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  1. I prefer young Finlay's interpretation of events
  2. Celtic milking the f**k out of Jay Beattie again. Quelle surprise
  3. It's probably Aberdeen fans given his start
  4. Finishing work and cracking home the first beverage of the weekend at half 5, and it was still hot as f**k.
  5. The Underground will be hit the hardest by this
  6. Doubt we'll see him on Sunday. Real shame, the guy was comedy gold.
  7. It's an absolute travesty that one of those will be a top flight team next season
  8. It's like you try to be amateurs with your strips
  9. Guy's put on social media that it's 16 dead in the hospital, could be nonsense but
  10. Fucking horrible, must have been scary as f**k being in there.