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  1. I hate folk who don't use the proper capitals on their facebook name I don't accept their friend requests.
  2. Nah. All my local shops sell it chilled for ten bob.
  3. This is all relative. If I only have 40p in my pocket and saw 10p I'd think "That'll get me a can of IRN BRU"
  4. Been reminded of a wonderful act of petty revenge I played out about a decade ago. Gather round, children, for a tall tale... I met this guy, who ended up becoming my best pal, when I was in 3rd year. He was a mate of a mate and none of our classes were together so we only started hanging round toward the end of 4th year but, when practically everyone else I knew was into either dance music or stale indie drivel he enjoyed the punk music I listened to so we started hanging out more. Started a band together and, when he moved back to the area when he quit uni, we got a flat together with the other guys in the band and even started a Sunday league team together. Then he quit the band out of the blue but, a few weeks later, I got a call to say we were getting kicked out the flat as we were three months behind on the rent. I'd been paying my share and it all came out that he hadn't paid any rent for six months. He'd actually lost his job and was leaving for "work" each day and then climbing in his bedroom window and then climbing back out to come home from "work" through the front door. Even then I just kinda felt sorry for him rather than being angry until, one night, he was off to a gig when I had to work and took my missus, and had tried it on with her in my absence. Never spoke to him again. Apart from one text message... ...y'see he was a huge Harry Potter fan. He read all the books as soon as they came out. He even read the first book a few weeks after its original release. He couldn't get enough of them. Fair enough. I always found grown adults becoming this excited by children's literature odd but each to their own. So on the night that the final installment of that series came out I was in the pub and walking home and went past TESCO. I jumped in for a sandwich or a Kit Kat or something and realised there was still a few people buying copies seeing it was officially released at midnight. So I bought a copy, skim read bits here and there, but sat down and read the last few chapters to get all the information I needed. I knew he was a slow reader and it would be impossible for him to even half finish it even if he had been reading non-stop since midnight. So I texted him all the spoilers. Letting him know who died, who killed who, who ends up married to whoever and whatever else I could think of. Then, years later, his team died :D
  5. Best FM match ever?
  6. My mate, who now works as a professional gambler, made £250,000 a few years ago now in the year that Stranraer and Stirling Albion ran away with the 3rd division. Everytime either one played away from home they were hovering around evens no matter who they were playing.
  7. It does appear that all the Islamists born/raised in Europe are either converts or "born again" Muslims. I've yet to hear of one who would be called devout throughout their life. Mind you if I was working at a terrorist's local mosque or a member of his local community I would be trying to distance the rest of my lot with the c***s.
  8. Inspired by OP I created this masterpiece! Points totals for all 42 league clubs over the last five years (not including this year so no Edinburgh City) but with points totals for each year given extra precedence depending on the league. Top flight clubs get their points total multiplied by four, championship/1st division by three, then by two and league two/3rd division clubs points total left as is. Then these totals all added together. If you cba clicking here's how it turnt out: Celtic Aberdeen Motherwell St. Johnstone ICT Hearts Dundee United Ross County Rangers/Sevco* Hibernian Partick Thistle Hamilton Accies Falkirk Dundee Kilmarnock QotS St. Mirren Raith Rovers Morton Livingston Dumbarton Dunfermline Cowdenbeath Brechin City Ayr United Forfar Alloa Athletic Airdrie Stranraer Stenhousemuir Peterhead Arbroath East Fife Albion Rovers Annan Queen's Park Stirling Elgin City Berwick Clyde Montrose East Stirling *I included Sevco/Rangers as one club. If I never Sevco would drop down to 20th and Rangers (RIP) would be 36th
  9. To be fair that's why we keep playing Kudus.. he evens it out
  10. Yes. Do you want me to ask them?
  11. Is it naw congested as f**k at the moment with all the work going on around Southwark?
  12. I hope some Islamist stabs ma da'
  13. Westminster Bridge, especially the north end, is always hoachin' with tourists. I can't, off the top of my head, think of anywhere else a car could get up a bit of speed in London and mow into people. Flag of Greater London IMHO
  14. Writing and Arithmitec. I've done it all me.