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  1. Shortlees giving out the excuses after giving it big licks start of season on how they would take care of thistle
  2. What time is kick off?
  3. "The stinkygator" Terms like this should result in a permenant ban.
  4. You tell them mate! Fucking sevco cheats n aw that!! Arghhhhh!!!!
  5. Let it go 'comrade'
  6. This patter should be a banning offence.
  7. Pretty sure kinky Afro who seems like a good and honest guy said both sets of fans were at it with sectarian remarks. Apologies if I'm mistaken kinky can't be arsed checking back your posts.
  8. And did he say he had denounced them or something?
  9. Make your mind up, you either want the term 'denounced' or are happy to plod on and laugh at them.
  10. Why does the name rangers need denounced? Can you boys up there just not control yourselves when you hear the word rangers
  11. Great post.
  12. Do you actually think having that slogan on a st rochs banner proves it's not sectarian in some way
  13. You're username is a song with lyrics that refer to "oh ah up the ra" Embarrassing.
  14. If a larkhall fan racially abused a candy player in front of police it's an absolute disgrace he wasn't dealt with. What a farce tho the roch fans getting all offended about songs There the biggest bigots in junior football.
  15. You're taking this bad. I don't really care about it am just pointing out there's an easy solution to it. Baffling this rule applies in the first place.