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  1. Fair enough.
  2. I'm not meeting you for a wrestling match, not happening.
  3. " McKenzie told police he had learned how to make a hoax bomb by watching the 1980s TV show The A-Team." criminal masterminds...
  4. He apparently thinks that you're minted, a compliment.
  5. Hiya Mr Mourinho.
  6. The one in the middles wearing a bodywarmer, does he think this is still the eighties. Ahhh i forgot it's in Stirling...
  7. Congratulations on learning how tag Mags, it took you a while but you got there.
  8. Today's post of the day.
  9. Some Celtic player in today's record moaning about refs again, it's going to be a long week.
  10. We have a player called Clint, no one can top that.
  11. I must've missed that part of the bible mate.
  12. Eh?
  13. The world must know about this!
  14. John 8 : 32, William.
  15. Are all your friends online lol