underrated below the radar franchise.