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  1. Hibs v **** 13/12.17

  2. Hibs v **** 13/12.17

    Finishing 3-2 imo
  3. Does this mean we will shag Motherwell 8-0?
  4. Hibs v **** 13/12.17

  5. KFC Vs Quinoa Thistle

    I'd give Stevie Clarke all my Charlie and Vodka tbh.
  6. Didn't the Stenhousemuir boy bless himself or something like that at the home support?
  7. Seems like we always win at McDiarmid. Probably rack up more points there than we do at rugby park.
  8. Sold that like The Rock sells a stunner.
  9. Dundee v Kilmarnock

    You won tonight, can you plz stop being raging about last week fanks xxx
  10. Dundee v Kilmarnock

    Glad to see our impenetrable bus doesn't bother anyone. Still managed more shots than Dundee as well.
  11. Dundee v Kilmarnock

    The Stevie Clarke Juggernaut does what the Stevie Clarke Juggernaut wants.
  12. Star Wars Battlefront (3)

    Pretty sure i read that it takes about 4,500 hours to unlock everything without paying for anything . That's not a "grind" tbh that's a fucking piss take
  13. Battlefield 1

    Same. War mode was fun but the game felt like a 2008 game. Battlefield really is miles ahead of COD in every department.