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  1. Scottish Cup 5th Round Draw

    Away to Morton. Pish. ETA, if we get past Dumbarton of course.
  2. East Fife v Brora Rangers

    Well done Brora.
  3. Montrose vs Clyde

    Cheers Clyde.
  4. At Home with the Turpins

    It'd be like punching smoke.
  5. Old Firm Colts in L2

    I won't be going to any games involving colt teams.
  6. Peterhead v Dumbarton

    I was also going to miss tomorrow through work, I'll make it on Tue night though. Yay.
  7. 24 year old adolescents

    I work with a lot of apprentices between the ages of about 17-22ish and I wouldn't class any of them as adults. There's a 21 year old guy who still needs his ma to wake him up so he gets to work on time. If his ma and da are away on holiday he stays with his granny so she gets him up. I'm only 30 so I'm not that much older than them but there's no way I was so feckless at their age.
  8. PETERHEAD - 17/18 Season

    Cairney isn't exactly built for speed, put it that way. Fleming has been a massive improvement over Smith, you're not expecting to concede every time the ball goes near him.
  9. Monster munch

    Flaming Hot Pickled Onion Beef
  10. Inside No.9

    I'd have to watch that again, I'm pretty confused.
  11. Peterhead v Dumbarton

    £2.85 a pint.
  12. Unfunny comedians

    Lee Evans.
  13. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Off to the house of Lords then? It's genuinely staggering how inept politicians are.
  14. That bitch Sharon Goodmaid!!

    Benny Harvey RIP.
  15. Inside No.9

    Thought I'd seen all of these but had a flick through the iplayer and just watched The Understudy and The Harrowing from the first series. Also watched Tom and Gerri again. Top 3 probably The 12 Days of Christine, The Devil of Christmas and Tom and Gerri. The riddle of the Sphinx just misses out.