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  1. That was a cracking day. Showing my (lack of) age a bit, but came home with Bobby Linn's shirt that day, number 15, still in the attic somewhere. Some boy.
  2. Worst Manager in the league

    Duffy is often frustrating, at times downright bizarre in his decision-making, but considering the Rae's complete lack of ambition to get us promoted, he's done well enough overall. Needs to stop playing strikers on the wing though.
  3. 3-0 I see Falkirk are back on their bullshit. Good.
  4. Falkirk v Dundee Utd

    Is Falkirk 5-1 Dundee Utd the funniest result* of the season? *Allowing for increased hilarity in the next 20 minutes
  5. I think the best course of action is just for the St Mirren fans to accept that crowdwanking and stadiumwanking is terrible patter. I get that you've only beaten us once since April 2016, so don't have much else to go on about in match threads, but that doesn't mean your desperate attempts at deflection are correct.
  6. Cappielow Park is the oldest still-used stadium in Scotland and if you'd trade it for an OF training pitch then I'd question your allegiances. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  7. The throat slit used to be part of the Haka before complaints from just about every other nation saw that part of the ceremony banned. Glad to see big Tam fighting for the integrity of Maori tradition, a clear stand against the oppression of an indigenous culture.
  8. On the topic of provocative celebrations... Tam O'Ware hates St Mirren. As for the badge kissing, personal affinities aside, you can see the passion Tam has for Morton and considering he came through the youth setup I'm inclined to believe he does in fact love the Ton.
  9. In fairness, it is probably McMullan's first attempt at putting in a tackle.
  10. Livi v Morton

    Fucking diddies.
  11. Gardyne was shite for us, McInally didn't have a clue what to do with him. I'd imagine that didn't help the case for him signing for us.
  12. Tail of the Bank v The Hedge

    Brechin fans greeting about a penalty, after losing by a 3-goal margin. You lot and the seaside league forums suit each other to a T...
  13. Zombies v League Leaders

    ^^^^ Tragic patter. Quitongo will put this lot to the sword, in what will be his last great performance before being tapped up and then will be gone by January... maybe.