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  1. Eastfield will take a few off blochairn, really decent side this year.
  2. Absolute bizarre. Wouldnt even be worth the hassle of penalty taking teams players to follow it in incase penalised!!
  3. Hurlford by a few.
  4. 1st one Absolute peach.
  5. Internet meltdown in progress Wee tony be sipping his vino howling at this thread.
  6. There wonder boy striker still playing with them?
  7. amateur football

    Appreciate the re-cap bud. Are you saying amateur teams shouldn't pay players tho? Might need to re-cap your re-cap.
  8. No
  9. Don't know the ins and outs of what happened with previous manager but John crooks will build a good side and his apppintment will not be a mistake.
  10. Where is that scooter boy gimp telling everyone how wonderful shortlees are? Signs were there when they were beaten by a very poor Glasgow harp side.
  11. Very good result that blochairn are a good side.
  12. Michael Kennedy as in the colville manager? none the less a terrible result against the ssmfl who by looks of game prob didn't even have half the best players in that league(ssmfl)
  13. Harestanes? if it's them your referring to then don't think there's any shame in losing 2 tight games in a week against colville.
  14. "Procession football" deary me
  15. Cawley?