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  1. Today’s scores and reports

    Well done to ub United that's an absolute doing they have given giffnock north today.
  2. St Roch's F.C. 2017-2018

    Where in my post did I claim St Rochs were involved?? Nowhere! simply pointing out that this is the club who have tried to tell Rossvale how to run there own facility all week and can't keep there own house in order. I'm glad you feel the need to get involved and defend them about accusations that are in your head though.
  3. St Roch's F.C. 2017-2018

    All quiet from the pillars of society junior football club. Same mob who have been trying to tell Rossvale how to run there facility all week and can't keep tramps out the away dressing room. Sickening if all this is true.
  4. Rossvale v Saint Rochs

    No denial of the "carrot" reference and it's meaning?
  5. Rossvale v Saint Rochs

    Interesting remark labelling folk "carrots" Most folk know what your referring to but am sure you will dance round it as usual. Also your comrade patter is fucking honkin.
  6. Colville shortlees tom

    5-1 colville
  7. Colville shortlees tom

    Where is this big surface?
  8. West Region summer transfer speculation 2017

    Games a bogey with the squad but on the other hand you think they will win the league?
  9. Friendlies - Fixtures & Results

    In fairness he did manage to shoehorn terms like 'marked improvement' and comparrassins to last season being 'stronger'
  10. Friendlies - Fixtures & Results

    That's a decent result for larkhall take it this was a good game crazy?
  11. Cotter shettleston

    The most surprising bit of info in this thread is you claiming you have a real life mate.
  12. Taking amateur football "seriously"

    You should do your manager a favour and tell him you won't be back.
  13. Player available

    You spelt keigan parker wrong when it asked for your username mate.
  14. Cotter shettleston

    Big shug never ceases to amaze.
  15. West Region summer transfer speculation 2017

    It's funny when players sign here and think there ending there career at there boyhood heroes cel..... a mean the roch.