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  1. Lidl in Giffnock

    Aldi and Lidl are both excellent IMO. ASDA is where the real scum shop. Newton Mearns has had an ASDA for as long as I can remember. Imagine tolerating such squalor?
  2. Lidl in Giffnock

    No doubt about it. Andy Walker has been known to frequent pubs in the area and who could forget the horrific verbal assault Martyn Waghorn was subjected to, by a gang of feral school children?
  3. Lidl in Giffnock

    https://t.co/vpui4P97QW Some hilarious meltdowns after residents of middle-class Giffnock find out that a Lidl store will be opening on the site of the former Whole Foods store. I haven’t seen this much anger directed at Lidl since the P&B community learned that the Inferno pizza was being discontinued.
  4. I’ve been saying for weeks that Hamilton are the one team out of the strugglers that are worth keeping an eye on. Some of their fans shot their load back in February when they beat us and Motherwell. They thought they were safe. Beat this shite, Thistle.
  5. Partick Thistle 2017/18 thread

    The club are damned if they do, damned if they don’t. We hear this gripe from season ticket holders every season.
  6. Things The Lower Classes Do

    It’s even worse in the more inbred parts of Lanarkshire. They call it “Glesgae”.
  7. John Lambie

    His ability to work with squads of journeymen and wring absolutely everything out of them was second to none. He had an incredible knack of building teams around guys who were coming to the end of their careers. Guys like Brian Martin, Ray Montgomerie, Danny Lennon, Paul McGrillen, Jamie Dolan, Alex Burns, Mark McNally, Allan Moore and many more. He also had an eye for younger players whose careers were stalling. Martin Hardie was plucked from East Stirlingshire in the old Third Division, and Stephen Craigan went on to become a top flight regular for the rest of his career as well as an internationalist, having been freed from Motherwell. His methods wouldn’t be tolerated in today’s game and he must have been hellish to play for at times but the guy was unquestionably of the greatest characters ever to grace our game. I just feel privileged to have lived through many of his finest moments. My thoughts are with his family today. Rest in peace, Mr Lambie.
  8. John Lambie

    Said player was Namibian international Quentin Jacobs. He was a massive signing for us at the time considering we were mid-table in the old Second Division. I’m sure it was one of our directors who brought him in. Got told he kicked f**k out of Gerry Collins.
  9. John Lambie

  10. John Lambie

    Thrown in the sea by his own players during a pre-season trip to Blackpool. Ended up puncturing a lung and nearly dying. Used to make his players run up and down Ruchill Park with tractor tyres for training. Had his car rammed off the road by an irate Falkirk fan when he was their manager. What. A. Man.
  11. Partick Thistle 2017/18 thread

    Thistle have previous when it comes to treating legends poorly. Definitely. If I remember correctly, he took over halfway through season 99/00 and we went on a mad unbeaten run but because of how bad we were before his arrival, we had already blown our chance at promotion. We took off like a rocket the following season and never looked back. We were smashing teams every other week, taking huge away supports everywhere. Amazing memories from that period.
  12. Partick Thistle 2017/18 thread

    Absolutely gutting news. His spell in charge between 1999 and 2003 was a great time to be a Thistle fan. He steadied the ship after the “Save The Jags” days and returned us to the Premier League after two successive promotions which hasn’t been repeated since. Legend.
  13. Things The Lower Classes Do

    You can’t beat a rough supermarket. Asda in Parkhead, Toryglen and Blantyre are all excellent for viewing the local wildlife.
  14. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    Just listened to Saturday’s Off The Ball. Jesus fucking Christ. Chick Young (needlessly) discussing celebrities he interviewed when he worked in London. “I did Elton John once. Oops, maybe I should rephrase that.”