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  1. Gaelic Gaelic

    Coming down here and stealing our jobs. Ghetto dwelling feckers.
  2. Gaelic Gaelic

    Same in any industry. Who'd have thunk we'd have female or gay clergy, people compromise when they have to.
  3. P&B Dead Pool 2018

    He's been on my radar for a few years, not this year unfortunately.
  4. Hillwalking Thread

    For other wee hills you've got the Cleish hills and even Saline hill gives a great view. Can camp in or by the woods near the top too.
  5. Gaelic Gaelic

    Hmm., I've hardly been the most anti Gaelic poster on this thread so I can only assume I've given you a bitch slapping on another thread and you're bearing a grudge. Let it go dude, let it go. Your Chi will thank you for it.
  6. Gaelic Gaelic

    You're really stretching here to make some kind of a point. I salute your effort though.
  7. P&B Dead Pool 2018

    I've had a piss poor season too, did more research than I did last year (or any year) and they seem to be clinging on to life. The selfish gits.
  8. Gaelic Gaelic

    I'm broadly with you, I've no issue with a bit of assistance to a traditional language that's struggling (like Gaelic) but if its an ever decreasing circle then its sort of pointless, leave it as a curiosity. The world changes and everyone wants to speak American. I had no idea the ex Dee goalie was as philosophical though, nice one.
  9. Gaelic Gaelic

    Get the 'them and us' in early, good ploy, always helpful in a debate when you can dismiss their opinions because of issues that have nothing to do with the current discussion.
  10. Gaelic Gaelic

    Heard similar myself, I'd go for Spanish rather than Gaelic though if a second language was being pushed.
  11. Gaelic Gaelic

    Gaelic is not part of my cultural heritage, its not part of my parents cultural heritage either, that logic doesn't stack up. If its something that's important to parents then they should make the effort rather than trying to get the education system to foist a dying language on kids. I'm not against people wanting to keep it going, good luck to them but I'd rather the kids got taught first aid than Gaelic at school.
  12. Gaelic Gaelic

    Happy for the teuchtars to hold on to it if it suits them but I'm not for the rewriting of history that its some great Scottish lingua franca-esq part of our history. No problems with train stations etc having the dual languages oop norf but not too sure about some of the lowland ones, especially New Towns it a bit revisionist for this cat.
  13. P&B Hospital

    I've an arthritic elbow that acts as a pretty accurate barometer too. Its been getting worse without the bad weather which is a concern. Although saying that, when I fractured it aged 19 I quickly learned to be an ambidextrous w****r. Phew.
  14. Who is the bigger grass?

    I'm a big old clipe, I ring the five-0 about anti social behaviour on my 'manor'. I've never got the who grass/clipe thing, is it grassing if you report a shop lifter, grasssing if you report someone for beasting a kid ? Its just one of those things that people doing stuff they shouldn't do throw out to let them get away with it.
  15. Who is the bigger grass?

    I would guess we're all clipes/grass's, just a case of where we draw the line on what's clipeworthy.