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  1. P&B Dead Pool 2018

    Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul making a final trip through the cemetery gates at 54.
  2. Various club name issues

    Same deal as both the New York NFL teams who play in East Rutherford, NJ. I suppose calling yourself a New Yprk team has more cachet with sponsors and so on that having to admit you're actually from Jersey. Only sports team I can think of that actually own up to coming from there are the Jersey Devils of the NHL. There's a fair few NFL teams that don't actually play in the city they're named after - the 49ers play in Santa Clara these days which is like 50 miles from San Francisco.
  3. Various club name issues

    Nah, that was Coats over in Paisley made that
  4. Various club name issues

    Rossvale's named after elements of two street names in Bishopbriggs IIRC. The Ants originated as the boys club for the local RC church, and the area immediately north of Glasgow city centre used to be called St Rollox, hence St Roch's...not sure what version's the correct spelling, but they're from the same root. I always assumed Hermes just did an Ajax and named the club after a character from Greek mythology.
  5. Road to progression

    The big stumbling block would be first call on an enclosed ground - only a few of the bigger amateur names have this, and most alternate between several registered venues dependent on what's available or playable on the day. As you say, some of the bigger amateur sides are heavily rumoured to be amateur in name only, and would likely prefer to remain big fish in a small pool - the amateur game's very much of itself in many respects, in some cases making some of the more insular and retrogressive current Junior clubs look progressive. I wish it were not the case, but I just couldn't envisage too many amateur teams being interested.
  6. Show us your pussy..!

    Woody watching Tunisia v England with me. I feel like I should offer him a beer.
  7. WoSFL Pyramid Deadline - SJFA or Club led?

    Yeah, they're currently backed into a corner and are playing for time hoping to preserve their own positions and as much of the status quo as possible or even better that the issue will go away. It won't, and if left to the current regime's timetable I suspect we'd still be humming and hawing this time next season. I could be wrong, but I think the WoS will eventually happen under the auspices of the EoS...there doesn't seem too much confidence remaining regarding the motives or negotiating abilities of the current set-up, and I think a lot of teams will see a clean break as the best way ahead
  8. Do you like the English?

    I used to think that if you drew a line between the Severn and The Wash, most of the arseholes in England were concentrated south and east of it. Now I'm not so sure...some of the most swivel-eyed Brexit taking-back-our-country types came from places like Cumbria and Lancashire I previously had a lot of time for that are well north of it. Good folk and bad folk everywhere, including here, I suppose. The unthinking Scottish "it's whit ma faither voted" Labour types are just as bad as the unthinking English "trust our betters" working class Tories. As far as supporting England at any sport...f**k that. It was bad enough when they won the rugby world cup - can you imagine what the 2018 media would be like if they won the football one? I'll only really relax and enjoy this one once they're safely out.
  9. General Politics Thread

    Since upskirting's still legal, here's a photo of Theresa May's c**t...
  10. Quick Question Thread

    I'd initially assumed he was conflating it with mass extinctions, of which there have been five with a sixth currently underway. Then I found out he also didn't think gravity was a thing, so he probably did actually think the world had ended six times.
  11. Best European Country

    Two of the best by my calculations.
  12. ANOTHER fire at Glasgow School of Art

    Although the School of Art will be a bigger loss in terms of being iconic and a tourist attraction, when it comes down to it a greater proportion of Glaswegians will probably miss the ABC more - for my money it was the best medium sized gig venue in Scotland.
  13. Things Americans Do

    Can vouch for that - took the Amtrak express from Washington to New York once. It's classed as one of their hyper-fast flagship services, and takes about five hours to go just over 200 miles. Only plus point is you go through a bit of Delaware, which is one of those states no c**t visits.
  14. Things Americans Do

    Look at you wide-eyed and declare "Gee, you're not messing around..." when you order your second pint in the space of an hour.