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  1. January transfers

    They'll be trying to bring Victor Anichebe back from China next.
  2. FA Cup 2017/18

    He also said Calvert-Lewin flinging himself into Lovren was a clear penalty. One pundit, so many inconsistencies.
  3. FA Cup 2017/18

    It's probably a foul, but it's definitely a dive. These scenes are like when they didn't get the 4 penalties against Barcelona.
  4. FA Cup 2017/18

    VAR will only work in England if they don't have idiots like Mike Jones, Lee Mason and Kevin Friend watching. They'd struggle to spot if a player pulled out a machete.
  5. Montrose vs Clyde

    It will be absolutely petrifying if we go into another game without some more new faces. Whatever the reason behind it; lack of money, lack of options, not thinking we need new players etc. That squad is only fit to seriously challenge 2 or 3 teams for points in this league. Lennon has to decide how he is going to play the rest of the season. We either go for the hard to beat approach, a back three with Nicoll in front, and two up front to chase long balls. Or we try and pass the ball a bit more like last weekend (not that it worked), and he ditches the likes of "Mr Reliable" from the team and puts in someone that can turn with the ball and pass forwards. Montrose haven't dazzled against us this season. First half in the opening game they were well on top thanks to Chapman's mental tactics, the second half we played well enough to almost nick a point. The game at Broadwood was diabolical but we were never in any danger of losing.
  6. Premier League 2017-2018

    A few years ago Everton had some very good players who were either good for Everton, or obviously going to move on and raise some money; Cahill, Baines, Arteta, Lukaku, Barkley, Stones, Coleman, Fellaini. Who do they have now? They've completely wasted the Lukaku money. Depending on how Coleman comes back from his injury, there's not a player in that squad who the big 6 would seriously want to spend a penny on. There are no assets to sell unless a Lookman develops dramatically, and a ton of ageing players to replace. Then you've got a stadium to pay for, where 2/3rds of the money is having to come from the council despite Moshiri apparently being rich? Then you have the fact they've barely had a shot on target in their last few games and the manager says they need to be more boring? Everton are in big trouble and it would be even more obvious if the other teams in the bottom 14 weren't so diabolical. Leicester are probably the only one with a decent shout of not being completely awful.
  7. Premier League 2017-2018

    Mignolet has played enough to give an idea of how bad he is. Five years and he's not improved at all. Indeed, he is in with a fair shout of being the worst 'keeper in the league; only Joe Hart has had a worse season. There was a point a couple of weeks back where he'd let in 24 goals and only made 24 saves! Add in how slow he is off his line, and how poor he is with the ball at his feet, and his time at Liverpool is over. Karius may well turn out to be rubbish but he deserves a run to prove it. He's not had that yet.
  8. Premier League 2017-2018

    I thought Can was fantastic today. Not well either apparently, hence why he was subbed! Here's hoping something can still be worked out with his contract as he's on the verge of moving into another gear. Oxlade, Firmino and Robertson as well. Good to see Mignolet finally binned and Karius given a decent run-out as he might actually save something, whilst his distribution is much sharper. Great game overall. de Bruyne is just something else.
  9. Breslin, like Nicoll, wasn't there last season. He was at Hamilton. Smart hardly played (first half of season he flirted from Stranraer to EK). Was mainly a sub behind Weatherson when he came back. Max Wright started about 2/3rds of their games. Home played quite a bit, he only signed for them November time. Stewart joined on loan from St Mirren in February and basically played every game until he pulled his hamstring at Broadwood. Currie, Ramsay, Cuddihy were the main regulars. Probably could say that of Wright and Home as well. Stewart after he signed was a first pick. The Annan signings aren't the main source of the problem, as poor as Wright and Ramsay have been. Ex Annan players who were nowhere near their team last season like Nicoll and Breslin, cheap rubbish like Miller and retained players like Ferguson, Gormley, Lowdon and McNiff are the bigger issue. Flynn as well but he gets a pass to some extent given he was playing with a long term injury.
  10. Clyde v Stenhousemuir

    For months, I've been demanding that Nicoll have a go at trying a forward pass. Today, he did and it led to a goal. My approval rating for Lennon has dropped massively after today. He absolutely should have stuck with the back three, and I've no idea why he thinks it's a good idea to change the system, personnel etc so drastically every game. Nicoll and Ramsay staying on the pitch for 90 minutes is nothing short of negligent. He says he wants us to try and pass the ball, yet he keeps picking a deep midfielder who can't receive the ball to feet, or pass it; Stenny had obviously done a bit of preparation and knew to hit him quickly any time the ball found its way to his feet. He then pairs him with a centre half who has done nothing to suggest he's a midfielder in three games bar one run down the wing that ended with a cross 10 yards in front of his team-mates. Then Ramsay, who literally disappears for long periods. I have some sympathy for him, albeit very little. Our best passer of the ball (unbelievably Currie) plays the ball out to the centre halves, who then have the option of a long ball, or trying to hit a full-back who generally has been forced into a wide area. Nicoll actively hides in the centre of the pitch and on the rare occasions that he is guilted into showing show for the ball, it bounces off him backwards. We don't have any active game-plan to try and get the ball into those further forward midfielders. For example I thought Love used the ball well today when he had it and linked up with Goodwillie in the same way that Cuddihy has at times; playing a one-two and moving into space. He didn't have the ball much at all though. In his short stint on the pitch, Lamont managed to get on the ball more times than both and did a much better job at playing forward and driving into space. He absolutely should be starting a run of games. The Miller gamble up front ended like any other time he's played; not a single header won, and easily brushed off the ball. He's just not got it at this level and supports the idea that every penny spent on a youth system is a wasted penny. As much as I never want him to play, because he's lazy and runs into Goodwillie's space, I think we need to stick with Smart, purely as he can occasionally get a goal. We don't have anyone else other than Goodwillie (and Love, looking at his record) who can score a goal. Duffie I've been prepared to give time to, because of his long lay-off and his previous pedigree. I think he was the worst today, even worse than Nicoll. Breslin is the other option. Thank goodness we let McNeil go! Stewart is unlucky as he's a good left-back in a four, but not a good wing-back. I'd personally play him as the left centre half to have him in the team as he's one of our better players. Of course, Stenny deserved their win. However, at 1-0, Currie plays a quick kick-out that Meechan messed up, all Goodwillie had to do was roll the ball past Smith who was miles off his line. Takes a poor touch, then within 20 seconds Home (who I thought was otherwise excellent defensively) sliced a clearance and it's 2-0. Sums everything up that I'd still give him MotM. Stenny were decent defensively again, and although we kept McGuigan quiet they carried a good threat on the counter having taken the lead. Marsh as expected played like a centre half in midfield, yet he was still better than our two cloggers in there. I thought they should have had a penalty when Nicoll handled a shot from a free-kick in the first half (maybe got away with it as he had bravely turned his back). Smith is a complete donkey in goals and it's an insult that I don't think we tested him once. The chairman takes as much blame as Chapman/Lennon. The idea of a clear-out is always appealing but there will always be a decent player or two being pulled down by the rest. Make a bit of effort to keep McNeil, Easton, McGovern and Linton and that team is a totally different story; we'd be getting the ball into Goodwillie in better positions, retaining possession better and have more players popping up with goals. Instead we supplement Chapman's pals from Annan with bargain midfielders who have been chased out of the SPFL, from Petershill, Clydebank and the amateurs. Make no mistake about it, if he doesn't dig up a minimum 5 players (and I don't mean centre halves who are getting played in midfield) before the end of January, we are finishing bottom. Cowden might not win a game against another side but they will beat this rabble twice at least.
  11. Clyde v Stenhousemuir

    Good goal from Stenny, screamer off inside of the post. Cook a threat. Apart from that it's been acid in the eyes stuff. Duffie is so timid, McNiff is back to being a wreck and as for that midfield trio...
  12. January transfers

    Well, he's got the players he wanted last summer now. Keita is a terrific player; goes past players for fun and creates, but also wins the ball back like an elite defensive midfielder. Should definitely help the run in, even if he can't play Champion's League.
  13. Clyde v Stenhousemuir

    Last season - 14 games without a league win. This season - 12 league games without a league win, and counting. With Montrose and Peterhead to follow this one, I fear we might eclipse last year. Absolutely soul destroying. We might win tomorrow. Stenny have been the better team first half in both games, we were the better team second half. Dunlops have dealt well with Goodwillie but hopefully last week is a sign he's back onto some form. Hopefully Paton is indeed away back to Hearts, at least for this game (even if he has been relatively quiet in both meetings so far). The problem we've got is that it's now at a stage where hardly any of the players deserve to be starting, whether through abysmal fitness, poor form, not being good enough, or bouts of racism. Currie, Home, Goodwillie, possibly McNiff (who will probably be half the player without Munro shouting at him). That's about it. Ask 10 people our best eleven and they'd all say wildly different things, and not with any confidence.
  14. Let's look at comments from the Berwick game. These are the ones I made regarding that midfield trio; To which you responded: There's only one person with a blindspot/agenda here, who resorts to pointless hyperbole and generally making stuff up in order to try and pick a fight. I'll give you the respect though of pointing out why those two (and Nicoll) have played regularly; it's because they've literally been the only three central midfielders we have since Miller/Flynn ended up leaving/injured. Cuddihy and Ramsay rightly missed a game apiece each with the new signings, and both (and Nicoll) will no doubt miss more in the future.
  15. After some short, and therefore irrelevant, appearances in the cup games and the first few league games, he played well as a sub against Stenny, and against Stirling away. He was then rank rotten in the following three games and was rightly hooked at half-time up at Montrose where he hadn't offered a single scrap of protection to his full-back and had given the ball away every time he had it. If he took a huff at that, then we're better off without him. He definitely didn't play well in the majority of games, and I've no idea the relevance of two central midfielders playing games other than it being a chance for you to copy and paste one of your rants.