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  1. Not sure what's more depressing, reading this thread or the thought of the season ahead?
  2. Nice kid just a shame about his father. Good lad as I said.
  3. If and it's a big if McShane were to sign I'd play him in the middle along with Jacobs.
  4. Ooft sare yin for Dumpfermline last night. Who's the wee team in Fife at the moment, surely can't be Cowden or Raith?
  5. I'm hoping for someone else but it wouldn't surprise me if Faddy gets it.
  6. Dan's best ever spell for us was when he played on the right.
  7. Pre season friendlyies don't count even when they're against good teams who were unlucky in the play offs.
  8. Not exactly looking like the strongest squad we've had in the last ten years. We certainly need a few more signed or we could be in trouble.
  9. Anyway, back on track any list of the latest odds and yes I know we will be struggling?