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  1. Arthurlie Fire sale

    You really should learn to read, I never mentioned 'automatic' relegation. You are giving the impression of someone bearing a personal grudge, or, is there another reason for being on, what appears to be, an anti-Arthurlie crusade?
  2. Arthurlie Fire sale

    And this seems to bother you for some unfathomable reason! ps. check your facts, relegation is still possible from our league.
  3. Pie and Bovril mobile app

    Working now [emoji2]
  4. Pie and Bovril mobile app

    Not been working since yesterday morning for me, reinstalling didn't help.................also having to use Tapatalk.
  5. General Secretary of the West Region

    Is the current holder of the post standing for re-election?
  6. Is the App fucked?

    Same here, been kaput since this afternoon.
  7. Arthurlie Fire sale

    You say you are a Neilston fan, yet you opened an account that seems to be specifically for the purpose of talking about Arthurlie!!!!!!!!! No talk about your own team's excellent victory away to Benburb last weekend, or their very strong promotion push . No....you only want to talk about Arthurlie.............now why is that?
  8. Breaking News

    SOH bypass?
  9. Breaking News

    George W. Bush has come to the Juniors forum.
  10. Arthurlie Fire sale

    Like I said earlier............why would a committee member tell you a rumour , not facts, about his own club?
  11. Arthurlie Fire sale

    Why would a committee member tell you a rumour about his own club? He would know what was happening in his own club.......................So why would he tell you a rumour????????????????????
  12. Arthurlie Fire sale

    Care to expand on this statement?
  13. Fluid Fans?

    What was the attendance at Pollok on Saturday?
  14. Games this weekend

    Any news on Gartcairn's 3G park? Playable?
  15. Games this weekend

    Our game was cancelled on 9th December because of snow, it will really depend on how heavy the snowfall has been in Cumnock.