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  1. Washing what's left of my hair, sorry...
  2. Aye ok Chuck Norris.
  3. The sun has Tav staying and only halliday leaving if he can get a free transfer, reckon both papers are just guessing.
  4. From the sun again (yeah i know) "ANDY HALLIDAY will be allowed to leave Rangers this summer on a free transfer – but James Tavernier is seen as a key part of Pedro Caixinha’s rebuilding plans" Thought that Halliday would be off when he came on at the end of the StJ... Game. Always felt that him and Holt were punching above their weight this season and if it wasn't for a serious of fcuk ups they wouldn't have featured.
  5. Awa to your bed QC and sleep it off.
  6. You been watching top gun again mags?
  7. Will someone please give the hibs fan some attention....
  8. A shite meme posted by magee.
  9. Your therapist will probably end up needing a therapist.
  10. Appreciate the effort Elme, very interesting.
  11. Slightly behind Falkirk but they were one of better teams in our two seasons there.
  12. What's the problem?
  13. Scoop Jackson isnae happy that the bears and Pedro had a bit of a laugh on Sunday, it's completely outrageous and disrespectful.
  14. It's funny cos he's already .... “So that’s vital and I’ve never been bothered since I’ve been up here. I say that hand on heart. “I’ve met Rangers supporters and, in the main, they have been very good. “I remember sitting in a bit of traffic in the Clyde Tunnel. There was an incident which meant all the cars were stopped. “I saw this guy coming out of his car in a blue top and I thought, ‘Here we go’. “But he said, ‘I just wanted to say thank you for coming up to Scottish football. I’m a Rangers supporter but you’re a breath of fresh air up here"