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  1. 5-1 colville
  2. Where is this big surface?
  3. Games a bogey with the squad but on the other hand you think they will win the league?
  4. In fairness he did manage to shoehorn terms like 'marked improvement' and comparrassins to last season being 'stronger'
  5. That's a decent result for larkhall take it this was a good game crazy?
  6. The most surprising bit of info in this thread is you claiming you have a real life mate.
  7. You should do your manager a favour and tell him you won't be back.
  8. You spelt keigan parker wrong when it asked for your username mate.
  9. Big shug never ceases to amaze.
  10. It's funny when players sign here and think there ending there career at there boyhood heroes cel..... a mean the roch.
  11. Get yourself a bird mate instead of obsessing about pollok on an Internet forum.
  12. Shortlees giving out the excuses after giving it big licks start of season on how they would take care of thistle
  13. What time is kick off?
  14. "The stinkygator" Terms like this should result in a permenant ban.
  15. You tell them mate! Fucking sevco cheats n aw that!! Arghhhhh!!!!