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  1. Dull ken siding with the G&Gs? Surely not.....
  2. Only Sevconians are sectarian in their minds. Both clubs need to reinforce again what's acceptable and what's not.
  3. Think I might phone for a munchy box now, cheers mags.
  4. I've seen your selfies.
  5. Star Trek Discovery

    Wtf have they done to the Klingons, if it's not broken don't fix it.
  6. Unions

    Should be option two but option one sometimes happens. We do need unions, most reps are wanks tho.
  7. Replying twice to the same post, simmer doon drew....
  8. Those old insecurities never go away You'll always be haunted by it.
  9. You don't try, you don't get. Back on the saddle...
  10. Angry is what you do, still haunted by nine in a row lol
  11. Ffs you really are living in the land that time forgot. Kebab, curry, munchie box etc.... Might eventually reach Stirling one day.
  12. Don't start the Pacific shelf stuff, it doesn't go doon well. Just stick to sevco/ing, less hassle that way. Did you catch any phones yesterday? Your team won, not getting why you're so angry all the time.
  13. I haven't seen any tweets like that, with yesterday's injury ravaged team it was always going to be tough. You're trying too hard again mate, where Pedro will be judged is against the other top six teams. Celtic can wait a few years.