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  1. Celtic Aberdeen Rangers Hearts St Johnstone Partick Thistle Killie Dundee Motherwell Ross County Inverness Hamilton
  2. Rewatching it for the first time as well. Fucking excellent stuff, gutted I'm only about 5 episodes from the end.
  3. It's being reported as Tierney at RB
  4. "The Dees are in their bed" [emoji23] Still hungover from relegating that utter gang
  5. Loy winding up the dabs there. What a guy
  6. Most football 'banter' pages are fucking terrible but that Simpsons one's amazing. Mcghee's breakdown being a particular highlight
  7. Tbf to them they gave us some cracking photos last year
  8. Goosebumps at that atmosphere
  9. Anyone paying £22 for this needs sanctioned.
  10. Thank god for microsoft paint in such difficult times
  11. Some guy's put a video up on the bridge of some poor soul who's at best completely unconscious. Literally 100's of journalists will have his mentions in absolute meltdown
  12. There was an email last week from a girl in the office asking for the guilty party to come forward and bring back the missing sellotape dispenser and sellotape. Even more importantly (I know!) she's not a wid
  13. Guilty
  14. I know the one on the left. As far as I'm aware she's not a lad.
  15. Hopefully it's a shite crowd for both games. Strachan's a cock and if they're happy enough to keep him in his role - even though he's been a massive and consistent failure - why should anyone bother?