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  1. Junior football, what is the future?

    Final attempt was a North/South/East/West split... As we've already seen with the SoS league having possible parity with a West league (and the EoS) it seems a right sham considering their population. But just dropping Lanarkshire and Ayrshire into the south... (Borders is supposed to be Orange in that map at the end. Apologies for that f**k up) A geographic split which is equal on both population and area. Travel is fairly straight forward for all (apart from Fort William as always) and a few Tayside clubs might be huffy about trips North but, f**k 'em, such is life. Also these areas can be split further geographically at lower tiers (Ayrshire/Lanarkshire/D&G for south, North/South for East and the same kinda split for North) Go on, admit it, it's a beezer of a set up. Right. I've wasted the last hour of work. You can all get back to arguing about crowds and 100k toilets.
  2. Junior football, what is the future?

    So, third attempt, was looking at the "junior" split of North/East/West . This was heavily skewed in favour of the West tho'. The only way I could really make it even, again, was to chuck the Dunbartonshires and Stirling North. Even then it was still a bit West heavy...
  3. Junior football, what is the future?

    So wondered how an East/West split would look. Was pretty even to start with and only switching Stirlingshire over was needed to make it even. Not sure Stranraer would fancy an away day to Inverness and same goes for Fraserburgh v Tweedmouth but, if ye want the split to be one way and by population it's far better than North/South
  4. Junior football, what is the future?

    I saw a lot of chat about the population disparity in a Highland/Lowland league split so, out of boredom, decided to rattle about the actual figures. So splitting the 32 council areas into a "traditional" divide. Obviously it's a bit skewed. So I wanted to see how south the split would need to be in order to be more even and yer pretty much making the Clyde/Forth rivers the dividing line to get anything close the equality... That seems a wee bit ridiculous to me. When ye've got Clydebank and Camelon in the same league as Wick (in theory) something's went aff. So if yer using a population argument then, obviously, Highland/Lowland is a stupid split for the 5th tier. I'd argue that because of the larger distances northern clubs have to travel then it should be a bit skewed in their favour in order to keep the 5th tier even but, obviously, there's those that disagree. Anyway, was a slow day at work. So decided to do the same for other types of split. Before anyone points out how pointless an exercise all this is A: I know B: Work's been boring as f**k recently C: I like fannying about with figures and MSPaint
  5. Progress Cup

    I think most footballers were kept at home to keep playing exhibition games and keep the spirits up were they not?
  6. Well I've booked time off to come up for the final so, either, I get to watch Morton win home and away in the play off final en route to next year's title challenge or I get to get pished with ma mates while some no marks like Falkirk and Dundee play some midweek ties. Perfect either way really.
  7. Your Club's Player of the Year

    But is it ever his man who gets the free header?
  8. Your Club's Player of the Year

    Obviously I've only seen a handful of Morton games so forgive my knowledge of the other sides in the division. As for Morton... Oliver, Murdoch, Lindsay, Doyle, O'Ware, Gunning, Lamie and Forbes are the standouts. Of that lot, forced to choose, I would need to go for Forbes. The stats don't lie.
  9. Progress Cup

    That's a hell of a jump for Morton after the war. List of winners: Clyde 9 Greenock Morton 9 Heart of Midlothian 6 Kilmarnock 6 Airdrieonians 5 Alloa Athletic 5 Arbroath 5 Cowdenbeath 5 Motherwell 5 Albion Rovers 4 Ayr United 4 Dundee 4 Falkirk 4 Montrose 4 Partick Thistle 4 Queen's Park 4 Queen of the South 4 St Mirren 4 Stranraer 4 Dumbarton 3 Dundee United 3 East Stirlingshire 3 Stenhousemuir 3 Third Lanark 3 Aberdeen 2 Berwick Rangers 2 Brechin City 2 Clydebank 2 Gretna 2 King's Park 2 Livingston 2 Meadowbank 2 Raith Rovers 2 Rangers 2 Stirling Albion 2 Dunfermline Athletic 1 East Fife 1 Hamilton Academical 1 Hibernian 1 Linthouse 1 Port Glasgow Athletic 1 Ross County 1 St Johnstone 1 Annan 0 Celtic 0 Edinburgh City 0 Elgin 0 Forfar 0 Inverness Caley Thistle 0 Peterhead 0 Being a Forfar Fan looks dull eh?
  10. Famous people who have fallen out with you

    Can only presume this was after Mad Dog Bob left the group?
  11. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    When yer waiting to cross the road and there's enough space, say 20 yards, between two cars that you can get across with but, as the lead car gets closer the throbber in the car behind decides to speed up closing the gap quicker than ye'd imagined and ye need stand their waiting like a spare dick.
  12. Progress Cup

    Soviet Progress Cup Cup for club that moved up most places in the league system each year. Who woulda been the winner in the Scottish League in previous years?
  13. Things you want to share with P&B

    I think Aberystwyth would be a great name for a cat
  14. Things you want to share with P&B

    Beer stretching then