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  1. We can only completely f**k our entire season up once a season...
  2. horrific. letting our fans vote was clearly a mistake (lovely socks though) PS: how the f**k is Harkins half the size of Tidser?!
  3. John Baird is our second-top scorer in the league, 2 goals behind Harkins, 1 ahead of Oliver. It's definitely over-simplifying the variations of a 36-game league, but in general: if you score 50 goals*, you make the play-offs. This season we have 47. There's 1 game left obviously, but as it stands, this season has actually been Duffy's best 2nd-tier season in terms of Goals Scored as well as Goals Conceded (albeit we have 2 points less than last season so far). *St Mirren the outlier, who scored 52 goals but also had a negative goal difference.
  4. Morton v Queens - 14/04/2018

    It's just the Morton way.
  5. Morton v Queens - 14/04/2018

    1-0 QoS Season over.
  6. Morton v Queens - 14/04/2018

    Ross on the bench is inexcusable at this stage.
  7. Your club player of the year

    Gary Harkins is the easy shout, and the right one. Young POTY for me has to be Tiffoney, who has of course had his ups and downs, but on the whole looks a good prospect. Also want to fight John Baird's corner (not for an award, just in general). He's had a bit of criticism and is difficult to watch, but has 6 goals for us since signing in February. PS: Jack, Jack, Jack Iredale.
  8. Morton v Queens - 14/04/2018

    This has a crushing victory for Queens written ALL over it. Time to finally smash the 2018 vintage GMFC bottle.
  9. That was very, very silly. But, in the end...
  10. Ayr United vs Sevco

  11. Ayr United vs Sevco

  12. (Mor)Ton vs (Dumbar)Ton - 10/2/18

    3-0. Superb.
  13. (Mor)Ton vs (Dumbar)Ton - 10/2/18

    Jack Iredale scores again! Some boy he is.
  14. (Mor)Ton vs (Dumbar)Ton - 10/2/18

    1-0! Frank Ross with his first goal for the club
  15. I'd rather think of it as a clarification - we are the same club and the same company, since (as well know) Rangers died, whereas Morton survived. FTOF
  16. Bring back Peter Weatherson. He made a goalscorer out of Archie Campbell, imagine what he could with Quitongo...
  17. Quitongo isn't good enough for SPFL Ladbrokes Premiership football (yet) IMO. Doesn't score enough as a striker, although his consistency should improve with experience, and hopefully he won't have as much bad luck with injuries. He's not great on the wing either.
  18. Which one is it? I do think it looks offside from the second screenshot though. VAR when?
  19. About the offside - doesn't really help much, given the box isn't perfectly straight... Either way, he looks just about offside for my money, but really could've gone either way.
  20. He is a bombscare, he runs about like a headless chicken, he regularly shits himself when he gets the ball... But Mikey Doyle is some boy.
  21. Nah, new SPFL legislation has outlawed it completely, nobody fancies an argument with a steward and possible ejection.