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  1. South-east Asia - Inspire me

    I usually book direct,but always have a look around the websites to see if its cheaper but i reckon 9 outta 10 times its cheaper direct
  2. South-east Asia - Inspire me

    You can do both easily there,have a few days chilling and then head into city break mode.When booking hotels in the cities over there always pay extra for a club room as you usually get 2/3 hours of free drink/food chucked in so it saves you money in the long run
  3. Stay Classy Sinn Fein

    Its ok folks the tories are saying the good friday agreement has outlived its use
  4. South-east Asia - Inspire me

    Aye book direct with them,i was jumping about asia paying about a tenner a flight
  5. South-east Asia - Inspire me

    Check out air asia for flights over there much cheapness and pretty good service.Phuket is pretty good for new year fireworks on the beach etc etc
  6. F1 2018

    Halo ffs the halo
  7. General Politics Thread

    Zuma finally resigns in South Africa
  8. The Official SNP Deputy Leadership Thread

    Hope Ivan Mckee stands
  9. SSC Renewals

    You know you want too
  10. Canada

    No delays for me so must have been lucky
  11. Canada

    There ye go you can save yourself a hotel bill for the night But seriously i did something similar on one of my first trips to Canada.3 nights in Toronto/Ottawa and Montreal and used the excellent train service between them(loved the guy coming round and taking orders from the buffet )
  12. Canada

    Easy to chuck in a day or 2 in Ottawa aswell from either Montreal or Toronto,lovely wee city
  13. Show us your pussy..!

    Who doesnt love the smell of bacon
  14. Edinburgh City v Peterhead

    It was big rusty that missed the sitter
  15. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    No surrender types will be raging lol