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  1. You learned all of that from watching for about one minute...
  2. Thommy Rhobinson^
  3. "As a result of this decision, the club invoked Article 99 of the SFA Articles seeking a determination by an Arbitral Tribunal appointed by the SFA that the sum was not due to the SPFL. "The tribunal was held in October 2015 and found in favour of the SPFL and as such the club was liable to pay the fine plus associated costs. "The club duly paid the SPFL and the total paid during the year amounted to £286,000 and has been disclosed"
  4. We did make a kunt of the ebt scheme and we did get hammered for it.
  5. An interesting snippet on the players registrations, basically the rules left LNS no other choice in regards to not stripping titles. *On the eligibility of players: The SPL alleges “such that Rangers FC was in breach of a condition of the registration of such players and such players were ineligible to play in official matches for Rangers FC” (p26) Sandy Bryson, Head of Registrations at the Scottish FA, gives evidence that registrations remain unless revoked and are not automatically invalid due to rule breaches. The SPL explain a different take on registration. "[SPL lawyer] Mr McKenzie explained to us that SPL Rule D1.13 had hitherto been understood to mean that if, at the time of registration, a document was not lodged as required, the consequence was that a condition of registration was broken and the player automatically became ineligible to play in terms of SPL Rule D1.11." (p26) Mr McKenzie then accepts that the rules could not allow a player to be automatically ineligible. "'He accepted that no provision of the Rules enabled the Board of the SPL retrospectively to terminate the registration of the player." (p26) The tribunal states that the Scottish FA approach to the rules is clear and the SPL should apply their rules in the same manner. "We are satisfied that the registration of the Specified Players with the SPL was valid from the outset, and accordingly that they were eligible to play in official matches." (p27) "This is an important finding, as it means that there was no instance shown of Rangers FC fielding an ineligible player.
  6. Quite right too, your legal and financial advice is worth its weight in golden ebts. Don't let anyone tell you different. Your Campbell Ogilvie post is the finest investigative piece I've read in a long long time, ignore the dissenters and keep on fighting the good fight.
  7. I've changed my mind on the titles, they should be Stripped asap and compensation paid to all teams that we cheated. Thankyou Hellbhoy for making it all so clear, thank you.
  8. Can't even remember what concert i was at to get a date, tried searching back but..
  9. Scams is today's new QC word.
  10. Same thing, you should've deleted that post first lol
  11. You noticed it at the time, yet here's your original reply to my post. So easy to catch out liars.
  12. I did nothing of the sort, millers post clearly has an edited by .... Tag. Another one on ignore.
  13. To question is one thing, to demand the verdict that you prefer is another thing.
  14. So that's what skidmarks latest 'getting bites campaign' has been about I'm also guessing that theres also a skidmarks group chat pm on the go, so predictable. Time to add to the ignore list. Edit. Only edit i can see is by williemillers..... Himself.