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  1. You were posting Scottish cup pics non stop....
  2. Which team voted with celtic to maintain the current voting structure?
  3. I'd maybe splash oot for a grill box tbf.
  4. SPL/SPFL/Premiership

    Folk still call Emmerdale, Emmerdale farm. Plenty of examples oot there.
  5. You really think that Sevco coming into the league has set the league ablaze? If this is the best it's been in 25 years then....
  6. Congratulations, i think it's been a bit overshadowed mind you but still.... Hiya mate, watching a cracking episode of come dine with me right now.
  7. Peter Lawwell negotiated the TV deal, your criticism obviously has motives which are not related to football.
  8. Quite a few angry posts from Dupe today, I thought that he'd be in a better mood today...
  9. SPL/SPFL/Premiership

    The football leagues rebranding was hailed as a huge success at the time, sensible people looked at it and said that very little has actually changed here. The clubs had a chance to actually change things but they didn't really want change.
  10. 500+ Scottish cup pics incoming....
  11. Thought that the Irish police were known as Garda?
  12. Lets All Laugh At Rangers Thread

    Does someone lower the heavy bag down for you?
  13. Sorry mate, not getting that reference.