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  1. Sclaffs, have a look again at all the goals he scored against the ****. As for him being a good player, although after playing this season with Dobbie it will probably have changed, last year Del said the best strike partner he had ever played with was Gav. No mention of p***ky Clark even though he played with him for a few seasons! A wee question for you slaving dicks from Dumpfermline, if and its a big if Faissal went back to you how would you feel about him getting subbed every week leaving Nicholas to get all the game time?
  2. Can't see it but aye hopefully.
  3. Hopefully with a good preseason under his belt Danny can get back to the player he was 3-4 years ago.
  4. We Gav doing what Clark can only dream of, celebrating scoring in the premier league.
  5. Will be very good at that level, not the quickest but reads the game well. Supposed to be a bit of a fitness freek
  6. Last one we had wasn't to shabby!
  7. Devlin would be a great signing but I think he'll end up at a premier club.
  8. Where's his watch, still in the jewellers being fixed or on the mantelpiece with his brothers war medals?
  9. Wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised if St Mirren win the league next year.
  10. Very poor, I thought they were a big team, well some on here would have us think that way!!!
  11. Surprisingly they didn't, were you even there?
  12. Well we were robbed of a perfectly good goal for an offside that never was, we got a player booked and a penalty waved away when it was a stonewaller and to top it off Clark scores as freakish a goal as your likely to see. That's football and summed up our season in one game. Re the Pars supporters bus, good to hear nobody was injured and that the driver is making a recovery. Ah well just a few weeks before we can look forward to another season!