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  1. Kelty Hearts & the EOS League

    I'd dock them points for bringing the league into disrepute.
  2. Scottish Junior Cup

    I wouldn't call Beith underdogs against anyone. They draw more games than they should but are a hard, hard team and have a lot of experienced, streetwise players.
  3. Viewfield Rovers AFC

    I saw about 30-40 minutes of this and managed to see three of your goals. I was quite impressed with some of the football on display for both teams. The other team were doing a bit of moaning about offsides for a couple of the goals but the referee got it spot on every time. I didn't see any bad tackles to be honest, although the referee isn't someone you want to moan at to much as he doesn't take any nonsense.
  4. Scheme team

    Cheers, never occurred to me that it wasn't an Ayrshire tie!
  5. Scheme team

    Does anyone know who the two teams were playing at 3pm at Kilwinning sports centre on Saturday? I had a look through the fixture lists but couldn't see any match listed for there.
  6. Title contenders/top 4 finish

    They won't be very successful at all considering they have no fanbase, are located in a town which has a Premiership club and don't even play in Bonnyton itself. The senior team is an outlet for all the work they do developing players but that's about the limit as far as I can see.
  7. Freebies for the committee

    That's not discrimination.
  8. Scheme team

    Have you forgiven her yet?
  9. Scottish Junior Cup

    The reason is simple - the junior cup final is held too late in the season. Most clubs with grass surfaces have already re-turfed or re-seeded by that point.
  10. The Modern Day European Cup

    Unfortunately everything which has been put in place now was carefully calculated to extract as much money as possible from each stage of the competition. One way of increasing the drama of the knockout rounds would be to have a one-off match instead of a two-legged tie. Neutral venue, as equidistant as possible to the to clubs. It'll never happen but it's a thought.
  11. Pollok v Talbot Feb 3rd

    Ok random stranger on the internet, let's see a few quotes of mine that show I hate Talbot. I can't remember the last time I posted about them but apparently I "constantly" show my dislike so it shouldn't take you long.
  12. Pollok v Talbot Feb 3rd

    I always like it when Talbot fans make reference to the spending of other clubs as if people are playing at Beechwood for buttons.
  13. Hmm I just tend to look for the football posts and skim over the rest. I'm away back to the junior section. Wish me luck.
  14. I know you guys put up with a lot of shit on here, but come on - you're better than this.
  15. Junior football, what is the future?

    The populations of the towns that League 2 clubs play in are mostly far higher than those containing Highland, Lowland and Junior teams, with only a few exceptions, e.g Irvine Meadow/Vics, Linlithgow, Kilwinning, Kirkintilloch. If you asked most fans of League 2 clubs their thoughts on playing in a regionalised league they would see it as less prestigious and a backwards step, regardless of any potential financial benefit. In fact I doubt any studies have ever been done to explore the benefits and drawbacks of such a reorganization.