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  1. No I don't know if any players have jobs, the article says he would like to get into coaching and at his age I would have thought it was natural progression. As for going part-time I'd be very surprised.
  2. Sometimes the sun shines down on you!
  3. It's a glorious day weather wise, just hope the footy doesn't spoil the day. Dobbie's due a goal or 3! :-)
  4. Welcome to Connor but I hope Naysmith's not contemplating dropping Jacob's to accommodate him along side Rankin.
  5. Easy home win for the Toon and we'll gift Raith 3pts just so we can hear the rage. Relegation dogfight awaits the pars.
  6. Close game but I can't see past a home win, 2-1 Raith.
  7. Well done to the youngsters and all involved.
  8. Surely you're not trying to compare Clark with Dobbie, now you are being silly. As for the obscenity at the end, when you resort to that you've lost the argument. Thanks for your input though and enjoy your fight to miss the drop.
  9. Hello
  10. Surely you don't need any of the above you have Nicky? He hasn't scored recently against full time teams but that's to be expected but come on you were playing Ayr ffs. Read he got the full game again, no surprises eh. Watch your backs now the pack are closing in fast
  11. Should be entertaining then!