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  1. Queens v Pars

    Ouch the Nicky 50 yard thunder header game. Ah well we haven't got Robinson in goal so hopefully we won't see another one of them. 3-0 Queens, Sir Stephen hat trick.
  2. Queens v Morton

    Missed opportunity for us against our main rivals for the fourth playoff place. Dobbie was Dobbie but thought he was slightly greedy on a couple of occasions ( not that we can really complain). I did say earlier that Harkins was the one we needed to keep quiet, wasn't to be and it cost us.
  3. Queens v Morton

    Anyway to get back on track, if we keep Harkins quiet and get Dom and Dobbie on the ball we can win this. 2-1 Queens in a tight dour battle.
  4. Queens v Morton

    The voice of reason and common sense.
  5. https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/barnsley-fc/ross-is-favourite-for-the-oakell-hot-seat-1-9015355
  6. Rewriting history

    School's out I see.
  7. Rewriting history

    Really trying to hard, you need to get out a bit!
  8. Good luck to the guy if he goes, although I think this league is already over it might make for an interesting run in.
  9. You guys enjoy the rest of the season now. Ooft Nicky now captain eh, suppose that's another excuse not to drop him.
  10. Ah, one of those loyal supporters who travels to all the games even those that are miles away!!! Bit cold today to train so I thought I'd pop in here for a catch up.
  11. You still a little bit upset after your game and performance yesterday? Chill out a little.
  12. None of the above and take it you don't agree with my comment?
  13. Queens v Morton

    Morton are strong away from home but I think we can sneak this. Big game with the final playoff place up for grabs.
  14. Not quite what I was looking for Livi but good enough, ta. :-)
  15. Sir Stephen is the best player in the league this season, Gav must be the most improved.