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  1. Watch CNN people. Very good coverage.
  2. What hotel are you/they in?
  3. Where did you find a Scottish option file?
  4. I'm going to get it today. The reintroduction of option files is a great change. Takes away the licensing issue. I went back to pes last year after several years of FIFA. Pes is a much better game no doubt. I downloaded the FIFA demo this week and this just confirmed to me that FIFA has returned to being total mince, static scripted rubbish. I think pes 17 will build on the very good pes 16.
  5. I still think this could be the biggest false flag of them all. He is Clintons fall guy who is Purposefully making the republicans unelectable so she wins. If it's true will he ever come clean?
  6. My stag do was in a rural location and we had a burns supper in the big house we were staying in. It wasn't burns season but that didn't matter. The immortal memory was funny memories about me (rather than Burns obvs) - it was hilarious. We all jointly cooked the meal, had a good selection of malts for afterwards. Fantastic. Depends on your accommodation I suppose.
  7. Update: I have now taken the plunge on 2 counts. I have moved away from FIFA and gone with PES for the first time in about 10 years. I am also using the sticks! It's a brave new world for me people.
  8. I am a bit old-fashioned in my playing of FIFA and need to use the D-pad to control the players (rather than the sticks). This has served me well up until FIFA 14 when it all went a bit wrong. For some reason the D-Pad would no longer recognise diagonal movements as it had on previous versions. This basically meant that the player could only move in 4 directions, making the game virtually unplayable (my Aberdeen teams tend to play an open and attacking game just like in real life...). I have therefore just stuck with 13 for the last few years. I have tried to progress my skills and use the sticks but just haven't enjoyed it as much. Please tell me I am not the only one with this problem and does anyone have any tips?
  9. Speeches should always be after dinner. Whilst it might be better for the speakers to do it beforehand it is much better for the guests to do it afterwards. Everyone is always starving by the time you get into dinner and it is nice sitting with a full belly and a coffee listening to the speakers. If you suffer from nerves then tough - suck it up! This new thing of all speeches before dinner is pish imho
  10. Does anyone know if the STs have to paid up front in cash like last year or if there is a monthly instalment set up again (like the good old days.....). I ask because I think that will have an impact on sales. Paying up front is a big ask for many I would have thought.
  11. Outrun on Atari ST circa 1990. Other games in the starter pack were, from memory: Golden Axe Double Dragon R-Type Bombjack Space Harrier Afterburner Gauntlet II Can anyone remind me the others? About ten in all I would guess. Other good ST games were: Speedball 2 Carrier Command Pirates Dizzy It was a simpler time!
  12. Do you get my point though? (play the ball not the man etc)
  13. I find this whole thing amazing. Every sevconian I know buying into this crowd pleasing nonsense that this latest crooked spiv is coming up with and they hail him as the saviour. It would be an odd reaction for any football support but if anyone should be on guard for crooked spivs then surely the orcs should be that group. Somehow being part of the original car crash is seen as a good thing? In getting this latest saviour in the door they have also managed to chase away the one guy who has any money - ok he might look for a bit of reward for taking on all the risk but at least he has a fighting chance of keeping the tribute act going past Easter! Very interesting days ahead, I could be wrong but I increasingly suspect that this guy has about as much ready cash as me and is going to find a serious gap in the old cashflow when he goes to his work on Monday morning......
  14. Did nobody else heAr the rumour that Pardew is on an odd package cause he turned up with £~2m gambling debts. Ashley cleared them and pays Pardew a nominal salary (I heard £40k but who knows). This was why pardew got an 8 year deal which is obviously unheard of but much more understandable when paying such a low manager salary. No idea if true but its a good rumour. I think McCoist, McDowell and limpalot are worth every penny.....