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  1. Yet another US shooting

    Its going to be 3 years at least before anything gets done about these kind of things, Trump isn't exactly one to reassess and change his view.
  2. I thought the same, still funny though.
  3. Oxfam scandal

    They did say the Vietnamese could go all day on a cup of rice. They maybe had something else in mind....
  4. Oxfam scandal

    I think they view the Foreign Aid budget as a means to 'grease the wheels' to encourage countrids to 'buy British'. Especially the large 'aid' package we send to India. No need to stop the ahem fact finding missions, win win. I suppose.
  5. Freemasons “discriminated against”

    This is what happens when you go against the herd G_man.
  6. Radiation

    Last question; how can you be a foot away if you are actually unscrewing the detector? I assume you're not a thalidomide ? Or to keep it more culturally accurate, Middenface McNulty.
  7. The Wine Club

    You'll struggle to get good local staff, the locals all want at least minimum wage . and time off, its damned frustrating.
  8. Phrases that scream a***hole

    I refer to a certain area of Scotland as 'the Costa del Fife', and within that, a wee town as 'San Andreas'. Does this count or is just just 'cute'.
  9. The Tennents Lager Appreciation Society

    Didn't do it often but on occasion coming off a night shift I'd go to an early morning boozer and have 1 or 2 before heading home. As you say, paper, watch the breakfast TV or whatever was on. Braw. For me, drinking on your own in the pub is something I need to be in the mood for, unless you're just killing time waiting on somebody.
  10. Jon Venables

    Was your grandad Confucius ?
  11. Orange Order "Charm Offensive"

    Where's the smart money on the first 'wid' ?
  12. Orange Order "Charm Offensive"

    It is in some countries and no I wouldn't. Its not something I lose any sleep over though, I can't see it happening somehow. Now its your turn, what age do you think the age of consent should be.
  13. Orange Order "Charm Offensive"

    What a bizarre scenario. Different countries have different ages of consent as it is. NOT THAT I'M SUGGESTING IT but nature has decreed the age of consent as when the body is able to reproduce. Here we have arbitrarily called it 16, other cultures and countries have different ideas. What age do you think people should legally be able to have sex ?
  14. Orange Order "Charm Offensive"

    Yeah that does work both ways. Bit of a futile post really.
  15. Orange Order "Charm Offensive"

    Yup, people power has done a lot of good things over the years, that's not the same thing as a bunch of angry ranters on a forum high fiving that they're the 'good guys'. For clarity, a circle jerk is a bunch of people who all agree with each other backslapping and reassuring each other that they're right. That doesn't mean that they are a movement for good, just that they all agree and feed off each others idea that they're right. Its self fulfilling as everyone in the 'jerk circle' agrees, it leads to the idea that anyone outside the jerk circle is wrong/the enemy.