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  1. Player Available for Transfer

    I have a lot of time for Chris, always have always will.... posting this on here IMO was a bad idea on many levels. Is it true? Does that matter, its behind the scenes things that shouldn't be on a public forum, if everything he has said is false it doesn't matter as mud sticks, if its all true well many will have made their minds up earlier. Two points I would like to comment on though are firstly to claim to be the hardest working Arthurlie manager ever is a slant on every previous manager, I am not for one second questioning the time, effort and yes cash Chris did put into the job but he is far from the first one to do so and he most certainly wont be the last, I know what some previous guys put in and it shocked me and I am sure its the case at many other clubs. Secondly, Chris you stated that when you took over the side hadn't won in ten games then you won your first three which is correct. In those ten games you were either a coach a player or assistant manager, the latter being the case for the majority of the games. As an assistant to Steve Kerrigan you must take part of the blame for those results unless you don't think your views were being taken on board which does happen and if that's the case I must then ask what was your input or point of being there if you didn't have a say in selection, tactics etc? I hope your back involved soon, one problem Arthurlie had in your spell there was the lack of a big front man who could score goals, that was you, great goals to games ratio and IMO you should have still being playing when with us and should still be doing so now, all the best what ever you get up to.
  2. Player Available for Transfer

    Simply dont play the Scottish in December and January just get league games on.
  3. Just the juniors radio show

    Enjoyed that tonight, thanks
  4. Pulse 98.4FM Junior Radio Show Nugent4nil

    Thanks Mr D, really enjoyed last night its so much easier with guests ha.... I 'think' I have someone for next week but always looking for guests, ALWAYS!
  5. Pulse 98.4FM Junior Radio Show Nugent4nil

    Back tonight with Nugent4nil on Pulse 984 with Scott Struthers and Stewart Weir live from 7pm
  6. New radio station covering the juniors

    Great to see this show back, the more the merrier, and well done on geting guests its been a problem for me of late! haha
  7. Today's Scores

    Thats shocking to read, hopefully things will improve quickly, so sad to hear.
  8. Festive friendly match thread

    Explains it, thanks.
  9. Festive friendly match thread

    Just read on Twitter that Kilwinning are playing Meadow on Saturday which has been arranged due to Meadows Scottish game being called off again. I am not saying I agree with the rules etc for one second but I was wondering how its been allowed, hopefully though common sense but it just seems strange after the SJFA's earlier stance?
  10. Pulse 98.4FM Junior Radio Show Nugent4nil

    Seriously if you play, coach, manage, watch, SHOUT at junior football games please come along to the show, its actually harmless and relaxed and as I always say regards the games that.. you CAN bring yer dug, with the radio you CAN bring your BAIRN If your unsure of what its like ask someone who has been on before, please don't ask Ally Park though as he tried to break into the school main building as myself and Southy laughed at him. Directions and details will be given just those Ayrshire types... The show promotes junior football without those involved there is no show, just please get in touch and keep the show going, thanks
  11. Pulse 98.4FM Junior Radio Show Nugent4nil

    We have a guest, yes thats right a GUEST Live from 7pm on Pulse 984 its Rob Roy gaffer Stewart Maxwell.
  12. West Region fixtures "to March"

    Oh yes they can...................
  13. West Region fixtures "to March"

    The message was delayed due to adverse weather conditions and a severe bout of stubbornness
  14. West Region fixtures "to March"

    West region just posted this on Twitter..... FIXTURES Due to recent inclement weather which has resulted in several Scottish Junior Cup ties still outstanding. Along with Scottish Junior Cup ties taking priority over league fixtures. The West Region Management Committee has decided that fixtures will be released ASAP.
  15. John 'Tiger' Shaw

    An absolute gent of man, always up for a chat and a bit of banter, had a heart of gold and hollow legs, as I found to my cost on a few occasions. It wont be the same at Lie v Lok games without seeing him, thoughts with his family and all at Pollok, I hope they have the bar well stocked up stairs for you Tiger.