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  1. Hearts visit Ibrox

    Not confirmed but he's meant to be back in training tomorrow.
  2. Hearts visit Ibrox

    Just oor luck.
  3. A big test for Murty and the guys with hibs sneaking up behind us and the sheep level with us, especially with our form at Ibrox being pretty poor.
  4. Local teams for local people again Monks?
  5. Were you not recently celebrating the repeal of the offensive behaviour bill?
  6. You're mixing him up with the excellent MJW.
  7. She has shares in sevco...
  8. It did appear to be dying out but recently it's been coming back, should be left in the past.
  9. Did you lobby for the offensive behaviour bill to be kept?
  10. That second half was quite boring.
  11. Romeo n the lads are too busy watching Sevco to be bothered about this..
  12. Nice play there for Josh's goal.
  13. Anyone got white numbers at the top right hand corner of the screen.... Woooooo sevgoal...