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  1. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Great movie. One of Friedkin’s best. Willem Dafoe is excellent in this. Got it on blu ray recently, must give it a rewatch soon. If you like this, try 52 Pick-Up, another underrated 80s crime thriller.
  2. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Ghost Stories 8/10 Didn’t have particularly high expectations going into this, even though I knew it was adapted from a critically-acclaimed stage play. One glance at the cast list, an underwhelming bunch of British comedy and character actors - Paul Whitehouse, Martin Freeman - made me think it was likely to be a bit rubbish. Wrong. That was the point. It played like a satire of post-Brexit Britain - dismal grey skies, dreary pubs, abandoned buildings, parochial caravan parks, jaundiced humour and barely-suppressed racism combined to create a menacing, hopeless atmosphere. The experience is not unlike a creaky ghost train ride at a crap British seaside town. A cinematic kindred spirit of Banksy’s Dismaland. Kudos to directors Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson. Look forward to seeing what they do next.
  3. 2018 Commonwealth Games - Gold Coast

    Rugby Sevens on today. Scotland playing, though you’d never know it from the myopic BBC1/2 coverage, which covered England’s pool matches and nothing else. A few times this morning we’ve had the red button duplicating the TV coverage, with hockey, netball and table tennis all doubling up on BBC1/2 and the red button. Had to rummage around for ages on the BBC sport app to find the Sevens stream. The BBC and sport.
  4. 2018 Commonwealth Games - Gold Coast

    Scotland’s performance against Australia in the basketball semi this evening is tough to watch. They’ve done brilliantly to get this far, with a very shallow squad (half a dozen BBL-standard players plus a few rookies), but tonight they’re playing like they’ve forgotten everything they ever knew. Shooting 6% from downtown close to the end of the third quarter is lamentable. Looking like a 60 point defeat incoming. Australian are a top 10 nation, and even without their NBA stars, a rout was always on the cards, but Scotland have been shooting even worse than the numbers look, with numerous efforts not even threatening the rim. Lets hope they can regroup for the bronze medal match, most likely against Canada.
  5. Scotland v Costa Rica 23rd March

    Roberston was fantastic. Great engine. One defensive lapse, but a consistent attacking threat with genuine pace and an ability to deliver fantastic whipped low crosses into dangerous areas. He’s improved immensely since his move to Liverpool. Developing into an outstanding player at international level. Unfortunately, the rest of the team looked a long way from international class.
  6. The Cricket Thread

    Gutted. If it wasn’t for bad luck we’d have no luck at all. Ridiculous umpiring decision compounding two ridiculous ICC decisions (to restrict the World Cup to a miserly 10 participants, and not to use DRS in the qualifying tournament). Yep, the ICC will be delighted. They have their slimmed-down tournament for the elite, with the lesser ODI nations and all the associate nations looking on enviously from the cheap seats. Out of sight and out of mind. Great job in spreading the gospel of a minority sport globally. Cricket: declining in popularity, still dripping with the last vestiges of Empire. The ICC: serving the elite’s sense of entitlement since 1909.
  7. The Cricket Thread

    Bang goes that theory.
  8. The Cricket Thread

    Great effort in the field and with the ball by Scotland. It won’t be easy, burn this is very winnable now. If Coetzer can anchor the innings, we can get this done. Agree that the ICC will most likely have a change of heart about the ill-conceived slimline 10 team tournament if Windies lose this.
  9. The Cricket Thread

    Evans bowling far too short here. Will get taken apart if he carries on like this. Looks out of his depth. Shame, after a great spell from Sharif.
  10. Scotland name squad

    I went to watch Newcastle in the Championship regularly last season. The Championship is quite clearly a higher standard than the Scottish Premiership. While Celtic would do well in the Championship, I think Gannonball is being optimistic when he claims the SPFL Premiership is between League 1 and Championship standard. There are Scottish Premiership sides that would struggle in League 2. As for the Scottish Championship
  11. The Cricket Thread

    Maybe, not sure the supporting cast are up to it though. Would love to be proved wrong.
  12. The Cricket Thread

    Because the ICC in their infinite wisdom have reduced the World Cup to 10 participating teams. When practically every other sport seems to be extending the number of places available in their showcase events to foster inclusivity and encourage the global spread of their sports, the ICC go in the opposite direction, pandering to the hegemony of the elite.
  13. The Cricket Thread

    Done and dusted now I reckon.
  14. The Cricket Thread

    Good bowling at the death from the Scotland quicks to take a few wickets, arrest the momentum, and restrict Ireland to 271 in the end. Looked like we were going to be chasing 20-30 more than that. We’ll still have to bat exceptionally well to overhaul that total. Gettable though, if MacLeod, Coetzer etc play well.
  15. The Cricket Thread

    Gone for over 8 an over in the last 5. Keep this up and we’ll be chasing close on 300. Bit of a disappointing effort in what seemed like favourable early bowling conditions.