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  1. Yeah with your goal difference I reckon you're pretty much guaranteed a spot.
  2. Dutch police have taken down another market called Hansa, as well as AB. Apparently they'd been running it since June 20th so will have a bunch of people's details if they've not done proper encryption when putting through orders. A few squeaky bums dotted across the world, I imagine.
  3. I'm very much pro-legalisation and think this countries stance on drugs is backwards as f**k, but holy f**k does Supras come across as a p***k when you read the start of this thread.
  4. It's FAF how Finlay had to wear a hat and sunglasses to avoid the inevitable beating that those animals would have gave him on that fateful Monday night. Imagine supporting a club so filled with hate that you need to wear a disguise just to mix with your fellow fans. Absolutely disgusting.
  5. I liked JMac but anyone who gets married at a football stadium, never mind fucking Ibrox is OFTW and we were correct to get rid.
  6. Not an Int2 in English between them. What a fucking state.
  7. Ryan Christie = liquid football
  8. Gorgeous Greg will do the business tonight.
  9. The jury heard that the complainant not only wore the blindfold during sex but also for at least 100 hours when the pair were just hanging out – going for drives, sunbathing and even “watching” films together. It must be humiliating for the girl now. But come on to f**k, how can someone be that idiotic?
  10. The fat c**t married his 22 year old second cousin. Weirdo. Mon Stuart.
  11. I've lost a lot of interest in this but watched it the past couple of nights. That Andrew has me seething every time he's on screen but fair fucks anybody who wouldn't have taken the money is an idiot and Raph calling it tainted is just jealousy. Claiming you couldn't evict someone for the best part of 19 grand I'd have packed their suitcase.
  12. Just went to check his stats. You boys aren't half quick with the wikipedia editing
  13. Has McCann said why Haber didn't feature yet?
  14. That Moussa chant after his first ever Dundee touch set up a fresh air swipe was fucking glorious. Funny as f**k and some great scenes at the end. Good to have the football back
  15. Liam Buchanan has an excellent first touch. We've been very meh, shock horror Faissal isn't built to play as a lone striker.