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  1. Will be borrowing that one Sull.
  2. Will have to treat a few Celtic fans to a bottle of 7up tomorrow, it's the least they deserve.
  3. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

    Surely a few elbows from Broonaldo would've sorted out psg?
  4. Forgot this was on, a goal against psg will surely increase Dembeles value to atleast £60m.
  5. Patience grasshopper, give Sanchez some time to prepare his masterpiece
  6. Grimbo was a good laugh, not getting the negativity surrounding him...
  7. Wright is a good organiser and can get the best out of his players, gets good results on a fraction of aberdeens/Rangers budget...
  8. Can't say that im that keen on DM coming to Ibrox, Tommy Wright would be a better choice IMO.
  9. Sanchez is doing his best, that's all you can ask for.
  10. I don't think that we can sell that much more season tickets than we have at present... The McInnes media speculation is getting tiresome
  11. If in doubt, hammer throw...
  12. Great curtains tho...
  13. You looking for an invite Mags?
  14. Tomorrows Keith Jackson exclusive..