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  1. Arthurlie Fire sale

    Just a thought, I like many other on here have no factual knowledge on the goings on at ARthurlie just working on what a mate said or common sense approaches. If Spence did, IF, receive a payment at Christmas and if said payment was linked to a signing on fee would he be the first player every to say 'OK I will take x amount to sign pay me half now half at Christmas' means he has his Santa bill sorted, as I say I know nothing of the facts but I do know deals like that have happened on numerous occasions.
  2. Arthurlie Fire sale

    Some people have remained on the committee for a number of years and the last six managers have left off their own accord. Nothing stays the same anywhere in life does it? I do agree the turnover of managers isnt good in the slightest but with regards the players every manager wants his own guys in so there's always a change. The bottom line here for me is that, and I am NOT saying everything down Dunterlie way is rosy, far from it, but its possible to pick faults with virtually all junior clubs if you want to, people with inside stories, mates in the know etc, once one starts then others follow, aye I heard that too.
  3. Arthurlie Fire sale

    There has been a turnover on the committee too.
  4. Arthurlie Fire sale

    I get the impression he means the social club which was for many years the football clubs biggest sponsor, I think thats what he is meaning thats all. What I do love about threads like these is the amount of times people feel the need to start new accounts to speak their mind, which has happened here.
  5. Arthurlie Fire sale

    We don't want to boost the local economy basically.... haha Arthurlie actually used to hold a lot of functions at the Glen Halls in the 60's and 70's, (no I wasnt there) but that was before the social club was built.
  6. Arthurlie Fire sale

    As I said earlier I havent heard anything about this but on another track there has been no mention of cash in the alleged bonuses, could if have been a big selection box for 100% training attendance, a small one for average attendance and a load of those purple things you always have at the bottom of a box of Quality Street for the non attenders?
  7. Arthurlie Fire sale

    I hear a lot about whats going on at Arthurlie but Xmas bonuses are a new one to me as for the manager hes been quite busy with comings and goings.
  8. Arthurlie Fire sale

    Arthurlie obviously hasn't the crowds or success of years past but they are still IMO a so called big club. Having been in the top league since all but the first season and although flirting with danger at the bottom end of the table in recent years havent been a yo-you club. If you ask most people about Ayrshire clubs the names Talbot and Cumnock will be mentioned, even when Nok were down a league while in the central area Pollok and Arthurlie will be named. As I have stated Arthurlie are nowhere near the force they once were but they still have a massive attraction for many associated with junior football., in my humble opinion obviously.
  9. Question re West Region restructuring play-offs

    There is a date where you cant sign anyone who has played junior that season im sure, there was a way around this which I remember a club utilizing in the play offs, is this still possible?
  10. Arthurlie Fire sale

    I understand where your coming from regards clearing out the deadwood but for a squad low on numbers we seem to be shipping out players and replacing them with ones who arent as good, Watson was never given a chance but I understand we have signed a player who isnt near his level to replace him. If the manager was bringing in young players with potential with the idea to develope them I could take that but bringing in journeymen players who arent improving the team short term just bemuses me, if its long term we need youth if its short term we need better than we have at present neither is happening. As for the team improving, we have only beaten one team from our league this season and I honestly dont fancy us against anyone or any team likely to be in the play offs for that matter at this time, fingers crossed that changes but something has got to happen for it to change.
  11. Arthurlie Fire sale

    Consistency is an issue with Lennon but I have seen him cause teams a lot of problems with his pace and directness, I dont think the heavier pitches do him any favours nor him being played central mid, a call I found just absurd.
  12. Arthurlie Fire sale

    Apologies regards it being Jamie, I got mixed up as he only actually started one game for us and played a total of maybe 75 minutes during his time with the club, Darren Burns hasnt been involved sinse January, not listed in the last two squads so hes injured or gone as we didn't have a full bench on either occasion.
  13. Arthurlie Fire sale

    I have McKenzie locked in my spare room only let him out for training and games, think he will see the season out unless he escapes obviously. Steve Watson has joined KIlsyth, cant comment on him being a loss as he didnt get much game time being cup tied, Alex Wyper is away to Cumbernauld, boy Burns, Darren? seems to have vanished, not seen Scott Gair in a while not sure if hes injured or away. I must confess to being rather bemused at whats going on, that said its down to the gaffer and committee to deal with these things so I will leave them to it.
  14. Arthurlie Fire sale

    Ahem as if.... what is happening now is actually a piece of brilliance, a plan so cunning even the sharpest brains will not have a clue whats happening until the final peice of the jigsaw falls into place, once or rather if I work out what said plan is I will let you know.
  15. Pulse 98.4FM Junior Radio Show Nugent4nil

    Thanks for coming along, always a pleasure......... Looking for a guest or two or three for next Thursday