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  1. Player available

    Just spoke to the Arthurlie secretary and can confirm this....................... isn't true.
  2. Goals updates

    Kinda they only scored half as many goals in the second, 12 - 0 ouch!
  3. Goals updates

    Rossavle 3 Wishaw 1 two goals in two minutes it seems.
  4. Goals updates

    Lanark 8 nil up at half time v Newmains, tough start for the new management
  5. Pulse 98.4FM Junior Radio Show Nugent4nil

    Appreciate that, its easy when you have guests who have knowledge and a passion for what they are doing as it saves me waffling more than usual haha
  6. Managers out there

  7. Pulse 98.4FM Junior Radio Show Nugent4nil

    Tonight's guest is St Roch's gaffer Andy Cameron live on Pulse 98.4fm from 7pm. I have a guest sorted for next Thursday too, showing off I know, but always looking for more guests for the show.
  8. Central Sectional Cup final

    Lang..... sent you a message..
  9. irvine meadow sack ross wilson

    Yep, East Kilbride too, very unlucky with injuries but a great talent when fit.
  10. Central Sectional Cup final

    WOuldnt putting a programme together be an idea? My understanding is that if the host club do and print one they keep 100% of the takings?
  11. Quadrangular Tournament 2017

    Ah OK cheers
  12. 23rd and 30th December - Blank?

    The 30th I can understand a bit but that said I remember recently going to Auchinleck with Arthurlie on New years eve so... the 23rd though is just a daft call, absolutely no need for no games on that day.
  13. Quadrangular Tournament 2017

    Wasn't sure if I had imagined it previously but Davie you've just confirmed I didn't, why were 5 subs allowed? I take it that it was classed as a friendly to allow that?
  14. Quadrangular Tournament 2017

    On another point...................... 2:30pm kick offs midweek, it would have maybe been a great idea, they didnt know the weather in advance, to invite pupils from the local schools along, bigger crowd some supporters of the future etc?
  15. Quadrangular Tournament 2017

    I take pictures at all my clubs games which are used in two local papers and the clubs match programme, I have also given them to anyone who has asked on many occasions. Out of a bit of respect for the paper I do not upload my pictures until after the edition they are in is published but I upload them all. I have also taken countless pictures at various event and finals for friends and such, for example myself and another from this forum went to two separate cup finals for juvenile football, between us we passed on copies of possibly 500 pictures between the two events that were passed on to the families of the two cup winning sides. The alternative was for the parents to pay £10 a picture of their kid winning the Scottish Cup, TEN POUNDS! The reason I also upload my pictures is because if anyone sees one in the paper and wants to purchase a copy the paper charges roughly £12 of which I get a grand total of nothing. I totally understand regards doing someone out of a job but in my experience the only press coverage the majority of juniors clubs get is in the local press and due to falling sales and cut backs they don't send a photographer to a game or if they do they are in and out in ten minutes and away to another game. Basically if I didn't send pictures into the paper there wouldn't be any pictures and as a supporter of my club I want them to get as much publicity as possible. I must add that I don't and have never been paid for pictures, as is the case with most who do the same, and although I don't have any income at all at the moment I would never dream of asking.