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  1. Gigs

    Agreed 100%, was a phenomenal performance. Palante was incredible and all of the songs had an extra power you don't hear on the records (which are already great) It's amazing to see someone touring with that passion for their music and lyrics.
  2. The Falkirk FC Thread

    What's the South side bar like? Will they have the cup game on beforehand? Also, how early do you need to be for tickets?
  3. Falkirk v St Mirren

    Category A match apparently and so is the Dunfermline game so can't get the free tickets till the Morton game now. Seems odd to have tiered games in a league this small when most teams are a similar size (compared to the Falkirk promotion juggernaut of course)
  4. Agreed that ICT deserved to win that and Hartley will be under no illusions at the size of the job now. He played the same team as last week which was sensible given his knowledge of the players but second half in particular I had no idea what way we were trying to play. Lost all shape and a better attack would have punished us. The squad is so imbalanced in favour of tidy up players that we were basically relying on Hippo producing something magic or we'd be playing for days and never score. Hippo was clearly knackered late on after spending the entire match coming deep to start moves for us but we have no replacement for him on the bench. McKee played well the past 2 games before this so we've probably got another 10 to wait before his next decent performance.
  5. Joe McKee back to being an imposter
  6. Vicious foul by the ball on Harris there
  7. I like that the subs are actually warming up at half time instead of chatting. Can see O'Hara being the first to get subbed here
  8. I appreciate the offer but I think we still want to play the games to get the team used to Hartleys style, that'll better prepare us for challenging for the Premier next season.
  9. Gordon Strachan

    The anti-Falkirk bias at the SFA must end. McGhee, Grant, Sibbald and tiki-taka Gallacher not having 50 caps between them is a national disgrace.
  10. Football Manager 2018

    I've preordered it but that dynamics feature looks awful and the videos make me want to get a refund. Seems like they've just about perfected the main parts of a football management sim but are forced to add in something each year to make it more 'realistic' and justify £30 a year on it.
  11. Who should retire?

    I think that phasing players out is the answer rather than players retiring. There are younger players in most positions knocking at the door but we can't be giving people their debuts in the most important games of the group. Need to balance the squad with youth and experience and mix it up depending on the opponent. Last night was screaming out for energy which looking at the bench would come from McGinn or McGregor. Strachan doesn't trust these guys enough to make the difference as he's too trusting of the group he already has, he was basically forced into bringing Armstrong and Griffiths into the team. We don't need wholesale changes but we need to have the right mix in the squad, with younger players in problem positions not being left out until we are desperate for them.
  12. Same team as Saturday for me, need to keep the confidence up and go for it from the beginning. Hippo up front on Saturday was great, O'Hara worked hard but nothing much came off for him, could possibly see Austin in for him. Having Loy and Sibbald back as options from the bench would be great too. Also, ICT are a team we've already beaten this year which doesn't bode well for them. How long do you think Robertson has? Have you been really poor or do you think there's hope for him?
  13. Bairns v Pars in the challenge cup

    Same here, credit where it's due. He was excellent today.
  14. Bairns v Pars in the challenge cup

    Called it, although anyone could see he'd lost the plot. In no danger at all through that game, routine win. Smith must stay
  15. Bairns v Pars in the challenge cup

    Heads gone from Shiels