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  1. Scottish Juniors BOOK - I need your help!

    Ardchoille Park was the original home of Ardeer Thistle, who moved to the present day Ardeer Stadium following the Recreational team folding. You can still see the banking where the terracing was at Ardchoille Park.
  2. New Stadia

    To give an example - on one Saturday last season Townhead Park in Cumnock had Cumnock/Auchinleck kids playing on the pitch at half 9, an under 14 match at 1030 followed by an amateur match at 2pm. All while the junior side were playing away from home. So the park generates income even on weeks where previously you'd bring in nothing. Set aside a proportion of that and the eventual repair or replacement will be taken care of.
  3. Kilwinning Rangers 17/18

    The question is - with how many weeks to spare will the Buffs win it?
  4. The Gers vs The Accies - Nov 18th

    Hamilton have a really nice and unique strip and every year they stay up is a two-fingered salute to all the bangers in the press who constantly tell us that Hearts, Hibs, Dundee Utd and The Rangers need to be in the top flight courtesy of their larger supports.
  5. Kilwinning Rangers 17/18

    Not quite. I doubt you'd find the Buffs Chairman disrespecting another club in that way. It's more likely he was referring to the pitch not being perfect for both teams. It wasn't him who suggested it was a leveller. And even if he was, it's hardly groundbreaking stuff to suggest a premier team might be a better footballing side than a Super First one.
  6. Kilwinning Rangers 17/18

    Do you actually mean it makes no sense to you, or that you just disagree with it?
  7. Junior football, what is the future?

    The question of the juniors being absorbed into a national senior setup isn't going away. The best thing is for a group of the bigger clubs in the West to get together and discuss it properly between themselves, without any input from the SJFA, and decide exactly what they want. I have no idea where clubs stand on this issue and have never heard of any supporters being asked their opinion either. While Talbot fans quite rightly rejected the idea (on here anyway) of joining the SOS league to gain a licence, I wonder if attitudes would change if 4 or 5 of the bigger Ayrshire teams expressed a willingness to apply alongside them?
  8. Auchinleck 2-2 Beith

    Buffs are doing just fine thanks [emoji1]
  9. Ayrshire Teams 1992

    I suppose in a way the picture shows the decline of industry in Ayrshire as well as amateur football. Newmilns Vesuvius, Johnnie Walker are two more which are now long gone.
  10. Ayrshire Teams 1992

    Where did Pavilion Bowl come from?
  11. Arthurlie pull a fly one

    The pitch was in a terrible state a few weeks ago against Kilwinning so I'm not surprised it has finally succumbed.
  12. Kilwinning Rangers 17/18

    Makes good business sense for Kilwinning.
  13. Scottish Rnd 3

    They probably need all the admin done first, referee's reports, team lines etc in case of any potential anomalies or appeals.
  14. Guilty until proven innocent.

    Says who?
  15. Refs

    Swearing at a ref isn't automatically dissent, it depends on how it is directed. Swearing is an expected part of the game when you have 22 players full of adrenaline desperate to win.