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  1. Junior football, what is the future?

    Ah. That makes more sense.
  2. Junior football, what is the future?

    Closest I could find was this about the Lowland League: I presume that's £17k for the winner of the LL? Not every club is getting that are they?
  3. Junior football, what is the future?

    What was the EoS equivalant? How much did Kelty get last year?
  4. Structure for 2019/20 and beyond

    How long before the new clubs getting full members rights like voting? Is it a year? It would seem a bit unfair that the majority of the clubs it affects will have little say in it.
  5. Junior football, what is the future?

    I'm not too savvy with the ins and outs of Dickensian era football and other archairc junior practises but wouldn't junior clubs be happy to get rid of re-instatement rather than forking out extra everytime they sign a player from outwith the Juniors?
  6. Junior football, what is the future?

    There would be a strange irony and schaudenfraude about that when a lot of Junior fans and clubs were slagging off the EoS for cricket scores when LTHV or Kelty played Burntisland or Tweedmouth only for, one year later, to see similar scores in their own league
  7. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    The fear of being stuck in the EoSFL with only promotion spot after relegation will overcome the fear of getting relegated once a couple of clubs go down and find themselves marooned. Long term it's in the best interests to all have a bit of movement but, just over a year ago, the EoSFL was a poor league with almost no licensed clubs so there was no need to increase promotion/relegation. That's obviously changed now but everything that follows will almost always be a season behind. A year from now, when they're starting their new premier league I think you'll see at least one extra automatic relegation place from the Lowland League. Also depends on what happens in the West.
  8. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    Six games home and away or just three games where everyone gets one home game? I'd imagine the latter?
  9. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    Are there any new "local" derbies popping up in the conferences of note? Most the teams are fairly close together anyway but are there any particular close neighbours fighting for the first time?
  10. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    My favourite thing about this is now all the ex Junior fans who musta been thinking "This'll be grand... chance to see some new grounds, new social clubs, meet new folk. This is gonna be great. Hawick? Berwick? Wigtown? Burntisland? Across all the cups the possibilites are endless!" Then got papped with a bunch of ex-junior teams they played last year anyway all over again. Hahaha.
  11. Junior football, what is the future?

    Nothing wrong with feeling an affinity to being junior and all that that entails, whatever it may be, but the bit saying "It's fine participating in the Scottish Cup"? "It's fine having my cake and also eating it."
  12. Junior football, what is the future?

    Well... not really. Improved promotion/relegation between tier 5/6 would be handy but, until last week, the quality and number of licensed clubs of tier 6 didn't warrant it. So far only one club have managed to make it to the SPFL and League 2 clubs still tend to have the upper hand in the cups. A bottleneck presumes the clubs in tier 5 are far superior to those above which they clearly aren't. If/when the quality of the lower tier improves the number of promotion spots will increase as well. The idea that having 32 teams in the LL, diluting the quality, would mean the level of the LL would improve makes little sense.
  13. Junior football, what is the future?

    Well if the clubs had remained Junior wouldn't Junior football always just remain at the same level; if not decrease? Crowds and sponsorship have been dropping for years in Junior football and media coverage has also switched toward the senior non-league. Clubs that turned up out of the blue with no fans, or even ground, like EKFC and Cumbernauld Colts are already prising players away from the Junior game and, going by results in the cup, are already their equals in just a couple of years. If (taking Bonnyrigg as an example) do get promoted from the EoSFL this year they'll be in Lowland League which is improving year on year so the quality they face will improve by going up a division and, obviously, any further promotions will see the level rise again. If they don't go up then whoever comes down from the LL will be of a decent quality as well. Even if it does take 3, 4 or 5 years for clubs to find their level that level, from LL downwards, will steadily increase as the Juniors remains stagnant. Each time you talk about the quality of the level you can't seem to look beyond two years. In five years time Bonnyrigg will either playing SPFL football (a better level than juniors), the Lowland League (which, by then, will include the best of East Juniors and, hopefully, some from the West and some SPFL sides) or still in the EoSFL (which is now on a par with the east juniors and, in any case, if they can't get out of the EoSFL then arguments about the level of football are pointless as that will be proven to be the level they deserve to be at)
  14. Junior football, what is the future?

    Now that yer back ye can answer the original point and not deflect by asking "What do you mean by level?" after it's been explained what I mean twice.
  15. Junior football, what is the future?

    If the English league decided to go "full British" and offered the Scottish League, Welsh League and Norn Irish League the chance to join their set up parallel to the Conference, for instance, as a "Celtic" league with Scottish/Irish/Welsh divisions below it I wouldn't want Morton to join. I doubt many, if any, Scottish teams would want to join. The Welsh and Northern Irish might go for it but, despite the fact that the league might bring in more money than the current SPFL, I wouldn't want to ditch the Scottish Cup or local rivalries for it in exchange for more money or the runs in the FA Cup or the chance to visit new grounds. If I said I was against it and people pointed out that Morton would still, probably, be in a league with St. Mirren, Thistle, Stranraer and not much would change but we'd have a chance to progress I'd still be against it. If, in order to make it work, the English FA accepted some "brand new" teams like... Glasgow United or Ayrshire Rovers and it got up and running with some clubs who did fancy it such as Queen of the South, Airdrie and Brora I would be disappointed in them. If, in a few years time, we were losing out on players to these new teams, with no fans, and the likes of Brora. I would still be against it. If the majority of teams from the East joined it and the Scottish league had no Hibs, Hearts, Aberdeen, Dunfermline and it became a glorified West of Scotland league with dwindling money and all the media attention started following the Scottish teams in a different league system which was properly organised and superior from a financial point of view and everything said it would be better for Morton to join the British League system... I would still be against it and absolutely no one could convince me otherwise despite all logic and reason telling me I was wrong. I would admit, however, my reasons are purely sentimental and full of pig head stubborness and some misplaced feelings of identity and nostalgia. I wouldn't grasp at ridiculous lies or make believe stats or look down on the clubs that are leaving or the clubs at that level who are already there. I wouldn't laugh at Hibs having to play Boreham Wood or Falkirk battling it out with Cefn Druids and demean them as deluded money grabbing fools or their opponents as permadiddies when the opportunity to prove my club's superiority to them has been dismissed. Change that to the Junior/Senior split and some posters on here have given their own, personal, reasons for wanting to remain Junior and while it might appear parochrial or rooted in the past to me it's not my place to judge those reasons . For those fans I genuinely hope that all they loved about the Juniors remains for them and, hopefully, they gain more the inevitable move to senior than they lose. There's about four or five, however, who can't explain why they believe the juniors are superior without belittling the Lowland League and below, without resorting to outright lies like 100k toilets, Tuesday nights in Elgin (THE HORROR!) and £15 entrance fees they, frankly, deserve the hounding.