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  1. I agree, I was incredibly moved at parts and incredibly bored at others but those moments added up to something really unique. Could definitely make it into a great short film too with the initial part with Rooney Mara who was great. Demolished that pie too.
  2. Agreed, he's not a RB but he was always looking for the ball and looking to get forward throughout. Fair play to him for not shirking responsibility and taking the safest options.
  3. I think you're probably right but I don't think McKee has been up to much the past couple of games either. Was Craigen injured today?
  4. I'd bench Loy, Kerr, McKee and Watson from today's team and bring in Muirhead, Harris, Sibbald and maybe O'Hara. If both Sibbs and Loy are fully fit then they should play but I'm not sure that the latter is.
  5. Grim viewing that. As everyone has said, we looked brutally slow for the first 70 minutes or so and while we rallied later on once Kerr and Loy went off, by that time Dumbarton had settled into their defensive side and were well worth the point. Gallacher looks nervous on the ball and takes the conservative option each time he has it. Really hope he gains some confidence and can start pushing forward as the season goes on. Pass marks for Taiwo, Luca and Hippo. Everyone else gets a big meh from me.
  6. I'm gonna be able to scud someone with a pie from that height if I win, which makes this a fantastic idea. Taking aim at Housty as he readies the Shepherd substitute
  7. It's not Shepherds fault that Houston chucks him on every game when we're chasing a goal. Those stats though...
  8. [emoji41] [emoji41] [emoji41]
  9. "The Edge"
  10. Don't care how the match goes, pre match BT skit with McCoist worth my time already, should just get 2 hours of that.
  11. 100%, that's the answer here, won't cost too much and can get in reinforcements quickly. Best solution for a team in our position.
  12. What's Tom Walsh like? Are Dumbarton fans happy with how the team fits together? I think we need a jolt in the team and a couple of changes could do that for us. I don't think that Loy or Gasparotto look fit enough to start this one and the short break before East End park might do them a bit of good. Kerr playing 120 minutes 3 days after playing 90 probably precludes him from taking part much. Taiwo and McKee are our best CM pairing on paper and I think that the midfield 4 can work if we play the ball on the deck a bit more, more aimless punts for 90 minutes will cause me to be grumpy on the internet. Houston said in his interview that the youth players aren't ready which is his call but I don't see too much of an option at RB if Luca is unfit than Finlayson. Going 3 at the back maybe but I think we'll line up 442 most of the season so I think we'd be better served by sticking to our system but being more tactically aware and trying to play football. Thompson Finlayson Grant Watson Gallacher Harris McKee (if fit)/Blues Taiwo Hippolyte Austin O'Hara Subs: Mitchell, Gasparotto, Henderson (if fit), Blues/McKee, Craigen, Loy (if fit!)/ Shepherd, Miller
  13. Biggest problem with that is that we now have to play almost the exact same unfit team on Saturday. If no development squad players get on the bench in the cup when you have nobody in their position then they have no chance in the league.
  14. Why can't it just go straight to penalties?
  15. My eyes