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  1. We were very poor first half in particular where the pace and movement of Morgan, Reilly and Smith caused us all sorts of problems. As for Martin, what the hell was he doing with their first. Leighfield must start next week. Sad to say Faddy is done as a footballer, good in his day but not now. Morgan is a very good prospect, hopefully he moves on in the January window.
  2. What to do today? A Saturday without a game to go to and the other half's talking about going early Christmas shopping! Edited to say, Glen's v Threave it is then. ☺
  3. Dobbie and Del up against a makeshift defense including a young guy who's only been at the club a day, should be entertaining.
  4. Double D's could have a field day!
  5. Both teams will be hurting after Saturdays results, I hope we can add to their pain and get a result. Sir Stephen doesn't normally go to many games without a goal. 2-1 Queens and I would grudge wee Gav their goal.
  6. Queens v Morton

    Anyone got anything to say about the game?
  7. Pars vs St Mirren

    Some posters get upset easily and bite! Different teams and styles of play suit different players and it's apparent last season didn't suit Gav but it must be said that whatever system St Mirren are playing this season so far by all reports it certainly seems to be suiting him. Anyway you guys just play out a nice, nil draw so we can get back on top, cheers.
  8. It was quite entertaining on Tuesday night.
  9. Queens v Morton

    No bites so far vT. Anyway tough match but I expect us to have enough to see us through. With anther couple of hard to call games (Pars v St's and Utd v Falkirk), draws would be nice, things could be looking we'll come Saturday evening. Mr X
  10. Good luck Lee wherever you end up. Some great memories of you especially with your penalty antics.
  11. So did he score to make it 9 from 11 or not?
  12. Livingston v Queens

    Not the best of games for us but thought once we'd gone ahead in the second half we would have seen the game out. Suppose a point away at Livi isn't to be sniffed at. Others will drop points here.
  13. Derek Young, do u21 caps count?