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  1. I'm A Celebrity 2017

    Ian is trying far too hard to be a controversial p***k. No danger he can't keep the act up the whole time. I'm not doubting he is a p***k, though.
  2. The Football Lads Alliance.

    I got handed a flyer for the 'No To Racism' event last Saturday at Dens. It got about 5 seconds of my attention before being chucked away, I'm now pretty worried that anyone who saw might think I'm a member of the Football Lads Alliance.
  3. I'm A Celebrity 2017

    The Andre Gray tweets were about a million times worse than the ones he's been punted for.
  4. All things Dundee FC

    We've got some french keeper on trial according to the Tele. Absolutely not what we need and if signed a ridiculous waste of the wage budget when we're desperate for a striker who actually scores. I'll be seething if he signs, Parish is more than adequate.
  5. I'm A Celebrity 2017

    Toff was absolutely seething when he was telling everyone he pulled out a python
  6. I'm A Celebrity 2017

    Asking Rebekah Vardy if her husband was taking part in the Ashes
  7. All things Dundee FC

    Yeah I saw that a few hours ago. If the players genuinely believe yesterday was a 'great' result then we truly are fucked.
  8. All things Dundee FC

    No, it wasn't even a good point.
  9. Watching this on a stream. Falkirk have been utterly dreadful. Can't see past the DABS for the championship title.
  10. All things Dundee FC

    And I never want O'Dea to play for us again as long as Waddell, Meekings or Hendry are fit to replace him. He's been disgraceful this season. I'd include Gadz but f**k knows the script with him.
  11. All things Dundee FC

    Parish had very little to do but did everything asked of him and produced an excellent save from Brophy(I think) even though he ended up being offside. I've got no issue with him keeping the strip whilst Bain's out of the picture. Happy we got a clean sheet but I've once again left feeling more negative than positive. Hamilton winning away to Rangers is a massive kick in the balls, there's no danger we'd manage to get a result in a game like that. Bar Partick Thistle at home we've got a brutal run in of fixtures coming up and it's hard to see where we're going to start picking up points. If we're not bottom of the league at Christmas I'll be very surprised.
  12. Dundee v Kilmarnock

    It's almost like teams are happy to let us have loads of meaningless possession knowing that we'll do f**k all with it and inevitably have a brainfart in defence
  13. Dundee v Kilmarnock

    Nervous as f**k. That team doesn't help.
  14. I'm A Celebrity 2017

    I tend to agree. She was obviously hopeless as the leader of the Labour party but I reckon she's gonna come across as pretty likeable.
  15. I'm A Celebrity 2017

    Fucking love I'm A Celeb. Starts this Sunday with famous faces such as Amir Khan, the ginger one off Corrie and a shock late entrance from Kezia Dugdale(!!) To drum up the excitement even more, Vicky Pattison's swinging jaw and horrendously forced banter has been shipped off Get Me out of Here Now and replaced with the much more tolerable Scarlett Moffat. Result. Post all I'm A Celebrity related chat in this thread.